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To those of you frustrated by the ***NEW*** Flight Plan Interface:


Please email your complaints to:  info@skyvector.com


To be specific:
1.  I want to see the time, distance & bearing between multiple waypoints.
2.  I want the ability to insert, shuffle and DELETE multiple waypoints.
3.  I want to see the Sum total of time and distance based on speed.
4.  I want the ability to link to the data/info page by clicking an airport ID.
5.  I want the flexibility and UTILITY this perfectly functional format provided.
This new flight plan interface serves a completely different purpose.
It does not substitute for what was and by itself undermines the overall usefulness of the Skyvector product by EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATING every point mentioned.
That "menu bar" between the "Flight Plan" button and UTC clock has got plenty of room for another button...call it "Scratch Pad".
Whatever you decide to do, please DO NOT follow the motto of the FAA:
"We're here to help...fix things that are NOT broken"

What I liked about the old interface was the drag drop function in the pop-up mini flight plan. I could quickly evaluate the impact of a routing change.


90-95% of the time I will NOT be considering a flight plan change so I do not need that interface available to me. Said differently, I'll try 20-25 routes before I'll settle on a route and want to file a plan.


Things that adjust my flight plan -- weather, MOAs, airspace, fuel prices, ETE, etc. All of these get traded off. Its too easy to hit that file/brief, which makes me nervous.


Net Net, I really liked the old interface and would suggest a flip/flop switch to bring up the briefing/filing screen! The old one was VERY functional and usable!


What I would like seen added to the new NavPlan is times at the waypoint instead of deltas. When flying DVFR, I need to know when I'll crosss an ADIZ. That would help me.


Jim Moudy

PP, SEL, PilotsNPaws

I agree, I hate the new system.



Okay be honest now, do you work for AVFuel?

I played with the new system. Works better than the old, especially if you want to insert a waypoint.

No more adding to the end, then dragging to place it in sequence.

I honestly have no idea what everyone's complaining about.

What a rude awakening this morning when I went to look at my flight planning options.....they went from a great easy to use program to cumbersome and frankly rather worthless now......maybe I am missing something, but, I am dissapointed .   Sending e-mail as you suggest.



Amen! You covered all my complaints.....I think!



I appreciate the attempt at new services like brief & Filing.  I guess there are a few bugs to work out.  Whem I click on the aorplane logo next to the N-number box, the disclaimer box shows up but it won't scroll down.  Keep on improving!






I have just fired off an e-mail expressing my own displaeasure at the new interface.

"I want to add my name to what is undoubtedly a chorus of complaints regarding the new flight planning tool.

The new interface is incredibly and unnecessarily cumbersome for someone who is wanting to quickly examine a number of different options while planning a route.

In the help notes it says that waypoints can be added by typing in the route field then pressing 'Enter'. When I do this nothing happens and the straight line between departure and arrival airports is all that is shown on the map. Under the old system, waypoints could be quickly added and removed by typing in the route field.

This is just one example of my dissatisfaction with the new interface.

Overall, it seems better suited to someone who already has their route settled in their mind is is simply looking to have a graphical display on a map and a semi-detailed flight log. It is just not useful for the purpose of planning and examining alternatives quickly - which the old interface most certainly was.

It seems you have broken something that was working very well and we now have something that is no longer suitable for the purpose.

I could maybe see the value of the new interface in some circumstances but you really need to have a 'flip' switch or something similar to allow individuals to choose whether to use the old simpler interface or the new more detailed - but more cumbersome - interface.

As things stand, SkyVector no longer works for me and I shall be using PlanG instead until something is done to fix the SkyVector interface."

Tried the site today and thought it had been hijacked.   What was a very useful interface to rapidly explore flight plan possibilities has now become onerous and useless for sandbox planning.  I do not understand sites that destroy a highly functional site just to be "better".  All  I can recommend is put a button up top that accesses the old code base and call it a planning sandbox.  


Looking elsewhere...


Today i've used skvector and for my surprise i saw a File Flight Plan Switch. But, What's the price to use this function? Does it possible use in Brazil?



Generating a plan can still be done the old way--pick two cities and drag the magenta line around for ideas.  Did some tests with for KSAN to KSNA and it chooses the correct TEC route for SoCal. If you take the time and fill out the aircraft info, it will help you pick something that makes sense.  In reality, it's now geared more for a pilot that knows their plane and it's limits versus sim pilots or IFR students.


Just a quick hit after playing with it for 10 minutes...



.....before leaving a angry comment??????????

I would love to see the old interface setup to be the primary feature.  And when I settle on a flight path/plan, have the option to drop into a flight plan filing mode.


This tool that used to be incredibly useful for me is now a huge pain to use for my purposes.  I've also had multiple usability issues with saving aircraft data.  And I'm not just a sim pilot.

When it's time to file, I use Foreflight.  95% of my flight planning is done with Skyvector using the old interface.  I know my plane and it's performance parameters very well, thusly the old interface served as an incredible platform to evaluate navaids, waypoints and plan fuel stops.  After deciding my route, I could simply tranfer to Foreflight since I had all my airport identifiers and waypoints determined.  I do not intend to carry a laptop or desktop computer to my FBO to flight plan, thusly, this new interface is not useful.  Bring back the simple flight planning feature or at least make it an option for flight planning instead of completing a flight every time. 

Everything seems to work now.  Interface is different, but I'll get used to it.

Clifford D. Hill

Add my name to the list of pilots who like the old format and will not be using the features of the new format.


Anyone have suggestions of an alternative program to use?


 Another site I use is the FltPlan and its accompanying app FltPlan Go. It has a somewhat Foreflight look-a-like feel, and it is free. It has route/airport GPS overlay, a scratchpad, and other options some may find useful. Some things I have a problem getting use to is that the NAVLog can be a little crowded. Also, you can see the waypoint time/distance on the NAVLog but on the moving map you only have an option to show a window that shown the distance/bearing. It is not a bad app for flyers like me that only fly a handful of hours per year that think that buying Foreflight it is not justifiable.


-We appreciate the innovations but the beauty of SKYVECTOR was its' simplicity.

-If there is a way to go "Skyvector Classic" please give us a button to go back in time and simply give us back what was there before.

-There are many, many EFB flight planners out there with TOO MANY bells and whistles. For instance, I prefer NO WIND times for my average groundspeed. I do not need the winds applied to my flight plan.

-Thanks in advance for your consideration to please allow some of us to revert to the old system.


Mike N714AJ in Carlisle, PA

Michael A. Marra
N94 Carlisle Airport, PA

New Motto for Skyvector:


"If it ain't broke, fix it until it is."


Thanks guys, but did not need the "new interface."


Not even sure where to begin. This is where folks left AOPA flight planning system in droves.


They could not resist tinkering with it until it got so complicated and folks just punted.


Hey, I know this is a free system, so I can't complain, but please read the mail - folks are not happy.


Nice try, but would you please consider just giving us back "Skyvector Classic"?


Mike N714AJ





Michael A. Marra
N94 Carlisle Airport, PA

I have been using skyvector for several years.  I used it when it was part of airnav.  Then I used it after airnav changed over to some crappy map software.

I use skyvector for every trip for planning.  I'll do dozens of what-if trips.  I have posted links to skyvector on an aviation forum several times to help newbies.  I have used the link feature on skyvector to show other pilots the optimal routing to get to a particular place.  It is great for instrument approach trips where several gps waypoints are used.

Now this map software is unusable.  I guess I will need to find something else.

Thanks for the many years of use of an outstanding product.  Good luck with the new interface.


Maybe change isn't always welcome initially, and the changes may not suit everyone, but from a technical standpoint it a great site. The coders deserve credit and support for their efforts. Constructive critiscism I'm sure is welcome, but equally please remember this probably took a great deal of time, thought and lines of code to develop.  


The interface is absolute artwork and in almost everyway it is an excellent example of website development. I just wonder how and when Dave is going to start monetizing his work :) I would want to.


Your comments are germane, but miss the whole point and tenor of the conversation.


No one likes or really needs the new user interface.  There are plenty of flight planning sites out there.


We all get it's "elegant" and such, but maybe if they had asked the users what they wanted/needed, they could have saved themselves hours of elegant coding...


Now maybe if there was a switch to allow the classic SkyVector for planning and then maybe enter your final plan in the new format, the elegant coding will have value, otherwise, (this is my prediction) people will stop using SkyVector like they did with AOPA Flight Planner...


I also just sent an email complaining. But I will bet you guys one trillion dollars that they won't go back to what it was. This is how it is now; get something that works pretty well and substitute it for some useless ---- can't say a bad word or my message triggers the "spam filter". My god....

Well, if you are not in the US and want to plan a flight, let's say, from GCTS to GMMX, after an hour browsing, I'm afraid you're stuck with SkyVector. I couldn't find anything better, or at least that works at all. Found a good one, but when I put those airports, it gave me "no matches". I'm not a professional pilot, I just like to fly my X-Plane and have some fun, that's all. So, I'm stuck with SkyVector and it's ugly "new" interface".

Sorry. Nice try but so far it sucks. When ever I select a starting point I am immediately 6980 miles on flight plan. Some how it is figuring in KTOC only shows up in NAV Log.

Dave Beaver

Really sucks now. Can't even drag in a new waypoint.  Useless.

Really sucks now. Can't even drag in a new waypoint.  Useless.

What happened to the site I knew?  It was working just fine! The things I need Skyvector to do are: 


1. I want to see the time, distance & bearing between multiple waypoints.

2. I want the ability to insert, shuffle and DELETE multiple waypoints.

3. I want to see the Sum total of time and distance based on speed.

4. I want the ability to link to the data/info page by clicking an airport ID.

5. I want the flexibility and UTILITY this perfectly functional format provided.

This new flight plan interface serves a completely different purpose.

It does not substitute for what was and by itself undermines the overall usefulness of the Skyvector product by EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATING every point mentioned.


As EMS Pilots we have found Skyvector to be an invaluable tool for flight planning. With the new changes it is now WORTHLESS to our staff.


I agree with tkibob completely.

I can't even log in anymore. Using Firefox. With Safari I can log in, but can't load saved flight plans. This is absolutely absurd. You know why god never updated sex since the stone age? BECAUSE IT WORKS! Thank you SkyVector, for ruining my day!

Flight plan from KTUS (Tucson AZ) to KABQ (Albuquerque NM).


Grab the magenta line and drag to any intermediate spot (Grants, Truth or Consequences).


OLD INTERFACE: now there's a waypoint and the magenta line would go from KTUS to where you dragged it to KABQ.

NEW INTERFACE: when you click "plan" then the magenta line goes right back where it was, and a new one from the previous endpoint (KABQ) goes to the new point.


This is worse that useless... it's downright wrong and unworkable.  How sad that the best flight planning tool website just turned to .....



Adding to the rightful complains ...


The MISSOULA VOR (MSO) is apparently 12758.5nm away from the airport MISSOULA (KMSO).


This is utterly useless.

WTF has just happened... I cant even get the magenta line up between 2 waypoints..

Whos stupid idea was this?????????

how the F do I even use this program now... before it was brilliant... now its a waste of bandwidth.

Please reverse all changes, put SV back to how it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The idea for enhancement is well-intended, but simplicity (e.g. drag drop to create a route 'on the fly') is now gone.  Now it is not even possible to map a simple sightseeing flight beginning and ending at the same place (which MUST be an airport in the database as well).  Especially for non-US pilots, the changes are not very relevant. I concur that it would be best to add back a 'Skyvector classic' button.





Please, please ditch this new system and return to the earlier version.

This was a great tool that has now been rendered worthless.  I get the idea, which is to link with 1800WX.com, and is a good idea in principle.  However, the loss of simplicity and bugs mean that I it is useless and I will now use AOPA's tools instead.  I have already emailed expressing my disatisfaction.

Sorry guys. love your site, seriously, but i request to get the old system back.

Or the possibility to switch between the two.

The new interface was likely tested by the folks who wrote the code.  I'd bet a doughnut there was no operational testing by people who use this to flight plan.

Please just go back to the previous version. 

Skyvector, you've just improved yourself right out of my aviation life.

  See ya...

How to use now? I can't

Please bring back the old version!  I can't use the new version at all!


I think most that have been using this site would like to old version brought back, the new one doesn't work for me!


I was angry and couldn't sign in, couldn't make plans and nothing seemed to be working, but....I was in Firefox.

I've been talking to the SkyVector guys via email and once I tried on Safari, it works fine, and pretty much ok, so it's something to do with Firefox. I still want them to help me to make it work in Firefox, but once in Safari, it's pretty simple, intuitive and if you don't want to use the whole bag of new features, it works like it used to, or even better. So I have to take back my anger, stick it up my arse, and I already appologized to the guys. It's just that it's so irritating when you already learned something and they change it and there we go having to learn it all over again. It's really annoying. But...there you go. Digital world.

Most of the world could care less about Safari. It does me no good with either  my Android, or Windows machines. I have no use for Apple cult things. They remind me of Sony Beta Max. I live in the West and the best way to flight plan a VFR trip out here is to choose your origin and destination, then drag in your way points around the restricted aareas, MOAs and mountains. I use Avare to interface with Flight Services for filing flight plans.  I'm going to miss you SV,  but unless you unfix this, adios amigo. 


The new flight planner is great for planning and filing a traditional, point-to-point flight.  No problem with the new features themselves,

Keep the new stuff if you like.  Maybe someone will find it useful, BUT PUT BACK THE OLD FLIGHT PLANNER! 

Nothing wrong with having both systems side by side (activated with separate buttons) but PUT BACK THE OLD FLIGHT PLANNER!

Ken Brown Worcester, MA

Skyvector used to be one of the best tool for aviation. Now it is useless. First it is buggy. I don't understand why it has been put into service without being properly tested (for example I can't delete waypoints and I am stuck with a route that I can't get rid of now) . Second it is way too complicated and all the vital navigation information  that used to be visible has disappeared.

While I can see the purpose of the new system  and am confident that some people will find it useful (when it will work), I am asking, like most of us here, to have both the old system and the "new" one available at the same time through two tabs in the menu bar. Label the old one "manual tool" and the new one "automatic tool" and everybody will be happy. My guess is that SV have commitments of some kind for the new system and is reluctant to  keep the old one. It is a mistake.


Please Dave you can't remain deaf to the shower of criticisms and keep on betraying your longtime and faithfull users with this new software.


In the meantime, the  current situation is a huge loss for me and and I am trying to find something equivalent to the late working skyvector elsewhere. What a pity to have destroyed a working tool.

Please bring back the "Skyvector Classic" or give us an option to go there!!!!!


It is now a useless tool for me.



If it's not going to change back, which I wish it would, please put in a "no wind" option so many of us can do some "what if" planning long in advance. The winds near me are so erratic this flight planner is now worthless as a basic planning tool.


Bring back "Skyvector Classic" as an option.



Michael A. Marra
N94 Carlisle Airport, PA

Please get rid of, or provide an option to delete the "level-off" and "descent" entries on the nav log.


Real planes don't work as exact as digital computers, so this data is going to be wrong most of the time in actual flight conditions.


Very few of us actually use that data for anything and it just confuses and lengthens the nav log for no reason. We hate it.


Bring back "Skyvector Classic."


The value of it was in its' simplicity and intuativeness. The new program is something we did not ask for, need, or want.


You are repelling valued customers and fans.




Michael A. Marra
N94 Carlisle Airport, PA