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00MI - The Waldron Way Heliport
01MI - Flow Through Trml Heliport
02MI - Fairplains Airpark Airport
03MI - Harold Miller Heliport
04MI - Rapids Airway Airport
05MI - Oakwood Heritage Hospital Heliport
06MI - Henry Ford Allegiance Health Heliport
07MI - Scott Airstrip Airport
08C - Riverview Airport
08MI - Sparrow Hospital Heliport
09MI - Michigan Ntl Guard Headquarters Heliport
0C5 - Canadian Lakes Airport
0MI0 - 2110 South M-76 Heliport
0MI1 - Lawler Heliport
0MI4 - Lesterson-Dempsey Airstrip Airport
0MI5 - Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital Heliport
0MI6 - Young's Airport
0MI7 - Four Star Heliport
0MI8 - Oakwood Southshore Medical Center Heliport
0MI9 - Henry Ford Hospital Heliport
10MI - Ascension St Mary's Hospital Heliport
11C - Skyyharbour Seaplane Base
11J - Gorilla Heliport
12MI - John's Airport
13C - Lakeview-Griffith Field Airport
13D - Ponderosa Heliport
13M - Aeronut Park Balloonport
13MI - Lee Memorial Hospital Heliport
14MI - East-West Paris Airport
15MI - Grant Pad Heliport
15W - Dennis Farms Airport
16MI - Barnstormers 5 Airport
17MI - Grace Hospital Heliport
19MI - Mecosta County Medical Center Heliport
1D2 - Canton-Plymouth-Mettetal Airport
1MI0 - Ashman Island Seaplane Base
1MI1 - Harps Haven Heliport
1MI2 - Guardian Industries Heliport
1MI3 - Black River Ranch Airport
1MI4 - Ernie's Field Airport
1MI5 - Mckenzie's Landing Airport
1MI6 - Trudeau Airport
1MI7 - Midmichigan Health Park Heliport
1MI8 - Vlachos Acres Airport
1MI9 - Southfork Airport
20MI - Hawks Landing Heliport
21MI - Adams Heliport
22MI - Munson Medical Center Heliport
22T - Tecumseh Mills Airport
23MI - Dvoracek Field Airport
24C - Lowell City Airport
24MI - Ssj Heliport
24M - Wilderness Airpark Airport
25MI - Howard Airfield Airport
26MI - Van Strien Airport
26W - Wolf Lake Airport
27C - Mecosta Morton Airport
27MI - Miller Field Airport
28MI - Miller-Herrold Airport
29C - Grindstone Air Harbor Airport
29MI - Sawyer Field Airport
29M - Waite Field Airport
2C5 - Almena Airport
2E2 - Sharpe's Strip Airport
2E8 - Cackleberry Airport
2H4 - Triple H Airport
2M7 - Hoffman's Black Mountain Aerodrome Airport
2MI0 - Cherry Field Airport
2MI1 - Spectrum Health Blodgett Heliport
2MI2 - St Mary Mercy Hospital Heliport
2MI3 - Somers Lane Airport
2MI4 - Kauffman Airfield Ultralight
2MI5 - Somerville Airport
2MI6 - The Farm Airport
2MI7 - Mclaren Greater Lansing Hospital Heliport
2MI8 - Vassar Field Airport
2MI9 - Capen Airport
2T7 - Van Camp's Heliport
30MI - Wolverton's Field Airport
31MI - Meemos Farm Heliport
32MI - William Beaumont Hospital Heliport
33MI - Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital Heliport
34G - Merillat Airport
34MI - De Witt Property Airport
34U - Yuba Airport
35C - Wells Airport
35D - Padgham Field Airport
35MI - Law Field Airport
36MI - Mercy Health - Mercy Campus Heliport
37MI - Handleman Sky Ranch Airport
38C - Cain Field Airport
38MI - Chicora Field Airport
39G - Avoca Airport
39MI - Huber Airport
39T - Tripp Creek Airport
39Z - Flying-A-Ranch Airport
3CM - James Clements Municipal Airport
3DA - Dalton Airport
3F5 - Forest Hill Airport
3GM - Grand Haven Memorial Airpark Airport
3L7 - Milwrick Flying M Airport
3MI0 - Doss Field Airport
3MI1 - Volare North Heliport
3MI2 - South Fox Island Airport
3MI3 - Zayti Field Heliport
3MI4 - Memorial Medical Center Heliport
3MI5 - Chetz Pad Heliport
3MI6 - Highland Heliport
3MI7 - Willie Run Airport
3MI8 - Bendix Heliport
3MI9 - Ness Landing Seaplane Base
3NP - Napoleon Airport
3RC - Roscommon Conservation Airport
3S5 - Schiffer Acres Airport
3TE - Al Meyers Airport
3TR - Jerry Tyler Memorial Airport
40C - Watervliet Municipal Airport
40MI - Carson City Hospital Heliport
41C - Calkins Field Airport
41G - University Airpark Airport
41MI - Sturgis Hospital Heliport
42C - White Cloud Airport
42MI - Turner Heliport
43G - Belleville Airport
43MI - West Gladstone Airport
44G - Betz Airport
44MI - Airbatco Field Airport
45G - Brighton Airport
45MI - Rotor-Lift Heliport
46MI - Rotors & Wings Airport
48D - Clare Municipal Airport
48G - Gavagan Field Airport
48MI - Manju Heliport
49G - Wend Valley Airport
49MI - Cub Landing Center Airport
4D0 - Abrams Municipal Airport
4M0 - Lake Ann Airway Estates Airport
4M4 - Shady Lawn Field Airport
4MI0 - Promedica Hickman Hospital Heliport
4MI1 - Air Rahe Airport
4MI2 - Mclaren Lapeer Region Heliport
4MI3 - Swan Lake Heliport
4MI5 - Bps Heliport
4MI6 - Benedick Airport
4MI7 - Witbeck Aerodrone Airport
4MI8 - Darrell's Landing Airport
4N0 - Newman's Airport
4Y1 - Raether Airport
4Y4 - Lakes of The North Airport
4Y8 - Para Field Airport
4Y9 - Eagles Landing Airport
50D - Iron County Airport
50G - Howard Nixon Memorial Airport
50MI - Burgess Lake Seaplane Base
51G - Alkay Airport
51MI - Cass Lake-Cove Island Seaplane Base
51M - Oscoda County Dennis Kauffman Memorial Airport
52I - Gross Airport
52MI - Six C's Heliport
53MI - Huron Valley Sinai Hospital Heliport
53W - Woodruff Lake Airport
54MI - Pingston Aeroworks Airport
55G - Arnold Field Airport
55MI - St John Hospital & Medical Center Heliport
56C - Boulder Canyon Airport
56MI - Beaumont Dearborn Heliport
56M - Millstream Airpark Airport
57D - Ray Community Airport
58MI - Promedica Monroe Regional Hospital Heliport
59MI - Janski Heliport
59M - Torchport Airport
5D5 - Woolsey Memorial Airport
5M6 - Sugar Springs Airpark Airport
5MI0 - Detroit Medical Center Heliport
5MI1 - Wilds Field Airport
5MI3 - Scotts Landing Heliport
5MI4 - Lewis Heliport
5MI5 - Borgess Medical Center Heliport
5MI6 - Tv2 Heliport
5MI7 - Williams Field Airport
5MI9 - Mc Phail Corporation Heliport
5N7 - Hat Field Airport
5Y0 - Harrisville Airport
5Y1 - Albert J Lindberg Airport
5Y2 - Houghton Lake State Airport
5Y4 - Lost Creek Airport
5Y5 - David's Landing Airport
5Y7 - Hanley Field Airport
60G - Skyway Estates Airport
60MI - Maybee Airport
61D - Plainwell Municipal Airport
61MI - Bayview Heliport
62MI - Mercy Health Heliport
63MI - Providence Hospital Heliport
64MI - Ti Heliport
65G - Maple Grove Airport
65MI - Jet Pad Heliport
66G - Wm 'Tiny' Zehnder Field Airport
66MI - East Lake Airport
67MI - Pinelli Airport
68MI - Saline Airport
68R - Hamp Airport
69G - Richmond Field Airport
69MI - Sparrow Clinton Hospital Heliport
6D6 - Greenville Municipal Airport
6D9 - Iosco County Airport
6G8 - Brooklyn Airport
6H4 - Van Wagnen Airport
6MI0 - King Trout Airport
6MI1 - Jensen Field Airport
6MI2 - Hh Heliport
6MI3 - Curt's Place Airport
6MI4 - Guardian Industries Heliport
6MI5 - Sparrow Ionia Hospital Heliport
6MI6 - Hancock Airport
6MI7 - J P's Field Airport
6MI9 - Jr North Heliport
6Y0 - Moorestown Airpark Airport
6Y1 - Bois Blanc Island Airport
6Y3 - North Fox Island Airport
6Y4 - Van Effen Field Airport
6Y5 - Two Hearted Airstrip Airport
6Y6 - St Helen Airport
6Y8 - Welke Airport
6Y9 - Prickett-Grooms Field Airport
70MI - Charlevoix Area Hospital Heliport
71MI - Johnston Airport
72MI - Northwoods Airport
73MI - Mclaren Port Huron Heliport
75G - Rossettie Airport
75MI - Norton Field Airport
76G - Marine City Airport
76MI - Marquette Regional Hospital Heliport
77G - Marlette Township Airport
77MI - Doren Field Airport
78MI - Carls Airport
79MI - Davis Field Airport
7D3 - Baldwin Municipal Airport
7MI0 - Kamikaze Run Heliport
7MI1 - Mc Phail Heliport
7MI2 - Southwest Lakes Airpark Airport
7MI3 - Thrall Lake Airport
7MI4 - Hemi Acres Heliport
7MI6 - Wightman Airport
7MI7 - Walker Airport
7MI8 - Letts Field Airport
7MI - Flugplatz Airport
7N4 - Honey Acres Airport
7Y2 - Thompsonville Airport
80D - Clare County Airport
80MI - Fox Hollow Heliport
81MI - Three Rivers Health Heliport
83D - Mackinac County Airport
83MI - St Joseph Mercy Oakland-Bassett Street Heliport
84MI - North Ottawa Community Hospital Heliport
85MI - Dewind Field Airport
86MI - Downwind Acres Airport
87MI - Ascension Borgess Pipp Hospital Heliport
89MI - Peach Lake Heliport
89Y - Maidens Airport
8D4 - Paul C Miller-Sparta Airport
8M8 - Eagle II Airport
8MI0 - Midmichigan Health Park Heliport
8MI3 - Mattawan Airpark Airport
8MI5 - Schiller Heliport
8MI7 - Bass Lake Airport
8MI8 - A-1 Paint Horse Farm Heliport
8MI9 - Winters Field Airport
91MI - Mchelipad Heliport
92MI - Zischke Airport
94MI - Red Aero Field Ultralight
95MI - Evad Enterprises Llc Airport
96G - Cowley Field Airport
96MI - Dick Huvaere's Heliport
97G - Glowacki Airport
97MI - Hawk Hollow Heliport
98G - Sebewaing Township Airport
98MI - L & L Heliport
99MI - Newport Meadows Airport
9C8 - Evart Municipal Airport
9D9 - Hastings Airport
9G2 - Prices Airport
9MI0 - C M H S Heliport
9MI1 - Custer Main Heliport
9MI2 - Newport Woods Airport
9MI3 - Amway Downtown Heliport
9MI5 - Grass Roots Airport
9MI7 - Glen Oaks Heliport
9MI8 - Jott Heliport
9MI9 - Bronson Methodist Hospital Heliport
ACB - Antrim County Airport
ADG - Lenawee County Airport
AMN - Gratiot Community Airport
ANJ - Sault Ste Marie Municipal/Sanderson Field Airport
APN - Alpena County Regional Airport
ARB - Ann Arbor Municipal Airport
AZO - Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport
BAX - Huron County Memorial Airport
BEH - Southwest Michigan Regional Airport
BFA - Boyne Mountain Airport
BIV - West Michigan Regional Airport
BTL - Battle Creek Exec At Kellogg Field Airport
C04 - Oceana County Airport
C20 - Andrews University Airpark Airport
C43 - Hiram Cure Airport
C91 - Dowagiac Municipal Airport
CAD - Wexford County Airport
CFS - Tuscola Area Airport
CIU - Chippewa County International Airport
CMX - Houghton County Memorial Airport
CVX - Charlevoix Municipal Airport
D11 - Ojibwa Airpark Airport
D15 - Lake Isabella - Cal Brewer Memorial Airport
D20 - Yale Airport
D22 - Yacht Haven Seaplane Base
D90 - Mancelona Municipal Airport
D95 - Dupont-Lapeer Airport
D98 - Romeo State Airport
DET - Coleman A Young Municipal Airport
DRM - Drummond Island Airport
DTW - Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport
DUH - Toledo Suburban Airport
E53 - Engler Field Airport
E66 - Maple Grove Heliport
ERY - Luce County Airport
ESC - Delta County Airport
FFX - Fremont Municipal Airport
FKS - Frankfort Dow Memorial Field Airport
FNT - Bishop International Airport
FPK - Fitch H Beach Airport
GDW - Gladwin Zettel Memorial Airport
GLR - Gaylord Regional Airport
GOV - Grayling AAF Airport
GRR - Gerald R Ford International Airport
H80 - Field of Dreams Airport
HAI - Three Rivers Municipal Dr Haines Airport
HD6 - Harsens Island Heliport
HTL - Roscommon County - Blodgett Memorial Airport
HYX - Saginaw County H W Browne Airport
IKW - Jack Barstow Airport
IMT - Ford Airport
IRS - Kirsch Municipal Airport
ISQ - Schoolcraft County Airport
IWD - Gogebic-Iron County Airport
JXN - Jackson County-Reynolds Field Airport
JYM - Hillsdale Municipal Airport
LAN - Capital Region International Airport
LDM - Mason County Airport
LWA - South Haven Area Regional Airport
M47 - Sage Lake Seaplane Base
M61 - Edward F Johnson Airport
M86 - Walle Field Airport
M99 - Shady Lane Airport
MBL - Manistee County-Blacker Airport
MBS - Mbs International Airport
MCD - Mackinac Island Airport
MGN - Harbor Springs Airport
MI00 - Mclaren Macomb Hospital Heliport
MI01 - Fasel Field Airport
MI02 - Forrest River Airport
MI03 - Read Seaplane Base
MI05 - Crompton's Private Strip Airport
MI07 - Dearborn Helistop Heliport
MI10 - Hoerners Corners Airport
MI11 - Crippen Field Airport
MI12 - Rado's Crossing Airport
MI13 - Minikey Airport
MI14 - Overflow Pad (Lower Pad) Heliport
MI15 - Wards Long Acres Airport
MI16 - Aspirus Ironwood Hospital Heliport
MI17 - Hackley Hospital Emergency Heliport
MI18 - Cedarville Airport
MI19 - Thorn Airport
MI1 - Denton Farms Airport
MI20 - White O'Morn Heliport
MI21 - Dan's Apple Farm Heliport
MI22 - Crump Airport
MI23 - Mckimmy Field Airport
MI24 - Deer Lake Airpark Airport
MI25 - Myers Airport
MI26 - Cloud 9 Airport
MI27 - Haigh Airport
MI28 - Archer Memorial Field Airport
MI29 - Gooding Airport
MI30 - Air Park North Airport
MI32 - Ummc Heliport
MI34 - Mclaren Greater Lansing Hospital Heliport
MI35 - Claucherty Airport
MI36 - Johnston Field Heliport
MI37 - Wenning Landing Area Airport
MI38 - Eichmeier Field Airport
MI39 - Mitch Veenstra Airport
MI40 - Fairlane Plaza Heliport
MI41 - Crystal Airport
MI42 - B C Cobb Heliport
MI43 - Baraga County Memorial Hospital Heliport
MI44 - D J Airport
MI45 - Ed Schulte's Place Airport
MI46 - Heliflite Heliport
MI48 - Ham-A-Lot Field Airport
MI49 - Hillsdale Hospital Heliport
MI4 - Lapoint Seaplane Base
MI50 - Cs Mott Heliport
MI51 - Zeeland Community Hospital Heliport
MI53 - Mills Field Airport
MI54 - Helifarm Heliport
MI55 - Twin Lakes Airport
MI57 - Eagle Heliport
MI58 - Raymond Field Airport
MI59 - Cass Heliport
MI60 - Tannehill Airfield Airport
MI61 - Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital Heliport
MI62 - Midmichigan Medical Center-Alpena Heliport
MI63 - St Mary's Hospital Heliport
MI66 - Michigan International Speedway Heliport
MI67 - Tyrone Airport
MI68 - Baroda Airport
MI70 - Carl's Airport
MI71 - Silver Lake Airport
MI72 - Nelson Airport
MI73 - Potato Pond Heliport
MI74 - Wdiv-TV Channel 4 Heliport
MI75 - Torchlake Heliport
MI76 - Reading Airport
MI77 - Exclusive Landing Area Heliport
MI78 - Weller Airport
MI79 - Exec Heliport
MI80 - Wabasis Lake Airport
MI81 - Express Heliport
MI82 - Harry's Field Airport
MI83 - Maple Grove Airpark Airport
MI85 - Community Health Center of Branch Company Heliport
MI86 - Midget Airport
MI87 - Lakeland Hospital Watervliet Heliport
MI88 - Bakers Field Airport
MI8 - Sault Ste Marie International Seaplane Base
MI90 - Baldwin Lake Heliport
MI91 - Wsr Heliport
MI92 - Lilienthal Airport
MI93 - Galloway Landings Airport
MI94 - Tc Helicopter Heliport
MI95 - Taylors Flight Park Airport
MI96 - Detroit Border Patrol Heliport
MI97 - Spectrum Health Butterworth Heliport
MI99 - Robertson Field Airport
MKG - Muskegon County Airport
MNM - Menominee Regional Airport
MOP - Mount Pleasant Municipal Airport
MTC - Selfridge Angb Airport
N98 - Boyne City Municipal Airport
OEB - Branch County Memorial Airport
OGM - Ontonagon County - Schuster Field Airport
ONZ - Grosse Ile Municipal Airport
OSC - Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport
OZW - Livingston County Spencer J Hardy Airport
P97 - Prairie Ronde Airport
PHN - St Clair County International Airport
PLN - Pellston Regional/Emmet County Airport
PR60 - Lake Huron Medical Center Heliport
PTK - Oakland County International Airport
PZQ - Presque Isle County Airport
RCT - Nartron Field Airport
RMY - Brooks Field Airport
RNP - Owosso Community Airport
RQB - Roben-Hood Airport
SAW - Sawyer International Airport
SJX - Beaver Island Airport
SLH - Cheboygan County Airport
TEW - Mason Jewett Field Airport
TTF - Custer Airport
TVC - Cherry Capital Airport
VLL - Oakland/Troy Airport
W87 - Buzzwick Airport
Y30 - Pbeaaye Airport
Y31 - West Branch Community Airport
Y47 - Oakland Southwest Airport
Y65 - Campbell-Pratt Airport
Y70 - Ionia County Airport
Y73 - Stambaugh Airport
Y83 - Sandusky City Airport
Y87 - Empire Airport
Y88 - Green Lake Airport
Y89 - Kalkaska City Airport
Y91 - Home Acres Sky Ranch Airport
Y93 - Atlanta Municipal Airport
Y94 - East Jordan City Airport
Y95 - Hillman Airport
Y98 - Grand Marais Airport
YIP - Willow Run Airport
Z92 - Harsens Island Airport
Z98 - Ottawa Exec Airport