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00NK - Cliche Cove Seaplane Base
00NY - Weiss Airfield Airport
01G - Perry-Warsaw Airport
01NK - Granville Airport
01NY - Vassar Hospital Heliport
02NY - Hansen Heliport
03NY - Talmage Field Airport
04NY - Klaverack Airport
05NY - Oswego County At Pulaski Heliport
06N - Randall Airport
06NY - Murphy Field Airport
07NY - Mmc Heliport
08NY - Md1 Airport
09N - Airhaven Airport
09NY - Spring Lake Fire Department Heliport
0B8 - Elizabeth Field Airport
0G0 - North Buffalo Suburban Airport
0G7 - Finger Lakes Regional Airport
0NK0 - Berdick Field Airport
0NK2 - Westwind Farm Airport
0NK3 - Seven Gullies Airport
0NK4 - Medical Center Heliport
0NK5 - Mid-Hudson Helicopter Service Heliport
0NK7 - King Street Heliport
0NK9 - Lakeview Airport
0NY0 - Bennetts Airport
0NY1 - Russell Field Airport
0NY2 - Amar Heliport
0NY3 - Kermizian Airport
0NY5 - State Police Troop D Heliport
0NY6 - New York State Police Heliport
0NY7 - Murphys Lndg Strip Airport
0NY8 - Wenskoski Field Airport
10NK - Glens Falls Hospital Heliport
10NY - Beaver Meadow Heliport
11NK - Hop House Airpark Airport
11NY - Johnson Landing Strip Airport
12NK - Westport Airport
12NY - T & C Acres Airport
13NK - Quaker Valley Farm Heliport
13NY - Health Sciences Cntr Unv Hospital Heliport
14NK - Mountain View Airport
14NY - Windy's Heliport
15NK - Knox Landing Airport
15NY - Peninsula Hospital Center Heliport
16NK - Delaware Valley Hospital Heliport
16NY - Papp Airpark Airport
17NK - Re-Dun Field Airport
18NY - Strip In The Woods Airport
19NK - Riveredge Airpark Airport
19NY - Four Seasons Airport
1A1 - Green Acres Airport
1B1 - Columbia County Airport
1B8 - Chapin Field Airport
1C3 - Argyle Airport
1E8 - Moores Airport
1F2 - Plateau Sky Ranch Airport
1F6 - Dolgeville Airport
1H1 - Airlane Enterprises Airport
1H4 - Greenville-Rainbow Airport
1I1 - Marcy Field Airport
1I5 - Freehold Airport
1N2 - Spadaro Airport
1NK0 - Roxbury Runway Airport
1NK1 - Stone Ridge Heliport
1NK3 - Troy Armory Heliport
1NK4 - Wagstaff Heliport
1NK6 - Catalano Airfield Airport
1NK7 - Boonville Airpark Airport
1NK8 - Chenango Bridge Airport
1NK9 - Huntington Emergency Helistop Heliport
1NY0 - Woodlawn Beach State Park Heliport
1NY1 - Seatuck Cove Heliport
1NY2 - Oishei Childrens Hospital Heliport
1NY3 - Richland Airpark Airport
1NY4 - High Banks Farm Landing Area Airport
1NY5 - Sherman Field Airport
1NY9 - Caughdenoy Airport
20N - Kingston-Ulster Airport
20NY - Stafford Airport
21NK - Don Kichote-Quixote Airport
21N - Mattituck Airport
21NY - Gautieri Heliport
22NK - Alstar North Heliport
22NY - Troop A Headquarters Heliport
23N - Bayport Aerodrome Airport
23NK - Long Acre Farms Airport
23NY - Jolamtra Landing Area Airport
24NK - Jet-Line Products Heliport
24NY - Wang Heliport
25NK - Loucks Airport
25NY - Carter's Heliport
26NK - Ridge Heliport
26NY - Vamc Heliport
27NK - Mohawk Air Park Airport
27NY - Don's Heliport
28NK - Ritchie Airfield Airport
28NY - Spaulding Aerodrome Airport
29NY - Breezy Meadows Heliport
2NK0 - Northwest Waterbird Seaplane Base
2NK1 - Gaskin's Hilltop Airport
2NK2 - Cove Neck Heliport
2NK3 - Rose Field Airport
2NK4 - Wheelabrator Westchester Heliport
2NK5 - Nch Heliport
2NK6 - Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Heliport
2NK7 - Walton Airport
2NK8 - Landmark Plaza Heliport
2NK9 - Old Orchard Airpark Airport
2NY0 - Catskill Valley Airpark Airport
2NY2 - High View Too Heliport
2NY3 - Kwp Heliport
2NY4 - Byron Airpark Airport
2NY5 - Strong Memorial Hospital Heliport
2NY6 - Slate Hill Heliport
2NY7 - Towner Farm Airport
2NY8 - Benbyre Farm Heliport
2NY9 - Kayutah Lake Airport
30NY - Coye Field Airport
31NY - Shrub Oak Helistop Heliport
32NK - Schoharie Creek Airport
32NY - S J M Landing Heliport
33NY - Wayne Delp Airport
34NY - Hendershot Airport
35NK - Tiger Paw Aerodrome Airport
35NY - Kleinman's Heliport
36NY - Dew Airpark Airport
37NY - Cuba Memorial Hospital Heliport
38NK - Tamarack Acres Airport
38NY - Greenlawn Farm Airport
39NY - Print Pad Heliport
3C8 - Calverton Executive Airpark Airport
3NK0 - Mc Kinney Airport
3NK1 - Catskill Regional Medical Center Heliport
3NK2 - Bassett Heliport
3NK3 - Linuo American Campus Heliport
3NK4 - Laska Airport
3NK5 - Secret Spot Airport
3NK6 - Tuscarora Plateau Airport
3NK7 - B/G Heliport
3NK8 - B Flat Farm Airport
3NK9 - Arnot Ogden Hospital Heliport
3NY0 - The Ranch Airport
3NY1 - Miller Airport
3NY2 - Astoria Heliport
3NY3 - De Ronda Airport
3NY4 - Di Stefano Airpark Airport
3NY5 - Luke Airport
3NY6 - Six Ponds Airport
3NY7 - Hiserts Airpark Inc Airport
3NY8 - Suny Health Science Center Heliport
3NY9 - Hilltop Airport
40NY - Entenmann's Heliport
41NK - Winchell Mountain Airport
41NY - Bonebender Airport
42NY - Walter's Field Airport
43NY - St. Joseph's Hospital Heliport
44N - Sky Acres Airport
44NY - Tomcat Airport
45NY - Turning Stone Resort Casino Heliport
46N - Sky Park Airport
46NY - Savannah Airport
47NY - Elk Creek Airport
48NY - Turnbull Airport
49NK - Cobble Hill Airport
49N - Lufker Airport
49NY - Westmoreland Airport
4B0 - South Albany Airport
4B1 - Duanesburg Airport
4B6 - Ticonderoga Municipal Airport
4B7 - Schroon Lake Airport
4G2 - Hamburg Inc Airport
4N2 - Middlesex Valley Airport
4N7 - Greene Airport
4NK0 - Wca Hospital Heliport
4NK2 - Tracy Field Airport
4NK3 - Evans Airways Airport
4NK4 - Woodford Airfield Airport
4NK5 - Harvs Airport
4NK6 - Ag-Alley Airport
4NK7 - Lightning Tree Farm Heliport
4NK8 - Longwell Airport
4NK9 - Corporate Park of Staten Island Heliport
4NY0 - Mountain View Airpark Airport
4NY1 - Orange Poultry Farm Airport
4NY2 - Edo Seaplane Base
4NY3 - Greenville Mountain Heliport
4NY4 - Cross' Farm Airport
4NY5 - Bistrians Heliport
4NY6 - Station 237 Heliport
4NY7 - South Cairo Airport
4NY8 - Harris Hill Gliderport
4NY9 - Belmont Park Heliport
50NY - Old Fort Farm Airport
51NK - The Moriches Bay Heliport
51NY - Maxon Field Airport
52NY - Bedson's Land Base Airport
53NY - Smiths Land Base Airport
54NY - Fox Hollow Heliport
55NK - Unity Hospital Heliport
55NY - Ridgeview Airport
56NK - Buffalo General Hospital Heliport
56NY - Maynard's Airport
57NY - Athens Emergency Med-Evac Heliport
58NY - Freeport Heliport
59NY - Bent-Wing Airport
5B2 - Saratoga County Airport
5B7 - Rensselaer County Airport
5G0 - Le Roy Airport
5NK1 - Toggenburg Farms Airport
5NK2 - Alexander's East Heliport
5NK3 - Westhampton Beach Heliport
5NK4 - Olean General Heliport
5NK5 - Kingdom Field Airport
5NK6 - Erwin Heliport
5NK7 - Hammersley Hill Heliport
5NK8 - South Quaker Heliport
5NK9 - Treichler Farm Airport
5NY1 - Tomahawk Hills Airport
5NY3 - Keech Airport
5NY4 - Stanwix Heights Airport
5NY5 - Gardiner Airport
5NY6 - Merrill Glen Cove Heliport
5NY7 - Rolling Hills Airport
5NY8 - Bowline Point Heliport
5NY9 - Walash Heliport
5R5 - R & R Aero Airport
60NY - Samaritan Medical Center Heliport
61NK - Sunset Airport
61NY - Bassett Field Airport
62NY - Adirondack Helicopters Heliport
63NY - Shear Airport
64NY - Hemlock Run Airport
65NK - Apex Airport
65NY - Chautauqua Lake Airpark Airport
66NY - Maple Ridge Airport
67NY - Ultralight Port Ultralight
68NK - Thibert Field Airport
68NY - Merrimac Farms Airport
69NY - Uvmhn-Elizabethtown Community Hospital Heliport
6B4 - Frankfort-Highland Airport
6B9 - Skaneateles Aero Drome Airport
6JY8 - Cablevision Bethpage Heliport
6N5 - East 34th Street Heliport
6N6 - Evers Seaplane Base
6N7 - New York Skyports Inc Seaplane Base
6NK0 - Knapp Airport
6NK2 - Meerwarth Airport
6NK3 - North Shore University Hospital Nr 2 Heliport
6NK4 - Ttt Air Airport
6NK5 - Erie County Medical Center Heliport
6NK6 - New York State D E C Indian Lake Heliport
6NK8 - Flying K Airport
6NK9 - Cec Heliport
6NK - Syracuse Suburban Airport
6NY0 - Orange Regional Medical Center Heliport
6NY1 - Old Port Royal Airport
6NY2 - Omni Airpark Airport
6NY3 - Airy-Acres Airport
6NY4 - West Township Airport
6NY5 - Mary Immaculate Hospital Heliport
6NY6 - Firemans White Lake Seaplane Base
6NY7 - Piolis Brookside Airport
6NY8 - Tech City Properties Heliport
6NY9 - Health Alliance Marys Ave Heliport
70NY - Lakeside Heliport
71NY - St Elizabeth Hospital Heliport
72NY - St Marys Heliport
73NY - Olmstead Landing Strip Airport
74NK - Sunside Airport
74NY - New Salem Aerodrome Airport
75NK - Upstate Medical University Hospital Heliport
75NY - Reiss Game Farm Airport
76NY - Independent Heliport
77NY - Hut Haven Seaplane Base
78NY - Flying F Airport
79NY - Smith Airport
7G0 - Ledgedale Airpark Airport
7N1 - Corning-Painted Post Airport
7N3 - Sands Point Seaplane Base
7NK0 - Valley View Airport
7NK2 - Saratoga Hospital Heliport
7NK4 - Ridge Road West Airport
7NK5 - Cantagree Farm H Heliport
7NK6 - Blueberry Field Airport
7NK7 - Morin Airport
7NK8 - Westchester Medical Center Heliport
7NK9 - Women and Children's Hospital Heliport
7NY0 - Campis Airport
7NY1 - Gar Field Airport
7NY2 - Butterville Airport
7NY3 - North Shore University Hospital Heliport
7NY4 - Culver Airfield Airport
7NY5 - State Police Troop K Heliport
7NY6 - Sherwood Farm Airport
7NY7 - Palisades Conference Center Heliport
7NY8 - Iwan Airfield Airport
7NY9 - Yorktown Helipad Heliport
80NY - Foster Farm Airport
82NY - Silvernails Field Airport
83K - Harris Airport
83NY - Norcross Helipad Heliport
84NK - St Luke's Cornwall Hospital Heliport
84NY - Skyview Airport
85N - Hollands International Field Airport
85NK - Campbell Field Airport
85NY - High Acres Airport
87N - Southampton Heliport
87NY - Clearview Heliport
88NY - Zelazny Airport
89NY - Maxson Airfield Airport
8G3 - Giermek Executive Airport
8NK2 - Marine Helicopter Squadron 361 Heliport
8NK3 - Saratoga Medical Park Heliport
8NK4 - Bethany Airpark Airport
8NK5 - St Luke's Cornwall Hospital-Newburgh Heliport
8NK6 - Suntime Airport
8NK8 - Mister Dog Seaplane Base
8NY1 - James Carl Memorial Heliport
8NY2 - Mountain Fresh Farm Heliport
8NY3 - North Fork Airport
8NY4 - Guthrie Corning Hospital Heliport
8NY5 - Mariaville Aerodrome Airport
8NY6 - South Buffalo Mercy Hospital Heliport
8NY7 - Oneida Lake Strip Airport
8NY8 - Hawks Field Airport
8NY9 - Nassau County Police Heliport
90NY - Hopewell Airpark Airport
91NY - Manitou Field Airport
92G - Midlakes Airport
92NK - Owasco Airfield Airport
92NY - Bloecher Farm Airport
93NY - Taylor Field At Fort Hamilton Heliport
94NY - St Bernard Field Airport
95NY - Cummings Airfield Airport
96NY - Massaro Heliport
97NY - Hunter Mountain Airport
98NY - Krenzers Airport
99NY - Hibbard's Airport
9G0 - Buffalo Airfield Airport
9G3 - Akron/Jesson Field Airport
9G5 - Royalton Airport
9G6 - Pine Hill Airport
9NK2 - Uhs Chenango Memorial Hospital Heliport
9NK4 - Greig Farm Airport
9NY0 - Bumblebee Heliport
9NY1 - Wilson Memorial Regional Medical Center Heliport
9NY2 - Westfield Memorial Hospital Heliport
9NY3 - Susquehanna Heliport
9NY4 - Kennedy Airfield Airport
9NY5 - Cmc Atlantic Llc Heliport
9NY6 - Mason Airway Airport
9NY7 - Hines Field Airport
9NY8 - Thomson Industries Inc Heliport
9NY9 - Poughkeepsie Main Plant Heliport
ALB - Albany International Airport
ART - Watertown International Airport
B04 - Garnseys Airport
B16 - Whitfords Airport
BGM - Greater Binghamton/Edwin A Link Field Airport
BQR - Buffalo-Lancaster Regional Airport
BUF - Buffalo Niagara International Airport
CZG - Tri-Cities Airport
D23 - Arcade Tri-County Airport
D51 - Clarence Aerodrome Airport
D52 - Geneseo Airport
D59 - Gowanda Airport
D79 - Dart Airport
D80 - Olcott-Newfane Airport
D82 - Ovid Airport
D88 - Pratt's Eastern Divide Airport
D91 - Spencerport Airpark Airport
D93 - Airtrek Airport
DKK - Chautauqua County/Dunkirk Airport
DSV - Dansville Municipal Airport
ELM - Elmira/Corning Regional Airport
ELZ - Wellsville Municipal Arpt,Tarantine Field Airport
FOK - Francis S Gabreski Airport
FRG - Republic Airport
FZY - Oswego County Airport
GFL - Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport
GTB - Wheeler-Sack AAF Airport
GVQ - Genesee County Airport
H43 - Haverstraw Heliport
HPN - Westchester County Airport
HTF - Hornell Municipal Airport
HTO - East Hampton Airport
HWV - Brookhaven Airport
IAG - Niagara Falls International Airport
ISP - Long Island Mac Arthur Airport
ITH - Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport
IUA - Canandaigua Airport
JFK - John F Kennedy International Airport
JHW - Chautauqua County/Jamestown Airport
JRA - West 30th St Heliport
JRB - Downtown Manhattan/Wall St Heliport
K03 - Long Lake Sagamore Spb & Marina Seaplane Base
K09 - Piseco Airport
K16 - Becks Grove Airport
K21 - Rouses Point Seaplane Base
K23 - Cooperstown-Westville Airport
K27 - Burrello-Mechanicville Airport
K30 - Heber Airpark Airport
K31 - Sharon Airport
LGA - Laguardia Airport
LKP - Lake Placid Airport
MAL - Malone-Dufort Airport
MGJ - Orange County Airport
MSS - Massena International-Richards Field Airport
MSV - Sullivan County International Airport
MTP - Montauk Airport
N03 - Cortland County-Chase Field Airport
N23 - Sidney Municipal Airport
N25 - Blue Heron Airport
N45 - Kobelt Airport
N56 - Great Valley Airport
N66 - Albert S Nader Regional Airport
N69 - Stormville Airport
N72 - Warwick Municipal Airport
N82 - Wurtsboro-Sullivan County Airport
N89 - Joseph Y Resnick Airport
NK01 - Countryman's Landing Strip Airport
NK04 - Shepard Airport
NK05 - Tom N' Jerry Airport
NK07 - Big Island Airport
NK08 - Sheeley's Farm Airport
NK09 - Eagle Ridge Airport
NK11 - Troop B Headquarters Heliport
NK13 - Snyder's Lake Seaplane Base
NK14 - Little Falls Ems Heliport
NK15 - Seventh Lake Seaplane Base
NK16 - Hendricks Field Airport
NK17 - August Field Airport
NK19 - Potoczak Airport
NK22 - One Ten Heliport
NK23 - Tetz Landing Heliport
NK24 - Tilden Airport
NK26 - Old Forge Airport
NK27 - Hedge Hop Field Airport
NK30 - Private Sealanes-Jamaica Bay Seaplane Base
NK31 - Dawn Patrol Aviation Airport
NK32 - Ny Arng Heliport
NK33 - Ny State Police - Troop T Heliport
NK34 - Faxton St Lukes Healthcare-St Lukes Campus Heliport
NK37 - Winthrop University Hospital Heliport
NK38 - Parker's Landing Heliport
NK39 - One Police Plaza Heliport
NK40 - Regeneron Campus Heliport Heliport
NK41 - Mather Heliport
NK43 - Jerry Phibbs Airport
NK44 - Bethlehem Energy Center Heliport
NK48 - Eastern Long Island Heliport
NK49 - Owego Heliport
NK50 - St Mary's Hospital Elevated Heliport
NK51 - Luther Airport
NK53 - Dodge/Coppola/Wheeler Airport
NK54 - Matejka Field Airport
NK55 - Onondaga County Sheriff's Department Heliport
NK56 - Fishkill Plant Heliport
NK57 - Ross Heliport
NK58 - Gibraltar Heliport
NK59 - Copake Lake Seaplane Base
NK60 - Bostrup's Landing Seaplane Base
NK61 - General Electric R&D Center Heliport
NK64 - Amch Heliport
NK65 - H & H Aviation Service Inc Heliport
NK68 - White Birch Airport
NK71 - Marcellus Airport
NK72 - Henion Private Field Airport
NK73 - Ciba-Geigy Heliport
NK74 - Match Mate Airport
NK75 - Thomas E Perdue Heliport
NK76 - Grammar Airport
NK77 - Niagara Falls Memorial Parking Ramp Heliport
NK78 - Ge Management Development Institute Heliport
NK79 - Lewis Landing Airport
NK80 - Rainbow Air Heliport
NK82 - Engineers Airport
NK83 - Nettie's Place Airport
NK84 - Safe Flight Instrument Corp Heliport
NK86 - Doms Heliport
NK87 - Merkle Airport
NK89 - Ultralight Flight Farm Ultralight
NK90 - Tli Heliport
NK91 - Boyle's Landing Airport
NK92 - Eab Plaza Heliport
NK95 - Bastek Heliport
NK96 - Midhudson Regional Hospital of Westchester Med Cntr Heliport
NY00 - Basher Field Airport
NY01 - Knowlesville Airport
NY02 - Mountain Top Airport
NY03 - Klenawicus Airfield Airport
NY04 - Clive Holmes Estate Heliport
NY05 - Hogan Airport
NY06 - Gaines Valley Aviation Airport
NY07 - Hurlbut Field Airport
NY08 - Port Jervis Fire Department Heliport
NY09 - Middle Hope Airport
NY0 - Fulton County Airport
NY10 - Duflo Airport
NY11 - Lakestone Farm Airport
NY12 - Auburn Community Hospital Heliport
NY13 - D'Amico Airport
NY14 - Ulster Heights Kingdom Heliport
NY15 - Lakeville Airport
NY16 - Oak Ridge Airport
NY17 - Adirondack Airpark Estates Airport
NY18 - Neno Airport
NY19 - Walls Airport
NY1 - Kline Kill Airport
NY20 - Nellis Field Airport
NY21 - Dewitt Heliport
NY22 - Nypd Air Operations (Floyd Bennett Field) Heliport
NY23 - Mac Airport
NY24 - Colonial Airport
NY25 - Camillus Airport
NY26 - Sky-Ranch Airport
NY27 - South Dayton Airport Airport
NY28 - Anthonson Airport
NY29 - Schuyler Airport
NY30 - Hilltop Heliport
NY31 - Rabbit Lane Airport
NY32 - Cayuga Medical Center Heliport
NY33 - Hidden Hills Ranch Airport
NY34 - Randall's Roost Airport
NY35 - Stanton Airport
NY36 - Adirondack Medical Center Heliport
NY37 - Galway Airport
NY38 - Johanson Estate Heliport
NY39 - Virgil Excavation Heliport
NY40 - Gentzke Aeronautical Park Airport
NY41 - Best Western Red Jacket Inn Heliport
NY42 - Paradise Airport
NY43 - Mt View Heliport
NY44 - Somers Heliport
NY45 - Robins Island South Heliport
NY46 - Bel-Aire Farms Heliport
NY47 - Wyeth Ayerst Heliport
NY48 - Grace's Landing Airport
NY49 - Mesmer Airport
NY50 - Johnson Airport
NY51 - Russell Airport
NY52 - Staten Island University Hospital Heliport
NY53 - M & M Airfield Airport
NY54 - Evergreen Mountain Heliport
NY55 - Grund Field Airport
NY57 - Remsen City Airport
NY58 - Snow Field Airport
NY59 - Valenty Mierek Airport
NY60 - Vasile Field Airport
NY61 - Eagle Nest Seaplane Base
NY62 - Curtis Airport
NY63 - Archdale Meadows Airport
NY64 - The Pines Airport
NY65 - Circle K Ranch Airport
NY66 - Lewis Field Airport
NY67 - Carter Flight Park Ultralight
NY68 - Richfield Airport
NY69 - John Gonzales Field Airport
NY70 - Scott's Sky Ranch Airport
NY71 - O'Riley Airport
NY72 - Poolsbrook Aerodrome Airport
NY73 - Miller Field Airport
NY74 - Deer Run Airport
NY75 - Ch 12 News Woodbury Heliport
NY76 - Neverland Airport
NY77 - Wandervogel Gliderport
NY78 - Flying W Airport
NY79 - Keysa Airport
NY80 - Aurora Balloonport
NY81 - Heldeberg Airstrip Airport
NY82 - Alexander Farm Airport
NY83 - Essex Boatworks Seaplane Base
NY84 - Richter Aero Airport
NY85 - United States Military Academy Heliport
NY86 - Waxwing Airport
NY87 - Amsterdam Airfield Airport
NY88 - Hickory Acres Airport
NY89 - Goose Creek Airport
NY90 - Medina Memorial Hospital Heliport
NY91 - Cloverdale Farm Airport
NY92 - Cochran Airport
NY93 - Phillipsburg Landing Heliport
NY94 - Old Rhinebeck Airport
NY95 - Creekside Airport
NY96 - Mexico Airdrome Airport
NY97 - Northway Airport
NY98 - Maben Airport
NY99 - Lakeview Shock Incarceration Correctional Facility Heliport
NY9 - Long Lake /Helms Seaplane Base
OGS - Ogdensburg International Airport
OIC - Lt Warren Eaton Airport
OLE - Cattaraugus County-Olean Airport
PBG - Plattsburgh International Airport
PEO - Penn Yan Airport
POU - Hudson Valley Regional Airport
PTD - Potsdam Municipal/Damon Field Airport
RME - Griffiss International Airport
ROC - Greater Rochester International Airport
SCH - Schenectady County Airport
SDC - Williamson-Sodus Airport
SLK - Adirondack Regional Airport
SWF - New York Stewart International Airport
SYR - Syracuse Hancock International Airport
VGC - Hamilton Municipal Airport
W57 - Round Lake Airport