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CAA3 - Westlock (Healthcare Centre) AB Airport
CAC6 - Calgary (Alberta Children’s Hospital) Heliport
CAD2 - Red Deer/Allan Dale Residence Heliport
CAD3 - Red Deer/Allan Dale Trailers & RV Heliport
CAJ7 - Cayley/A.J. Flying Ranch Airport
CAL4 - Fort MacKay/Albian Airport
CAM4 - Alhambra/Ahlstrom Airport
CAP9 - Strathmore (Appleton Field) Airport
CAR3 - Calgary (Aerial Recon) Heliport
CBC6 - Calgary/Blue-Con Heliport
CBD8 - Black Diamond/Flying R Ranch Airport
CBH7 - Benalto/Hillman’s Farm Airport
CBI2 - Eaglesham/Bice Farm Airport
CBL4 - Bassano (Health Centre) Heliport
CBM7 - Banff Mineral Springs (Hospital) Heliport
CBN2 - Bonnyville Health Centre Heliport
CBP2 - Banff (Park Compound Heliport) Heliport
CBR9 - Bottrel/Anchor 9 Ranch Airport
CBS9 - Blairmore (Crowsnest Pass Hospital) Heliport
CBY2 - Edmonton/Bailey Heliport
CBZ8 - Rykerts Airport
CCE7 - Edmonton (City) Heliport
CCF6 - Edmonton / Morinville (Currie Field) Airport
CCH3 - Canmore (Hospital) Heliport
CCH9 - Cold Lake Healthcare Centre Heliport Airport
CCL3 - Christina Lake Airport
CCP7 - Eaglesham/Codesa South Airport
CCR5 - Cline River Heliport
CCR7 - Castor (Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital) Heliport
CCS2 - Consort (Health Centre) Heliport
CDA7 - Shunda (Fire Base) Heliport
CDB3 - Delburne/Hall Residence Heliport
CDD7 - Didsbury District Health Services AB Airport
CDH2 - Drumheller (Health Centre) Heliport
CDJ5 - Strathmore (D.J. Murray) Airport
CDL3 - Daysland Health Centre Heliport
CDM2 - Didsbury/Minty Field Airport
CDO2 - Drumheller/Ostergard's Airport
CDT8 - Eaglesham/Delta Tango Field Airport
CEA3 - Olds-Didsbury Airport
CEA5 - Hardisty Airport
CEA6 - Cardston Airport
CEB4 - Rockyford/Early Bird Air Airport
CEB5 - Fairview Airport
CEC3 - Fox Lake Airport
CEC4 - Hinton/Jasper-Hinton Airport
CED3 - Oyen Municipal Airport
CED4 - Fox Creek Airport
CED5 - Taber Airport
CED6 - De Winton (Highwood) Heliport
CEE2 - Calgary/Elephant Enterprises Inc. Heliport
CEE4 - Hinton/Entrance Airport
CEE5 - Wabasca Airport
CEE6 - Edmonton/Twin Island Airpark Airport
CEE7 - Edmonton/Cooking Lake Seaplane Base
CEE8 - Viking Airport
CEF3 - Bow Island Airport
CEF4 - Airdrie Airport
CEF6 - Forestburg Airport
CEG3 - Lacombe Airport
CEG4 - Drumheller Municipal Airport
CEG5 - Chipewyan Lake Airport
CEG6 - Nordegg/Ahlstrom Heliport
CEH2 - Black Diamond/Cu Nim Airport
CEH3 - Ponoka Industrial (Labrie Field) Airport
CEH4 - De Winton/South Calgary Airport
CEH5 - Red Earth Creek Airport
CEH6 - Provost Airport
CEJ3 - Stettler Airport
CEJ4 - Claresholm Industrial Airport
CEJ6 - Elk Point Airport
CEK4 - Blairmore (Forestry) Heliport
CEK6 - Killam-Sedgewick/Flagstaff Regional Airport
CEK7 - High Level/Footner Lake Seaplane Base
CEL2 - Calgary (City/Bow River) Heliport
CEL4 - Hanna Airport
CEL5 - Valleyview Airport
CEL6 - Two Hills Airport
CEL9 - Calgary (Eastlake) Heliport
CEM2 - Calgary (Rockyview Hospital) Heliport
CEM4 - Innisfail Airport
CEM5 - Swan Hills Airport
CEN2 - Bassano Airport
CEN3 - Three Hills Airport
CEN4 - High River Airport
CEN5 - Cold Lake Regional Airport
CEN6 - Vauxhall Airport
CEP2 - Calgary (Bow Crow) Heliport
CEP3 - Barrhead Airport
CEP4 - Coutts/Ross International Airport
CEP5 - Janvier Airport
CEP6 - Warner Airport
CEP7 - Elk Point (Health Care Centre) Heliport
CEP8 - Edmonton/Eastport Heliport
CEQ3 - Camrose Airport
CEQ4 - Del Bonita/Whetstone International Airport
CEQ5 - Grande Cache Airport
CER2 - Castor Airport
CER3 - Drayton Valley Industrial Airport
CER4 - Fort McMurray/Mildred Lake Airport
CES3 - Edmonton/St Albert Airport
CES4 - Westlock Airport
CES7 - Fort McMurray Seaplane Base
CES8 - Edmonton/Grey Nuns Community Hospital Heliport
CET2 - Conklin (Leismer) Airport
CEU2 - Beaverlodge Airport
CEU4 - Rocky Mtn House (Gen Hospital) Heliport
CEV2 - Edra Airport
CEV3 - Vegreville Airport
CEV5 - Mayerthorpe Airport
CEV7 - Tofield Airport
CEW3 - St. Paul Airport
CEW5 - Milk River Airport
CEW7 - Edmonton/Univ of Alberta (Stollery Children's Hospital Mahi) Heliport
CEW9 - Canmore Municipal Heliport Heliport
CEX3 - Wetaskiwin Regional Airport
CEX9 - Brant (Dixon Farm) Airport
CEY3 - Fort Macleod Airport
CEZ3 - Edmonton/Cooking Lake Airport
CEZ4 - Fort Vermilion Airport
CEZ9 - Grande Prairie (Forestry) Heliport
CFA5 - Grande Airport
CFA8 - Three Hills (Hospital) Heliport
CFB3 - Hespero Airport
CFB4 - Trout Lake Airport
CFB5 - Namur Lake Airport
CFB6 - Edmonton/Josephburg Airport
CFB7 - Steen River Airport
CFC6 - Rockyford Airport
CFC7 - Rimbey Airport
CFD4 - Foremost Airport
CFD5 - Grimshaw Airport
CFE7 - Kananaskis Village Helistop Heliport
CFF2 - Christina Basin Airport
CFF3 - Jean Lake Airport
CFF7 - Wainwright/Camp Wainwright Field Heliport
CFF9 - Camrose/Marek Farms Airport
CFG3 - Consort Airport
CFG4 - Debolt Airport
CFG5 - John D'Or Prairie Airport
CFG6 - Fort MacKay/Firebag Airport
CFH7 - Edmonton (Royal Alexandra Hospital) Heliport
CFH8 - Warburg/Zajes Airport
CFK2 - Bashaw Airport
CFK3 - Fontas Airport
CFK4 - Calling Lake Airport
CFK6 - Olds (Netook) Airport
CFL2 - Empress/McNeill Spectra Energy Airport
CFL3 - Black Diamond (Oilfields Gen Hospital) Heliport
CFL9 - Johnson Lake Airport
CFM2 - Birch Mountain Airport
CFM4 - Donnelly Airport
CFM6 - Teepee Airport
CFM7 - Boyle Airport
CFM8 - Fort MacLeod (Alcock Farm) Airport
CFM9 - Fort MacLeod (Hospital) Heliport
CFN5 - La Crête Airport
CFN6 - Primrose Airport
CFN7 - Sundre Airport
CFP5 - Glendon Airport
CFP7 - Wainwright/Wainwright (Field 21) Airport
CFQ4 - Cheadle Airport
CFQ7 - Edmonton/Gartner Airport
CFR2 - Bawlf (Blackwells) Airport
CFR7 - Red Deer Forestry Airport
CFS5 - Spirit River Airport
CFS6 - Loon River Airport
CFS8 - Clearwater River Airport
CFT2 - Blackie/Wilderman Farm Airport
CFT8 - Pelican Airport
CFT9 - Zama Lake Airport
CFU3 - Chipman Airport
CFU4 - Garden River Airport
CFU8 - Irma Airport
CFU9 - Olds (Hospital) Heliport
CFV2 - Beiseker Airport
CFV3 - Mobil Bistcho Airport
CFV6 - Margaret Lake Airport
CFV7 - Claresholm (Gen Hospital) Heliport
CFV8 - Brooks (Community Health Centre) Heliport
CFV9 - Drayton Valley (Health Centre) Heliport
CFW2 - Gordon Lake Airport
CFW4 - Muskeg Tower Airport
CFX2 - Calgary/Okotoks Air Park Airport
CFX3 - Doig Airport
CFX4 - Manning Airport
CFX6 - Vulcan Airport
CFX8 - Chestermere (Kirkby Field) Airport
CFY4 - Indus/Winters Aire Park Airport
CFZ3 - Medicine Hat/Schlenker Airport
CFZ5 - Sundre/Goodwins Farm Airport
CGB2 - Carstairs/Bishell's Airport
CGC3 - Grande Cache (Community Health Complex) Heliport
CGC4 - Carway/Grizzly Creek Ranch Heliport
CGF2 - Edmonton/Lechelt Field Airport
CGF5 - Huggett/Goodwood Field Airport
CGL4 - Eaglesham (South) Airport
CGM2 - Smoky Lake (George McDougall Health Centre) Heliport
CGN3 - Lethbridge (Gunnlaugson) Airport
CGP2 - Grande Prairie (Queen Elizabeth II Hospital) Heliport
CGR5 - Viking Health Centre (George H. Airport
CGW2 - Glenwood Airport
CHC3 - Barrhead (Healthcare Centre) Heliport
CHC4 - Ponoka (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport
CHD2 - Hardisty (Health Centre) Heliport
CHD3 - Hanna (District Ambulance Heliport) Heliport
CHF3 - Westlock (Hnatko Farms) Airport
CHJ4 - Boyle (Healthcare Centre) Heliport
CHR2 - High River (Hospital) Heliport
CHS3 - Hillspring (Beck Farm) Airport
CJF4 - Buffalo (Jaques Farms) Airport
CJJ3 - Wildwood/Loche Mist Farms Airport
CKC4 - Calgary/K. Coffey Residence Heliport
CKH5 - Killam (Health Centre) Heliport
CKV9 - Fort Vermilion/Country Gardens B&B Heliport
CKY8 - Cochrane/Arkayla Springs Airport
CLA5 - Lethbridge/Anderson Airport
CLC3 - Calgary (Peter Lougheed Centre) Airport
CLD2 - Edmonton/Leduc Heliport
CLG3 - Liege/CNRL Airport
CLG7 - Fort McMurray (Legend) Airport
CLH2 - Stettler (Hospital & Care Centre) Airport
CLH4 - Lethbridge (Chinook Regional Hospital) Airport
CLJ3 - Lethbridge (J3 Airfield) Airport
CLM4 - Lamont (Health Care Centre) Heliport
CLN4 - Beaverlodge/Clanaechan Airport
CLS3 - Fort McMurray (South Liege) Airport
CMC2 - Edmonton/Misericordia (Community Hospital) Heliport
CMC3 - Mayerthorpe (Healthcare Centre) Heliport
CMF2 - Edmonton/Calmar (Maplelane Farm) Airport
CMF3 - Lethbridge (Mercer Field) Airport
CMH3 - Lacombe (Mustang Helicopters) Heliport
CMH5 - Medicine Hat (Regional Hospital) AB Airport
CMN6 - Edmonton/Morinville (Mike's Field) Airport
CMR6 - Camrose/St. Mary's Hospital Heliport
CMT3 - Calgary (Foothills Hospital McCaig Tower) Heliport
CMY2 - Chipman/M.Y. Airfield Airport
CNK7 - Kananaskis/Nakoda Heliport
CNL2 - Fort McMurray (North Liege) Airport
CNP6 - Nampa/Hockey Airport
CNZ2 - Anzac (Long Lake) Heliport
COK2 - Calgary\Okotoks (GG Ranch) Heliport
CPB8 - Bistcho Airport
CPE8 - Oakville (Trafalgar Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CPL6 - Edmonton/Parkland Airport
CPR3 - Palmerston Airport
CPR8 - Pincher Creek (Hospital) Heliport
CRD2 - Coaldale (Rednek Air) Airport
CRD3 - Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre Heliport
CRD5 - Red Deer/Truant Airport
CRD6 - Red Deer/Truant South Airport
CRE5 - Red Deer/Chong Residence Heliport
CRF3 - Edmonton/Villeneuve (Rose Field) Airport
CRF4 - Calgary/Okotoks (Rowland Field) Airport
CRH2 - Coronation (Health Centre) Heliport
CRH5 - Rimbey (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport
CRK2 - Millet/Creekview Airport
CRL4 - Kirby Lake Airport
CRP3 - Redwater (Pembina) Heliport
CRS3 - Calgary/Christiansen Field Airport
CRW2 - Redwater (Heliworks) Heliport
CRW8 - Redwater (Health Centre) Heliport
CSA3 - Edmonton/Sturgeon Community Hospital Heliport
CSD2 - Sundre (Hospital & Health Care Centre) Heliport
CSF2 - Innisfail (Hospital) Heliport
CSF5 - Markerville/Safron Farms Airport
CSG6 - Edmonton/Kelsonae Heliport
CSH3 - Calgary/South Health Campus (Hospital) Heliport
CSL6 - Slave Lake/Slave Lake Helicopters Heliport
CSM2 - Strathmore Hospital Heliport
CSP2 - Stony Plain (Westview Health Centre) Heliport
CSP3 - Stony Plain (Lichtner Farms) Airport
CSV4 - Fort Saskatchewan (Gen Hospital) Heliport
CTB7 - Taber (Health Centre) Heliport
CTB8 - Cold Lake/Three Bears Landing Airport
CTF2 - Tofield (Health Centre) Heliport
CTF6 - Lethbridge (Taylor Field) Airport
CTH4 - Two Hills (Health Centre) Heliport
CTP5 - St. Paul (Health Care Centre) Heliport
CTS6 - Hespero/Safron Residence Heliport
CVG8 - Vegreville (St. Joseph's General Hospital) Heliport
CVH2 - Vermilion Health Centre Heliport
CVH7 - Vulcan (Hospital) Heliport
CVK2 - Viking Health Centre Heliport
CVL2 - Vulcan/Kirkcaldy Airport
CVS2 - Viking (South) Airport
CVV2 - Valleyview (Health Centre) Heliport
CWC4 - Wetaskiwin (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport
CWH2 - Wainwright (Health Centre) Heliport
CWL3 - Calmar/Wizard Lake Airport
CWP3 - Leslieville/W. Pidhirney Residence Heliport
CYBA - Banff Airport
CYBF - Bonnyville Airport
CYBP - Brooks Regional Airport
CYBW - Calgary/Springbank Airport
CYCT - Coronation Airport
CYEA - Empress Airport
CYED - Edmonton/Namao Heliport
CYEG - Edmonton International Airport
CYET - Edson Airport
CYFI - Fort MacKay/Firebag Airport
CYJA - Jasper Airport
CYLB - Lac La Biche Airport
CYLL - Lloydminster Airport
CYMM - Fort McMurray Airport
CYNR - Fort Mackay/Horizon Airport
CYOD - Cold Lake/Group Captain R.W. McNair Airport
CYOJ - High Level Airport
CYOP - Rainbow Lake Airport
CYPE - Peace River Airport
CYPY - Fort Chipewyan Airport
CYQF - Red Deer Regional Airport
CYQL - Lethbridge County Airport
CYQU - Grande Prairie Airport
CYRM - Rocky Mountain House Airport
CYSD - Suffield Heliport
CYVG - Vermilion Airport
CYWM - Athabasca Airport
CYWN - Wainwright/Wainwright (Field 21) Airport
CYWV - Wainwright Airport
CYXH - Medicine Hat Airport
CYYC - Calgary International Airport
CYYM - Cowley Airport
CYZH - Slave Lake Airport
CYZU - Whitecourt Airport
CZHP - High Prairie Airport
CZPC - Pincher Creek Airport
CZVL - Edmonton/Villeneuve Airport