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00LA - Shell Chemical East Site Heliport
00LS - Lejeune Airport
01LA - Barham Airport
01LS - Country Breeze Airport
02LA - La State Police Troop G Heliport
02LS - Windy Hill Heliport
03LA - Damien Heliport
03LS - Fmc Nr 1 Heliport
04LA - St James Heliport
04LS - La Ntl Guard Heliport
05LA - Greg's Flying Service Airport
05LS - Grass Roots Airport
06LA - Panther Helicopters Inc Heliport
06LS - Tembec Heliport
07LA - Richmond Plantation Airport
07LS - La State Police Troop F Heliport
08LA - Air Oil Inc Nr 2 Heliport
08LS - Aeleron Airport
09LA - Era Helicopters Fourchon Helibase Heliport
09LS - West Feliciana Sheriff's Office Heliport
0L6 - Winn Parish Medical Center Heliport
0LA0 - West Hackberry Heliport
0LA1 - Double H Ranch Airport
0LA3 - Belcher Airpatch Airport
0LA4 - North Caddo Medical Center Heliport
0LA5 - Conoco Inc Heliport
0LA6 - Harmon Seaplane Base
0LA7 - Exxon Heliport
0LA8 - Jackson Parish Hospital Heliport
0LA9 - Rebel Field Airport
0LS0 - Theriot Field Airport
0LS3 - Evergreen Venice Heliport
0LS5 - Stafford Airport
0LS7 - Morgan Field Airport
0LS9 - Huenefeld Airport
0M8 - Byerley Airport
0M9 - Delhi Municipal Airport
0R4 - Concordia Parish Airport
0R5 - David G Joyce Airport
0R7 - The Red River Airport
10LA - Industrial Helicopters Inc Airport
10LS - Lejeune Aerial Applications Airport
11LA - Tiger Pass Seaplane Base
11LS - Jasmine Hill Airport
12LA - Kml Airport
12LS - Hains Airstrip Airport
13LA - Evergreen Heliport
13LS - Tee Brad's Airport
14LA - Serenity Field Airport
14LS - Go Gulf Heliport
15LA - Willis- Knighton South Hospital Heliport
15LS - Port of Iberia Heliport
16LA - Arrow Aviation Company Heliport
16LS - Evan Airport
17LA - Golden Nugget Lake Charles Heliport
17LS - Yankee Field Airport
18LA - Camp Beauregard Army Ntl Guard Heliport
18LS - Omni Mouton Cove Heliport
19LA - Self Forward Landing Strip Airport
19LS - Riverside Medical Center Heliport
1LA0 - Woman's Hospital Heliport
1LA1 - Triche Field Airport
1LA2 - Air One Helo Heliport
1LA3 - Goose Island Airport
1LA4 - Ellerbe Field Airport
1LA5 - Morrow Strip Airport
1LA6 - Glenwood Regional Medical Center Heliport
1LA7 - Savoy Medical Center Heliport
1LA8 - S Fresh Water Bayou Heliport
1LA9 - Chevron Intracoastal Heliport
1LS0 - Cal Mire Field Airport
1LS1 - Cosmar Styrene Plant Heliport
1LS2 - Innis Community Health Center Heliport
1LS4 - Tulane Medical Center Heliport
1LS8 - Summerell Airport
1R1 - Jena Airport
1R4 - Woodworth Airport
20LA - Leonard J Chabert Medical Center Heliport
20LS - K-John Airport
21LA - Southern Helicopters Airport
21LS - Solitude Airstrip Airport
22LA - Wd Flyers Airport
22LS - Couvillion Airport
23LA - Warner-Thunder Hill Airport
23LS - Olol Children's Heliport
24LA - Pk Field Airport
24LS - Midstream Cameron West Heliport
25LA - Plane Crazy Airport
25LS - Rotorcraft Leasing Company Heliport
26LA - Dondero Island Heliport
27LA - Baton Rouge General Hospital Heliport
27LS - La Dotd Hq Heliport
28LA - Washington Parish Fire Dist 7/Oep Heliport
28LS - Hargroder Heliport
29LA - Our Lady of The Lake Regional Medical Center Heliport
29LS - L Auberge Du Lac Hotel Seaplane Base
2L0 - Pineville Municipal Airport
2LA0 - Central Industries Airport
2LA1 - N Freshwater Bayou Heliport
2LA2 - Igh Heliport
2LA4 - Bunkie Flying Service Airport
2LA5 - Reed Airfield Airport
2LA6 - Howell 1 Airport
2LA7 - Costello Airport
2LA8 - Fokker Field Airport
2LA9 - Trunkline Kaplan Station Heliport
2LS0 - Bristow Us Llc Heliport
2LS2 - Chitimacha Air Park Airport
2LS3 - Majors Airpark Airport
2R1 - Le Maire Memorial Airport
2R6 - Bunkie Municipal Airport
2R7 - Franklinton Airport
30LA - Venice Base Heliport & Spb Seaplane Base
30LS - Rotorcraft Heliport
31LA - Iota Volunteer Fire Department Heliport
31LS - Helicopter Management Heliport
32LA - John W Stone Oil Distributor Llc Heliport
32LS - Stevens Strip Airport
33LA - Sky Ranch Airport
33LS - Our Lady of Lourdes Heart Hospital Heliport
34LA - Swamp Smith Airport
34LS - La Medical Center & Heart Hospital Heliport
35LA - Ms Pats Airport
35LS - The Bluffs Heliport
36LA - Lafayette Training Center - Cusa Heliport
36LS - Squires Heliport
37LA - Wayne Brown Airport
37LS - International School of Aviation Excellence Heliport
38LA - Whiteville Airport
38LS - Ace Flying Airport
39LA - Whitaker Ultralight
3F3 - C E 'Rusty' Williams Airport
3F4 - Vivian Airport
3LA1 - Wilder Airport
3LA4 - Little Pecan Island Airport
3LA5 - Lane Regional Medical Center Heliport
3LA6 - Morgan Crop Service Nr 2 Airport
3LA7 - Variable Bor Ram Heliport
3LA8 - Open A-1 Ranch Airport
3LS3 - Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Heliport
3LS8 - The Place Airport
3R2 - Le Gros Memorial Airport
3R4 - Hart Airport
3R7 - Jennings Airport
40LA - Woodsland Plantation Airport
41LA - Metro Aviation Heliport
42LA - Lakewood Hospital Heliport
43LA - Want's Ultralight
44LA - B T & K H Ranch Airport
44LS - Sheridan's Strip Airport
45LA - Bristow Us Llc Heliport
46LA - Plunkett Aviation Services Inc Airport
46LS - Venissat Airstrip Airport
47LA - Christus Ochsner St Patrick Hospital Heliport
48LA - Chevron Place Heliport
48LS - Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center Heliport
49LA - Baton Rouge Police Heliport
49LS - Empire Trml Heliport
4LA1 - Chevron Fourchon Heliport
4LA2 - Green Hill Compressors Heliport
4LA4 - Chevron Usa Inc Heliport
4LA5 - La Haye Center Heliport
4LA6 - Little Lake Heliport
4LA7 - West Jefferson Medical Center Heliport
4LA8 - Overton Airport
4LA9 - Blouin Flightpark Ultralight
4R7 - Eunice Airport
50LA - La State Police Troop C Heliport
50LS - Livingston Parish Air Support Heliport
51LA - Lallie Kemp Reg Med Center Heliport
51LS - Red Oak Landing Airport
52LA - Bruce Beard Airport
54LA - Cunningham Field Airport
55LA - T & M Airfield Airport
56LA - Old Hickory Ranch Airport
57LA - Aslh-Heli-Pad Heliport
57LS - Prairie Creek Airport
58LA - Sydal Acres Airport
59LA - Transco Delcambre Heliport
5F0 - Arcadia-Bienville Parish Airport
5F4 - Homer Municipal Airport
5F5 - Bluebird Hill Airport
5LA0 - Juneau Ultralight
5LA1 - Kent's Flying Service Airport
5LA2 - Mobil Heliport
5LA3 - Kerr Mc Gee Heliport
5LA5 - Rti/Data-Com Heliport
5LA6 - E-8 Tank Battery Seaplane Base
5LA7 - Bristow U S Llc Heliport
5LA8 - La State Police Troop D Heliport
5LA9 - Ron Airport
5LS0 - Shell Chemical West Site Heliport
5LS6 - Arkla Flyers Inc Airport
5LS9 - Ammons Airport
5R8 - De Quincy Industrial Airpark Airport
60LA - Hannah Plantation Airport
61LA - Sandefer's Heliport
63LA - Celtic Heliport
65LA - Southern Seaplane Airport
66LA - Schexnayder Airport
68LA - Pilkinton Airstrip Airport
68LS - Myrtle Grove Airport
6LA0 - Jackson Barracks Heliport
6LA1 - Cottonwood Airport
6LA2 - Capozzoli Airport
6LA4 - Dyer Airport
6LA5 - Church Point Flyers Airport
6LA6 - Williams Flying Service Airport
6LA7 - Cagc Freshwater Trml Heliport
6R1 - Welsh Airport
70LA - Roland Airport
71LA - Lost Airfield Airport
72LA - Sulphur Mines Heliport
75LA - Station 44 Heliport
76LA - Lafayette General Hospital Heliport
76LS - Cool Creek Airport
77LA - St. Mary Medical Heliport
78LA - Naquin Field Airport
79LA - Lakeview Regional Medical Center Heliport
7L9 - Pete Antie Municipal Heliport
7LA0 - Valverda Strip Airport
7LA1 - Birdwin Airport
7LA2 - Ochsner St Anne General Hospital Heliport
7LA3 - Habetz Airport
7LA4 - Kibs Air Park Airport
7LA5 - Petroleum Helicopters Cameron Heliport
7LA6 - Southern Natural Gas Company Heliport
7LA7 - Romere Pass Seaplane Base
7LA8 - Natchitoches Parish Hospital Heliport
7LA9 - Chute N Gators Airport
7LS3 - Lake Palourde Base Heliport
7LS4 - Petroleum Helicopters-Intracoastal City Heliport
7LS6 - Avondale Heliport
80LA - Red Hawk Airport
81LS - Richardson Medical Center Heliport
82LA - Fisher's Field Ultralight
82LS - Lookout Point Airport
84LA - Touchstone Ridge Ultralight
85LA - Spencer Calahan Office Building Heliport
86LA - Spring Airport
87LA - La Pointe Airport
88LA - Freebird Field Ultralight
89LA - Acadiana One Office Bldg Heliport
8LA0 - Transco Schriever Heliport
8LA1 - Chevron Usa Inc Heliport
8LA4 - Conoco Inc Venice Heliport
8LA5 - Chevron Southpass Tank Battery W-2 Heliport
8LA7 - Southern Natural Gas Company Heliport
8LA8 - Galvez-Lake Vfd Heliport
8TA9 - Star Dusters Airport
90LA - Sharp Field Airport
91LA - Koch Airport
92LA - Terrebonne General Medical Center Heliport
93LA - Abrom Kaplan Memorial Hospital Heliport
94LA - Prevost Memorial Hospital Heliport
95LA - La State Police Troop E Heliport
96LA - La State Police Troop A Heliport
97LA - Greene Air Park Airport
98LA - La State Police Troop L Heliport
98LS - Tietjes Airport
99LA - Lawson Field Airport
9LA0 - Harvey Gulf Heliport
9LA4 - Texaco Heliport
9LA6 - Chandler Airport
9LA7 - Bayou Bend Health System Heliport
9LA8 - Cornerstone Chemical Company Helistop Heliport
9LA9 - Skyline Airpark Airport
9LS1 - Bayou Meadows Airport
9LS5 - Red Beard Dusting Service Airport
9LS9 - 4b Ranch Airport
9M6 - Kelly-Dumas Airport
ACP - Allen Parish Airport
AEX - Alexandria International Airport
APS - Port of South Louisiana Exec Regional Airport
ARA - Acadiana Regional Airport
ASD - Slidell Airport
BAD - Barksdale AFB Airport
BQP - Morehouse Memorial Airport
BTR - Baton Rouge Metro, Ryan Field Airport
BXA - George R Carr Memorial Air Field Airport
CWF - Chennault International Airport
DRI - Beauregard Regional Airport
DTN - Shreveport Downtown Airport
ESF - Esler Regional Airport
F86 - Caldwell Parish Airport
F87 - Union Parish Airport
F88 - Jonesboro Airport
F89 - Winnsboro Municipal Airport
GAO - South Lafourche Leonard Miller Jr Airport
GNI - Grand Isle Seaplane Base
HDC - Hammond Northshore Regional Airport
HUM - Houma-Terrebonne Airport
HZR - False River Regional Airport
IER - Natchitoches Regional Airport
IYA - Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport
L31 - St Tammany Regional Airport
L32 - Jonesville Airport
L33 - Tensas Parish Airport
L39 - Leesville Airport
L47 - Olla Airport
L66 - Pollock Municipal Airport
L83 - Thibodaux Municipal Airport
L87 - Idas Heliport
LA00 - Baton Rouge General Medical Center Heliport
LA01 - Millers Flying Service Airport
LA02 - Plaquemines Medical Center Heliport
LA03 - Prop Stop Airport
LA04 - Bailey Air Airport
LA05 - Baton Rouge Heliport
LA06 - Behavioral Health Center Heliport
LA07 - Price Ultralight
LA08 - Jesuits Bend Heliport
LA09 - Bristow (Intracoastal City) Heliport
LA10 - Tracemont Field Airport
LA11 - Thackers Airport
LA12 - La State Police Troop B Heliport
LA13 - Shaw Crop Service Airport
LA14 - Coffman Heliport
LA15 - Clark Field Airport
LA16 - Castille Field Airport
LA17 - Keystone Farms Airport
LA18 - Bunkie General Hospital Heliport
LA19 - Cchcc Heliport
LA20 - St Francis Cabrini Hospital Heliport
LA21 - Chloe Airport
LA23 - Citizens Medical Center Heliport
LA24 - St Tammany Parish Hospital Heliport
LA25 - Central Farmers Coop Airport
LA26 - Unicorn Airport
LA27 - Texas Eastern Transmission Maintenance Hq Heliport
LA28 - Louisiana State Police Headquarters Heliport
LA29 - Byrd Regional Hospital Heliport
LA30 - Phoenix Airport
LA31 - Gotreaux Strip Airport
LA32 - Lake Air Service Airport
LA33 - Cuba Farm Airport
LA34 - Reno Flight Park Airport
LA35 - Summerville Airport
LA36 - Whitehall Ultralight
LA37 - West Feliciana Parish Hospital Heliport
LA38 - Pelican Seaplane Base
LA39 - Chalkley Heliport
LA3 - Feliciana Airpark Airport
LA40 - F L Braughton Airport
LA41 - Dupuis Airport
LA42 - Our Lady of The Lake Heliport
LA43 - Bristow U S Llc 2 Heliport
LA44 - Calpine Heliport
LA45 - River West Medical Center Heliport
LA46 - Omni Airport
LA47 - Marathon Venice Heliport
LA49 - Fourchon Base Heliport
LA50 - Detel Airport
LA51 - Stuart Airstrip Airport
LA52 - Di's Cajun Restaurant Airport
LA53 - Tensas Flying Service Airport
LA54 - Gilliam Airport
LA55 - Lake Charles Memorial Heliport
LA56 - Naylor Airport
LA57 - Kinder Ag Service Airport
LA58 - Umcno Heliport
LA59 - Thibodaux Regional Medical Center Heliport
LA60 - Live Oak Landing Strip Airport
LA61 - Kenan Airstrip Airport
LA62 - Grand View Lodge Heliport
LA63 - Travis Airport
LA64 - Bayou Boeuf Seaplane Base
LA65 - Acadian Medical Center Heliport
LA66 - Arco Morgan City Heliport
LA67 - Angola Airstrip Airport
LA68 - Zaunbrecher Strip Airport
LA69 - Jenkins Heliport
LA70 - Riverland Medical Center Heliport
LA71 - O'Brien Flying Service Airport
LA72 - Iberia Medical Center North Heliport
LA73 - Huffaker Field Airport
LA74 - Cagc Berwick Heliport
LA75 - Glenn's Strip Ultralight
LA76 - Spillers Club Airport
LA77 - Tebow Airport
LA78 - Cagc Dock Heliport
LA79 - Sycamore Airport
LA80 - Iberville Medical Facility Heliport
LA81 - Sonlef Air Strip Airport
LA82 - Va Medical Center Heliport
LA83 - Mc Cutcheon Field Airport
LA84 - St Elizabeth Hospital Heliport
LA85 - Christus Highland Heliport
LA86 - Kinetica-Cocodrie Heliport
LA87 - Covington-Vincent Airport
LA88 - Lasalle General Hospital Heliport
LA89 - Pierce Field Airport
LA90 - Leblanc Airport
LA91 - Gary Landing Strip Ultralight
LA92 - Briggs Airfield Airport
LA93 - Childrens Hospital of New Orleans Heliport
LA94 - Muddy Bottoms Heliport
LA95 - Abbeville General Hospital Heliport
LA96 - Riverbend Heliport
LA97 - Lady of The Sea Hospital Heliport
LA98 - West Bay Seaplane Base
LA99 - Medical Center of Baton Rouge Heliport
LCH - Lake Charles Regional Airport
LFT - Lafayette Regional/Paul Fournet Field Airport
LNQ - Boothville Heliport
LS00 - Whitehead Ultralight
LS01 - Shell Pipe Line Gibson Heliport
LS02 - North Oaks Medical Center Heliport
LS03 - Oghs Main Campus Heliport
LS06 - Pointe Coupee General Hospital Heliport
LS07 - Lsu Health Science Center Heliport
LS08 - Marmande Airport
LS09 - A J Patrol Airport
LS10 - Reynolds Airport
LS11 - East Carroll Parish Hospital Heliport
LS12 - Bastian Bay Heliport
LS13 - Omni Heliport
LS14 - Lyon Airport
LS15 - Bailey Air Airport
LS16 - Circle G Airport
LS17 - Jack Kent Heliport
LS18 - Ag Aviation Airport
LS19 - Houma Terrebonne Heliport
LS20 - Oliair Airport
LS21 - Sievers Field Airport
LS22 - St Helena Parish Hospital Heliport
LS23 - Womens's and Children's Hospital Heliport
LS24 - Touro Infirmary Heliport
LS25 - Annison Private Airport
LS26 - Goose Landing Airport
LS27 - Rapides Rmc Hospital Heliport
LS28 - Barataria Bay Heliport
LS29 - Horseshoe Heliport
LS30 - University Health Conway Hospital Heliport
LS31 - Fresh Water Bayou Heliport
LS32 - Andre Smith Aviation Heliport
LS34 - Bordelon Airpark Airport
LS35 - Nauga Field Airport
LS36 - Light Plane Flyers Airfield Airport
LS37 - West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital Heliport
LS38 - Richard's Airport
LS39 - Country Bend Airport
LS40 - St Charles Airport
LS41 - Tater Patch Ultralight
LS42 - Acadia General Hospital Heliport
LS45 - Waterford 3 Heliport
LS46 - Wc Field Airport
LS47 - Marine Shale Processors Inc Heliport
LS48 - Assumption Comunity Hospital Heliport
LS50 - Concordia Parish Hospital Service Dist No 1 Heliport
LS51 - Ochsner Medical Center Northshore Heliport
LS52 - Rlc Helicopters Venice Base Heliport
LS53 - Mercy Regional Medical Center Heliport
LS54 - Brian's Ultralight
LS55 - Nova Chemicals Olefins Llc Heliport
LS56 - Medicant Island Heliport
LS57 - River Parish Hospital Heliport
LS58 - Christus Ochsner Lake Area Hospital Heliport
LS59 - Daneco Landing Strip Airport
LS60 - East Field Heliport
LS63 - Oghs South Campus Heliport
LS64 - District 8 Emergency Heliport
LS66 - Petro Com Headquarters Heliport
LS67 - Avoyelles Hospital Heliport
LS68 - Ken Guidry Nr 1 Airport
LS70 - Lake Air Service-Pine Island Airport
LS71 - Raceland Station Heliport
LS72 - Aerolite Aero Park Ultralight
LS73 - Amax Metals Recovery Inc Heliport
LS74 - Utec Heliport
LS75 - Cameron Shore Base Heliport
LS76 - Hickham Field Airport
LS77 - Magnolia Airpark Airport
LS78 - Willis-Knighton Med Center Temp Groundlevel Heliport
LS79 - Hardtner Medical Center Heliport
LS80 - Station 823 Heliport
LS81 - Lake Charles Office Heliport
LS82 - Entergy Waterford 3 Heliport
LS83 - Delta Dusters, Llc Airport
LS84 - Matidora Airport
LS85 - East Jefferson General Hospital Heliport
LS86 - Le Blanc Field Airport
LS87 - Triumph Air Strip Airport
LS88 - Kreswell Airport
LS89 - Sara Field Ultralight
LS90 - St Francis Medical Center Heliport
LS91 - Tim Bullard Memorial Airport
LS92 - Koenig Airpark Airport
LS93 - Greenwood Plantation Ultralight
LS94 - Alon Usa - Krotz Springs Heliport
LS95 - Mackie Memorial Heliport
LS96 - Ochsner Medical Institutions Heliport
LS97 - Myu Heliport
LS98 - Sabine Medical Center Heliport
LS99 - Phi Fourchon Base Heliport
M79 - John H Hooks Jr Memorial Airport
M80 - Scott Airport
MKV - Marksville Municipal Airport
MLU - Monroe Regional Airport
MNE - Minden Airport
MSY - Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
NBG - New Orleans NAS Jrb (Alvin Callender Field) Airport
NEW - Lakefront Airport
OPL - St Landry Parish Airport
POE - Maks AAF Airport
PTN - Harry P Williams Memorial Airport
REG - Louisiana Regional Airport
RSN - Ruston Regional Airport
SHV - Shreveport Regional Airport
SPH - Springhill Airport
TVR - Vicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport
UXL - Southland Field Airport