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CAF2 - Cayuga East Airport
CAL5 - Almonte (Gen Hospital) Heliport
CAP2 - Allan Park Airport
CAR4 - Cameron/Arbour Airfield Airport
CAR5 - Arthur (Arthur South) Airport
CAT1 - Atwood/Coghlin Airport
CAY5 - Ayr/Sargeant Private Airfield Airport
CBA6 - Bala/Muskoka Float Flying Club Seaplane Base
CBA7 - Petrolia/Butler Airfield Airport
CBB2 - Stouffville Airport
CBB3 - Lake Muskoka/Boyd Bay Seaplane Base
CBE3 - Beamsville/Panterra Heliport
CBE6 - Kirkfield/Balsam Lake (Erlandson) Seaplane Base
CBF2 - Belwood (Baird Field) Airport
CBF3 - Beeton Field Airport
CBH5 - Straffordville/Bushhawk Creek Airport
CBL2 - Severn Bridge/Buck Lake Seaplane Base
CBL5 - Montreal River Harbour/BluEarth Bow Airport
CBL8 - Bala Airport
CBM2 - Blackstock/Martyn Airport
CBM3 - Bruce Mines/Kerr Field Airport
CBM4 - Collingwood (Blue Mountain) ON Airport
CBN7 - Beaverton North Airport
CBP7 - Lake Scugog/Ball Point (Smith) Seaplane Base
CBT2 - Wiarton/Beattie Lake Seaplane Base
CBV2 - Beaverton Airport
CBV5 - Belleville (QHC) Heliport
CBW5 - Sarnia (Bluewater Health) Heliport
CBW8 - Baldwin West Airport
CCB8 - Kilbride (Bot) Heliport
CCB9 - Lake Muskoka/Spirit Bay Seaplane Base
CCE6 - Camden East Airport
CCG5 - Cayuga (Bruce Field) Airport
CCK5 - Owen Sound (Cook Field) Airport
CCL5 - Chandos Lake/Sciuk's Landing Seaplane Base
CCL7 - Walsingham/Ceilidh ON Airport
CCN4 - Conn Airport
CCR9 - Creemore Airport
CCT2 - Cookstown, Airport
CCW2 - Collingwood (Wilsons) Heliport
CCW6 - Washago/Clearwater Lake Seaplane Base
CDA8 - Kirkfield/Balsam Lake (Dutto) Seaplane Base
CDF2 - Teeswater (Dent Field) Airport
CDF3 - Englehart (Dave's Field) Airport
CDF5 - Elora Airport
CDF6 - Arthur (Damascus Field) Airport
CDF7 - Millgrove/Dragon's Fire Heliport ON Airport
CDG3 - Dungannon Airport
CDH6 - Delhi Airport
CDK3 - Dorset/Kawagama Lake (South) Seaplane Base
CDS5 - Dunsford Seaplane Base Seaplane Base
CDT7 - Dutton Airport
CDT9 - Detour Lake Airport
CDU2 - Dundas Heliport
CDU5 - Dunsford Airport
CDU8 - Dunsford Heliport Heliport
CEB8 - Essex/Billing Airstrip Airport
CED8 - Thunder Bay/Eldorado Airport
CEF2 - Belwood (Ellen Field) Airport
CEL3 - East Linton (Kerr Field) Airport
CES5 - Centralia (Essery Field) Airport
CET8 - Seaplane Base
CFA2 - Port Carling/Fig Air Heliport
CFB8 - Foot's Bay Seaplane Base
CFB9 - Thornbury/Fossil Beach (Blue Airport
CFC8 - Flamboro Centre Airport
CFG8 - Fenelon Falls/Sturgeon Lake Seaplane Base
CFL4 - Flesherton (Smithorrs Field) Airport
CFP2 - Dwight (Fox Point) ON Seaplane Base
CFR5 - French River/Alban Airport
CGB3 - Picton (Greenbush) Airport
CGB5 - Seaplane Base
CGF6 - Gilford Airport
CGF7 - Barrie/Grenfel Field Airport
CGL2 - Harrow Airport
CGL3 - Bala/Gibson Lake Seaplane Base
CGN4 - Gananoque Heliport
CGS3 - Gananoque/Signature Stables ON Airport
CGV2 - Grand Valley/Luther Field Airport
CGV3 - Grand Valley North Airport
CGV5 - Grand Valley (Black Field) Airport
CGV6 - Grand Valley (Martin Field) Airport
CGV7 - Springvale Airport
CHF2 - Ottawa/Manotick (Hope Field) Airport
CHF4 - Orono/Hawkefield ON Airport
CHF5 - Wroxeter/Harkes Field Airport
CHH2 - Burlington/Hamilton Harbour Seaplane Base
CHL4 - Vittoria/Heli-Lynx Heliport
CHL6 - Huntsville (North) Seaplane Base
CHM3 - Kennisis Lake/Halminen Seaplane Base
CHP2 - Belwood (Heurisko Pond) Seaplane Base
chs4 - Seaplane Base
CHW2 - Orangeville (Headwaters Healthcare Airport
CJA2 - Selkirk Airport
CJA5 - Nestor Falls Airport
CJA6 - Minaki Airport
CJA9 - Hudson Seaplane Base
CJC7 - Burditt Lake Seaplane Base
CJD6 - Sand Point Lake Seaplane Base
CJD8 - Dryden Seaplane Base
CJD9 - Ignace Seaplane Base
CJE8 - Ear Falls Seaplane Base
CJE9 - Lake Joseph/Eagle Island Heliport
CJF6 - Armstrong Seaplane Base
CJG6 - Kenora (Lake of the Woods District Airport
CJH6 - Atikokan Seaplane Base
CJL7 - Confederation Lake Seaplane Base
CJM8 - Fort Frances Seaplane Base
CJM9 - Kenora Seaplane Base
CJN3 - Ignace (MBCHC) Heliport
CJP3 - Savant Lake (Sturgeon Lake) Seaplane Base
CJS6 - Big Hook Wilderness Camp Seaplane Base
CJU9 - Lac La Croix Seaplane Base
CJV7 - Summer Beaver Airport
CKA6 - Sioux Lookout/Pelican Lake Seaplane Base
CKA7 - Carnarvon/Kushog Lake Seaplane Base
CKB6 - Angling Lake/Wapekeka Airport
CKD8 - Kirkfield/Balsam Lake Airport
CKD9 - Slate Falls Airport
CKE5 - Sandy Lake Seaplane Base
CKE6 - Thunder Bay Seaplane Base
CKE9 - Nipigon (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CKF3 - Atikokan (Gen Hospital) Heliport
CKF5 - Kashabowie/Upper Shebandowan Seaplane Base
CKF8 - Cookstown/Kirby Field Airport
CKF9 - De Lesseps Lake Airport
CKG4 - Pickle Lake Seaplane Base
CKG8 - Kakabeka Falls Airport
CKH6 - Vermilion Bay Seaplane Base
CKK8 - Staunton Lake Seaplane Base
CKL3 - Wunnumin Lake Airport
CKL4 - Kennisis Lake/Jenny’s Landing Seaplane Base
CKL8 - Upsala Heliport
CKM8 - Opapimiskan Lake Airport
CKN2 - Kingston Seaplane Base
CKO2 - Kashabowie Outposts (Eva Lake) Seaplane Base
CKP3 - Minaki/Pistol Lake Seaplane Base
CKP4 - Kirkfield (Palestine) Airport
CKP6 - Round Lake (Weagamow Lake) Seaplane Base
CKQ3 - North Spirit Lake Airport
CKQ7 - Vermilion Bay Airport
CKS4 - Red Lake (Howey Bay) Seaplane Base
CKS9 - Kincardine/Shepherd's Landing Airport
CKT3 - Nestor Falls Seaplane Base
CKV3 - Dryden Best Western Heliport
CKV5 - Stewart Lake Seaplane Base
CKW3 - Nestor Falls/Sabaskong Bay Seaplane Base
CKW7 - Kirkfield/Balsam Lake Seaplane Base Seaplane Base
CKY4 - Killarney (Killarney Mountain Lodge) Seaplane Base
CLA4 - Holland Landing Airpark Airport
CLA6 - Lancaster Airpark Airport
CLB2 - Plattsville (Edward's Air Base) Airport
CLB3 - Dwight/South Portage Seaplane Base
CLC2 - London/Chapeskie Field Airport
CLH5 - Bobcaygeon/Chesher Lakehurst Airport
CLJ2 - Port Carling/Lake Joseph Seaplane Base
CLL4 - Dwight/Limberlost Forest ON Seaplane Base
CLM2 - Leamington Airport
CLM3 - Lake Muskoka/Alport Bay Seaplane Base
CLM5 - Lake Muskoka South Seaplane Base
CLM6 - Lake Muskoka (Miller Island) Seaplane Base
CLM7 - Lake Muskoka East (Milford Bay) Seaplane Base
CLM9 - Orillia/Port Lehmann Seaplane Base
CLN5 - Astorville/Lake Nosbonsing ON Seaplane Base
CLR2 - Lake Rosseau/John's Bay Seaplane Base
CLS6 - Smithville, Airport
CLV2 - Stayner (Clearview Field) Airport
CLW2 - Ullswater Airport
CLW3 - Laurel/Whittington Airport
CLW4 - London/Watson Airfield Airport
CLW5 - Little Whitefish Lake (Seguin) Seaplane Base
CLW6 - Conestogo/Largo Woods Field Airport
CMA2 - Mattawa Airport
CMA4 - Miminiska Airport
CMA5 - Mattawa (Hospital) Heliport
CMA6 - Tottenham/Mardon Airport
CMB3 - Cambridge (Puslinch Lake) Seaplane Base
CMB5 - Campbellville (Bellshill Airpark) Airport
CMB6 - Lake Muskoka/Milford Bay Seaplane Base
CMB7 - Maxville (Bourdon Farm) Airport
CMB8 - Combermere/Bonnie Brae Airfield Airport
CMC8 - Gravenhurst/Sniders Bay Seaplane Base
CME2 - Omemee Airport
CME3 - Bala (Medora Lake) Airport
CMF4 - Port Hope (Millson Field) Airport
CMH2 - Milton (AF) Heliport
CMI2 - Minden (Hospital) Heliport
CMK2 - McKellar (Manitouwabing) Seaplane Base
CML4 - Gravenhurst (Morrison Lake) Seaplane Base
CML5 - Thunder Bay (Martin’s Landing) Airport
CMR3 - Fullarton/Munro Airport
CMT4 - Mactier/Smith Bay Seaplane Base
CMW3 - Matawatchan Airport
CMW5 - Madawaska Lake (Freymond) Seaplane Base
CMX2 - Maxville Airport
CNA2 - Highgate Airport
CNA3 - Springwater (Barrie Airpark) Airport
CNA4 - Emsdale Airport
CNA5 - Uxbridge (Cottage Hospital) Heliport
CNA9 - Plevna/Tomvale Airport
CNB2 - Bolton Heliport
CNB3 - North Bay (North Bay Regional Health Airport
CNB4 - Cobourg (Northumberland Hills Hospital) Airport
CNB5 - Arnprior Seaplane Base
CNB6 - Newburgh Airport
CNB7 - Moosonee Seaplane Base
CNB8 - Sudbury/Ramsey Lake Seaplane Base
CNC3 - Brampton-Caledon Airport
CNC4 - Guelph Airport
CNC5 - Sudbury/Azilda Seaplane Base
CNC7 - Lake Muskoka/Mortimer's Point Seaplane Base
CNC8 - Temagami Seaplane Base
CNC9 - Perth (Great War Memorial Hospital) ON Airport
CND4 - Haliburton/Stanhope Municipal Airport
CND6 - Granitehill Lake Seaplane Base
CNE3 - Bearskin Lake Airport
CNE4 - Iroquois Falls Airport
CNE5 - Bar River Seaplane Base
CNE6 - Geraldton/Hutchison Lake Seaplane Base
CNE9 - Essex Airport
CNF2 - Haliburton (Hospital) Heliport
CNF3 - Pendleton Airport
CNF4 - Lindsay/Kawartha Lakes Municipal Airport
CNF8 - Dwight Airport
CNF9 - Niagara Falls/Niagara South Airport
CNG5 - Pembroke (Regional Hospital) Heliport
CNG6 - Walkerton (County of Bruce Gen Airport
CNG8 - Niagara Falls (Greater Niagara Airport
CNH4 - St.Catharines (Niagara Health Airport
CNH6 - Hawk Junction Seaplane Base
CNH7 - North Bay Seaplane Base
CNJ4 - Orillia Rama Regional Airport
CNJ5 - Hearst/Carey Lake Seaplane Base
CNJ6 - Hornepayne Seaplane Base
CNJ8 - White River Seaplane Base
CNK4 - Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport
CNK6 - Owen Sound (Grey Bruce Health Airport
CNK9 - Kitchener-Waterloo (Grand River Hospital) Heliport
CNL3 - Brockville Regional Tackaberry Aprt Airport
CNL4 - Port Elgin Airport
CNL6 - Renfrew/Hurds Lake Seaplane Base
CNL7 - Nobel/Lumsden Air Park Airport
CNL8 - Wyevale (Boker Field) Airport
CNM2 - Melbourne Airport
CNM3 - Sturgeon Falls (West Nipissing Gen Airport
CNM5 - Kingfisher Lake Airport
CNN3 - Shelburne/Fisher Field Airport
CNN5 - Cochrane Seaplane Base
CNN7 - Gooderham/Pencil Lake Seaplane Base
CNN8 - Gananoque Airport
CNP2 - Seagrave/North Port Seaplane Base
CNP3 - Arnprior Airport
CNP4 - Seagrave/North Port Airport
CNP5 - Combermere/Kamaniskeg Lake Seaplane Base
CNP7 - Iroquois Airport
CNP8 - Greenbank Airport
CNP9 - Norland/Shadow Lake (Penny) Seaplane Base
CNQ3 - Welland/Niagara Central Dorothy Airport
CNQ5 - Constance Lake Airport
CNQ6 - Keene/Elmhirst's Resort Seaplane Base
CNQ7 - Port Loring Seaplane Base
CNR2 - Innerkip Airport
CNR3 - Sault Ste. Marie Heliport
CNR4 - Tobermory Airport
CNR5 - Norland/Trotter Airport
CNR6 - Carleton Place Airport
CNS2 - Smoky Lake Seaplane Base
CNS3 - Englehart (District Hospital) Heliport
CNS4 - Alexandria Airport
CNS8 - Morrisburg Airport
CNS9 - Smiths Falls (Community Hospital) ON Airport
CNT2 - Nobel/Sawdust Bay Seaplane Base
CNT4 - Little Current (Manitoulin Health Airport
CNT5 - Lake Muskoka/Dudley Bay Seaplane Base
CNT6 - Elmira Airport
CNT7 - Picton Airport
CNT9 - Newtonville/Steeves Field ON Airport
CNU3 - Peterborough (Reg Health Centre) Airport
CNU4 - Belleville (Marker Field) Airport
CNU6 - Huntsville Seaplane Base
CNU8 - Toronto/Markham Airport
CNV3 - New Liskeard (Temiskaming Hospital) Airport
CNV4 - Hawkesbury Airport
CNV5 - Elk Lake Seaplane Base
CNV6 - Orillia/Lake St John (Orillia Rama Seaplane Base
CNV8 - Edenvale Airport
CNW3 - Bancroft Airport
CNW4 - Mindemoya (Hospital) Heliport
CNW8 - Toronto (Hospital For Sick Children) ON Airport
CNX3 - Carey Lake Airport
CNX7 - Port Stanton/Sparrow Lake Seaplane Base
CNX8 - Nixon Airport
CNY3 - Collingwood Airport
CNY4 - Alliston Airport
CNY8 - Toronto (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Airport
CNZ4 - Barry's Bay/Madawaska Valley Airport
CNZ6 - Georgetown (Georgetown and District Airport
CNZ7 - Hanover (District Hospital) Heliport
CNZ8 - Grimsby Regional Airport Airport
COK3 - Oakwood Airport
COL2 - Orangeville/Laurel Airport
COP2 - Orillia (Ontario Provincial Police) ON Airport
COP3 - Lake Rosseau/Onnalinda Point Seaplane Base
COP4 - Orillia/Pumpkin Bay Seaplane Base
COR3 - Orono Field Airport
COR8 - Orangeville/Rosehill Airport
COS2 - Iona Station (Bobier Strip) ON Airport
CPA2 - Mount Forest (Louise Marshall Hospital) Airport
CPA3 - Palmerston (District Hospital) Heliport
CPA4 - Simcoe (Dennison Field) Airport
CPA5 - Toronto/Tarten Heliport
CPA6 - Hagersville (West Haldimand Gen Airport
CPA7 - Meaford (Gen Hospital) Heliport
CPA8 - Simcoe (Norfolk Gen Hospital) Heliport
CPA9 - Dunnville (Haldimand War Memorial Airport
CPB2 - Fergus (Groves Memorial Community Airport
CPB3 - Welland (County Gen Hospital) Heliport
CPB7 - Bancroft (North Hastings District Airport
CPB9 - Baldwin Airport
CPC2 - Port Carling Airport
CPC3 - Arthur (Walter’s Field) Airport
CPC4 - Brampton (National "D") Heliport
CPC6 - Teeswater (Thompson Field) Airport
CPC9 - Huntsville (Memorial District Hospital) ON Airport
CPD2 - Ethel Airport
CPD3 - Durham (Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CPD4 - Brussels (Armstrong Field) Airport
CPD5 - Paudash Lake (Marina) ON Seaplane Base
CPD6 - Parry Sound/St. Waleran Island Seaplane Base
CPD9 - Markdale (Centre Grey Gen Hospital) Airport
CPE2 - Ajax (Pickering Gen Hospital) Heliport
CPE4 - Cambridge/Reid's Field Airport
CPE5 - Port Colborne Airport
CPE6 - Sundridge/South River Airport
CPE7 - Picton (Prince Edward County Hospital) Airport
CPF2 - Bar River Airport
CPF3 - Dunrobin/Parti Field Airport
CPF4 - Cobden/Bruce McPhail Memorial Airport
CPF6 - Stoney Creek Airport
CPF7 - Southampton Airport
CPF9 - Lake Rosseau/Arthurlie Bay Seaplane Base
CPG3 - Fort Erie (Airbus Helicopters Canada Airport
CPG4 - Elmira (East) Airport
CPG5 - Hawkesbury (East) Airport
CPG7 - Fergus (Juergensen Field) Airport
CPG8 - Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Airport
CPG9 - Renfrew (Victoria Hospital) Heliport
CPH2 - Deep River/Rolph Airport
CPH3 - Port Hope (Peter's Field) Airport
CPH7 - Toronto/Markham Stouffville ON Airport
CPH9 - Fordwich Airport
CPJ2 - Alliston Heliport
CPJ3 - Hamilton (McMaster University Airport
CPJ4 - Geraldton (District Hospital) Heliport
CPJ5 - Stirling Airport
CPJ7 - Kingston (General Hospital) Heliport
CPJ9 - Manitowaning Seaplane Base
CPK2 - Strathroy (Blue Yonder) Airport
CPK3 - Hamilton (Gen Hospital) Heliport
CPK6 - Toronto (Mississauga Credit Valley Airport
CPK7 - Ottawa (Children's Hospital) Heliport
CPK8 - Renfrew/Black Donald Lake Seaplane Base
CPK9 - Arthur (Peskett Field) Airport
CPL2 - Bracebridge (South Muskoka Memorial Airport
CPL3 - Kars/Rideau Valley Air Park Airport
CPL4 - Grand Bend Airport
CPM5 - Tottenham/Volk Airport
CPM7 - Bradford Airport
CPN2 - Rodney/Pinder Airfield Airport
CPN3 - Moose Factory Heliport
CPN5 - Listowel Airport
CPN6 - Algoma Mills Seaplane Base
CPN7 - Carleton Place (District Memorial Hospital) Airport
CPN8 - London (Pioneer Airpark) Airport
CPN9 - Whitefish/Lake Panache Seaplane Base
CPP2 - Collingwood (Gen & Marine Hospital) ON Airport
CPP3 - Port Perry/Hoskin Airport
CPP6 - Grand River Executive Airport Airport
CPP7 - Ottawa (Civic Hospital) Heliport
CPQ3 - Niagara Falls Heliport
CPQ7 - Skeleton Lake Seaplane Base
CPR4 - London (University Hospital) Heliport
CPR5 - Woodstock (Norm Beckham/Bob Airport
CPR7 - Wingham/Richard W LeVan Airport
CPS1 - Parry Sound Harbour Seaplane Base
CPS2 - Keene/Elmhirst's Resort Airport
CPS3 - Parry Sound (Portage Lake) Seaplane Base
CPS4 - Lucan Airport
CPS5 - Miminiska Airport
CPS6 - Cornwall (Community Hospital Airport
CPS8 - Parry Sound/Huron Island Seaplane Base
CPS9 - Parry Sound/Frying Pan Island-Sans Seaplane Base
CPT2 - Killarney Airport
CPT3 - Rockton Airport
CPT7 - Mattawa Seaplane Base
CPT8 - Parry Sound/Deep Bay Seaplane Base
CPU2 - Kincardine (South Bruce Grey Health Airport
CPU3 - Rodney (New Glasgow) Airport
CPU4 - Manitouwadge (Santé/Health) ON Airport
CPU5 - Orillia/Matchedash Lake Seaplane Base
CPU6 - Tyendinaga (Mohawk) Airport
CPV2 - Orangeville/Castlewood Field Airport
CPV4 - Mansfield Airport
CPV5 - Head Lake Seaplane Base
CPV6 - Barry's Bay (St. Francis Memorial Hospital) Airport
CPV7 - Poplar Hill Airport
CPW2 - London (Victoria Hospital) Heliport
CPW6 - Midland (Huronia District Hospital) ON Airport
CPX2 - Marathon (Wilson Memorial Hospital) ON Airport
CPX6 - Port Perry (Lakeridge Health) ON Airport
CPX8 - Sault Ste. Marie Seaplane Base
CPY2 - Milton (District Hospital) Heliport
CPY3 - Beardmore (Health Centre) Heliport
CPY5 - Toronto/Wilson's Heliport
CPY7 - Huntsville/Bella Lake Seaplane Base
CPY8 - Port Carling/Butterfly Lake Seaplane Base
CPY9 - Fergus (Holyoake Airfield) Airport
CPZ2 - Alliston (Stevenson Memorial Hospital) Airport
CPZ3 - Trenton/Mountain View Airport
CPZ9 - Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Seaplane Base
CQH2 - Ottawa/Questral Helicopters ON Airport
CRA2 - Queensville (Rollick Airpark) Airport
CRA3 - Rednersville/Aery ON Airport
CRB2 - Cottam Airport
CRB6 - Sturgeon Bay/Richards Beach Seaplane Base
CRD8 - Spanish/Aird Island Seaplane Base
CRE3 - Curries (Rand Private Airfield) Airport
CRL2 - Westport/Rideau Lakes Airport
CRL3 - Red Lake (Margaret Cochenour Memorial Airport
CRL6 - West Guilford/Redstone Lake Seaplane Base
CRL8 - Parry Sound (Roberts Lake) Seaplane Base
CRL9 - Kingston/Riverland Airport
CRM5 - Wheatley (Robinson Motorcycles) Airport
CRML - Stoney Point (Le Cunff) Airport
CRN2 - Ridgetown (Carnie Airfield) Airport
CRS2 - Parry Sound Medical Heliport
CRS4 - Rosseau Airport
CRS6 - Windermere/Rostrevor Heliport
CRV2 - Barrie (Royal Victoria Hospital) Heliport
CRV7 - Parry Sound/Revilo Island ON (water Seaplane Base
CRW3 - Lake Muskoka/Rankin Island Seaplane Base
CSB7 - Severn Bridge Airport
CSC9 - Sudbury/Coniston Airport
CSD7 - Sunderland Airport
CSF4 - Shelburne (Schaefer Field) Airport
CSF7 - Ottawa/Casselman (Shea Field) Airport
CSJ9 - Parry Sound/Salmon Lake Seaplane Base
CSK7 - Sudbury/Lively (Skyline Helicopter Airport
CSL8 - Sudbury (Health Sciences North) ON Airport
CSM9 - Sault Ste. Marie (Sault Area Hospital) Airport
CST4 - Saintfield/Stone Airport
CSU8 - Sudbury/Kelly Lake Heliport
CSV8 - Schomberg (Sloan Field) Airport
CSW4 - Bracebridge (Stone Wall Farm) Airport
CSW6 - Hastings/Sweetwater Farms Airport
CSX7 - Sexsmith/Exeter Airport
CSY7 - Wallaceburg / Chatham-Kent Health Airport
CTA6 - Bracebridge (Tinkham Field) Airport
CTB2 - Thunder Bay (Health Science Centre) Airport
CTF4 - Dundalk (Tripp Field) Airport
CTH8 - Cookstown/Tally-Ho Field Airport
CTI2 - Thunder Bay/Two Island Lake Seaplane Base
CTM2 - Temagami/Mine Landing Seaplane Base
CTM4 - Toronto (St. Michael's Hospital) ON Airport
CTM6 - Timmins (Timmins & District Hospital) Airport
CTM9 - Oakville (Trafalgar Memorial Hospital) ON Airport
CTN7 - Canton Airport
CTN8 - Nairn (Triple Nickel) Airport
CTR3 - Tottenham/Ronan Airport
CTR5 - Norland/Shadow Lake (Trotter), Seaplane Base
CTR7 - Ottawa/Rockcliffe Seaplane Base
CTV4 - Kleinburg (Tavares Helipad) Heliport
CUT2 - Port Perry/Utica Field Airport
CVC2 - Voyageur Channel Seaplane Base
CVF2 - Fergus (Vodarek Field) Airport
CVF3 - Bethany/Whitetail Valley Farm Airport
CVL3 - Camden East/Varty Lake Airport
CVM2 - Victor Mine Airport
CWB2 - Bracebridge West Airport
CWD2 - Collingwood/Alta Heliport
CWD3 - Hamilton/Waterdown Heliport
CWF2 - Walter's Falls (Piper Way) Airport
CWF3 - Mount Brydges/Warren Field Airport
CWF4 - Heathcote/Wilkinson Field Airport
CWH3 - Woodstock (Hospital) Heliport
CWH4 - Ottawa (Winchester District Memorial Airport
CWH5 - Wingham (Inglis Field) Airport
CWL2 - White Lake ON Airport
CWP4 - Paudash Lake (Murray's Landing) ON Seaplane Base
CXX2 - Wiebenville Airport
CYAC - Cat Lake Airport
CYAG - Fort Frances Municipal Airport
CYAM - Sault Ste. Marie Airport
CYAQ - Kasabonika Airport
CYAT - Attawapiskat Airport
CYBN - Borden Heliport
CYCC - Cornwall Regional Airport
CYCE - Centralia/James T. Field Memorial Airport
CYCK - Chatham-Kent Airport
CYCN - Cochrane Airport
CYDH - Ottawa/Dwyer Hill Heliport
CYEE - Midland/Huronia Airport
CYEL - Elliot Lake Municipal Airport
CYEM - Manitowaning/Manitoulin East Municipal Airport
CYER - Fort Severn Airport
CYFA - Fort Albany Airport
CYFD - Brantford Airport
CYFH - Fort Hope Airport
CYG2 - Parkhill (Yellow Gold) Airport
CYGD - Goderich Airport
CYGK - Kingston Airport
CYGQ - Geraldton (Greenstone Regional) Airport
CYHD - Dryden Regional Airport
CYHF - Hearst (René Fontaine) Municipal Airport
CYHM - Hamilton Airport
CYHN - Hornepayne Municipal Airport
CYHS - Hanover/Saugeen Municipal Airport
CYIB - Atikokan Municipal Airport
CYKF - Kitchener/Waterloo Airport
CYKM - Kincardine Airport
CYKP - Ogoki Post Airport
CYKX - Kirkland Lake Airport
CYKZ - Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport
CYLD - Chapleau Airport
CYLH - Lansdowne House Airport
CYLS - Barrie-Orillia/Lake Simcoe Airport
CYMG - Manitouwadge Airport
CYMO - Moosonee Airport
CYN6 - Gravenhurst/Muskoka Bay Seaplane Base
CYOO - Toronto/Oshawa Executive Airport Airport
CYOS - Owen Sound/Billy Bishop Regional Airport
CYOW - Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
CYPL - Pickle Lake Airport
CYPM - Pikangikum Airport
CYPO - Peawanuck Airport
CYPQ - Peterborough Airport
CYPT - Pelee Island Airport
CYQA - Muskoka Airport
CYQG - Windsor Airport
CYQK - Kenora Airport
CYQN - Nakina Airport
CYQS - St. Thomas Municipal Airport
CYQT - Thunder Bay Airport
CYRL - Red Lake Airport
CYRO - Ottawa/Rockcliffe Airport
CYRP - Ottawa/Carp Airport
CYSA - Stratford Municipal Airport
CYSB - Sudbury Airport
CYSH - Smiths Falls-Montague (Russ Beach) Airport
CYSN - St Catharines/Niagara District Airport
CYSP - Marathon Airport
CYTA - Pembroke Airport
CYTB - Tillsonburg Airport
CYTL - Big Trout Lake Airport
CYTR - Trenton Airport
CYTS - Timmins (Victor M. Power) Airport
CYTZ - Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
CYVV - Wiarton Airport
CYVZ - Deer Lake Airport
CYWA - Petawawa Heliport
CYWP - Webequie Airport
CYXL - Sioux Lookout Airport
CYXR - Earlton (Timiskaming Regional) ON Airport
CYXU - London Airport
CYXZ - Wawa Airport
CYYB - North Bay Airport
CYYU - Kapuskasing Airport
CYYW - Armstrong Airport
CYYZ - Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport
CYZE - Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport
CYZR - Sarnia (Chris Hadfield) Airport
CZBA - Burlington Executive Airport
CZF2 - Zephyr / Dillon Field Airport
CZKE - Kashechewan Airport
CZMD - Muskrat Dam Airport
CZPB - Sachigo Lake Airport
CZRJ - Round Lake (Weagamow Lake) Airport
CZSJ - Sandy Lake Airport
CZUC - Ignace Municipal Airport