United States Alaska VFR Sectional Charts VFR Terminal Area Charts Helicopter Route Charts IFR Enroute High Charts IFR Enroute Low Charts IFR Area Charts
Seattle Sectional Chart Great Falls Sectional Chart Billings Sectional Chart Twin Cities Sectional Chart Green Bay Sectional Chart Lake Huron Sectional Chart Montreal Sectional Chart Halifax Sectional Chart Klamath Falls Sectional Chart Salt Lake City Sectional Chart Cheyenne Sectional Chart Omaha Sectional Chart Chicago Sectional Chart Detroit Sectional Chart New York Sectional Chart San Francisco Sectional Chart Las Vegas Sectional Chart Denver Sectional Chart Wichita Sectional Chart Kansas City Sectional Chart St. Louis Sectional Chart Cincinnati Sectional Chart Washington Sectional Chart Los Angeles Sectional Chart Phoenix Sectional Chart Albuquerque Sectional Chart Dallas - Ft Worth Sectional Chart Memphis Sectional Chart Atlanta Sectional Chart Charlotte Sectional Chart El Paso Sectional Chart San Antonio Sectional Chart Houston Sectional Chart New Orleans Sectional Chart Jacksonville Sectional Chart Brownsville Sectional Chart Miami Sectional Chart Atlanta Terminal Area Chart Baltimore - Washington Terminal Area Chart Boston Terminal Area Chart Charlotte Terminal Area Chart Chicago Terminal Area Chart Cincinnati Terminal Area Chart Cleveland Terminal Area Chart Dallas - Ft Worth Terminal Area Chart Denver Terminal Area Chart Detroit Terminal Area Chart Houston Terminal Area Chart Kansas City Terminal Area Chart Las Vegas Terminal Area Chart Los Angeles Terminal Area Chart Memphis Terminal Area Chart Miami Terminal Area Chart Minneapolis - St Paul Terminal Area Chart New Orleans Terminal Area Chart New York Terminal Area Chart Philadelphia Terminal Area Chart Phoenix Terminal Area Chart Pittsburgh Terminal Area Chart St. Louis Terminal Area Chart Salt Lake City Terminal Area Chart San Diego Terminal Area Chart San Francisco Terminal Area Chart Seattle Terminal Area Chart Tampa Terminal Area Chart Orlando Terminal Area Chart Colorado Springs Terminal Area Chart Grand Canyon VFR Chart Enroute L-1 Enroute L-2 Enroute L-3 Enroute L-4 Enroute L-5 Enroute L-6 Enroute L-7 Enroute L-8 Enroute L-9 Enroute L-10 Enroute L-11 Enroute L-12 Enroute L-13 Enroute L-14 Enroute L-15 Enroute L-16 Enroute L-17 Enroute L-18 Enroute L-19 Enroute L-20 Enroute L-21 Enroute L-22 Enroute L-23 Enroute L-24 Enroute L-25 Enroute L-26 Enroute L-27 Enroute L-28 Enroute L-29 Enroute L-30 Enroute L-31 Enroute L-32 Enroute L-33 Enroute L-34 Enroute L-35 Enroute L-36 Enroute H-12 Enroute H-1 Enroute H-2 Enroute H-3 Enroute H-4 Enroute H-5 Enroute H-6 Enroute H-7 Enroute H-8 Enroute H-9 Enroute H-10 Enroute H-11 Atlanta Area Chart Chicago Area Chart Denver Area Chart Detroit Area Chart Dallas - Ft. Worth Area Chart Jacksonville Area Chart Kansas City Area Chart Los Angeles Area Chart Miami Area Chart Minneapolis - St. Paul Area Chart Phoenix Area Chart San Francisco Area Chart St. Louis Area Chart D.C. Area Chart New York Helicopter Chart Inset Boston Helicopter Chart Inset D.C. Helicopter Chart Inset Dallas Helicopter Chart Inset Salt Lake City Helicopter Chart Inset Ogden Helicopter Chart Inset New York Helicopter Chart Long Island Helicopter Chart Boston Helicopter Chart D.C. Helicopter Chart Baltimore Helicopter Chart Detroit Helicopter Chart Chicago Helicopter Chart Dallas Helicopter Chart Houston Helicopter Chart Los Angeles Helicopter Chart West Los Angeles Helicopter Chart East Salt Lake City Helicopter Chart Ogden Helicopter Chart Anchorage Sectional Chart Bethel Sectional Chart Cape Lisburne Sectional Chart Cold Bay Sectional Chart Dawson Sectional Chart Dutch Harbor Sectional Chart Fairbanks Sectional Chart Juneau Sectional Chart Ketchikan Sectional Chart Kodiak Sectional Chart McGrath Sectional Chart Nome Sectional Chart Point Barrow Sectional Chart Seward Sectional Chart Western Aleutian Islands Sectional Chart West Western Aleutian Islands Sectional Chart East Whitehorse Sectional Chart Fairbanks Terminal Area Chart Anchorage Terminal Area Chart Alaska Enroute L-3 Alaska Enroute L-4 Alaska Enroute L-1 Alaska Enroute L-2 East Alaska Enroute L-2 Central Alaska Enroute L-2 West Alaska Enroute H-1 Alaska Enroute H-2 Nome Area Chart Fairbanks Area Chart Anchorage Area Chart Juneau Area Chart
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Video Tour
New to SkyVector? This video will show you the basics in 5 minutes.
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Update: This video is out of date. We've added a bunch of new features and haven't made an updated video yet.
the line
Where's the course line when flight planning?
Airport data
Hi Dave excellent site and now you have conquered the world I can use it in Europe. One question how does one upload airport information or is that something done by your web monkeys. Neither EGFF or EGLL have any data attached to them. Not that its an issue I can get the data I need from NATS but then that another browser open and kind of defeats the object. Wycliffe
Wycliffe Barrett VATUK3 Membership Manager
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gps position
good afternoon can i see my position on the map?
Rest of World
Great to see my local airports on skyvector........from Ireland!

Anthony O'Brien

Victor and Jet Airways
Is there a way to input the flight route so that the magenta line will track along the Victor and Jet airways without having to put in all the intermediate fixes and NAVAID's?
Zachary Smith
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Great tutorial. But with
Great tutorial. But with suchs a beautifull webpage i didn't expect something else. You putt a lot of work in all this thanks for everything.
Would like someone to talk with
saving flight plans
is there any way to save a flight plan so I can come back to it in a later session? Love your site!!!
Great site. Use daily to develop En Route procedures for FAA (AJV) at MMAC in OKC. The print function gives a servor error every time. Can work around...but...the print functionality is sorely missed. It quit working properly last week.
Any possibilities of ever getting KSA charts?
Video Tour
I cannot open the video tour - any comments? I use an Apple ... problem with that? Ute
Flight Planning
How does one get a plane to fly on the route as per a Dlight Planner. The Route as per FSX seems never to be to the satisfaction of some of the ATC's
Feature Request - The ability to add a radius circle line
I would like to have the ability to add a radius circle line around an airport or fix. This would help in finding airports to meet FAA training requirement such as a 50nm, 100nm and 250nm radii to determine the choices of airports to meet cross-country requirements.
Can't bring up the Sectional I click on. . . ???
HELP! I moused over the Charts icon, and clicke on Sectionals. The OUTLINE of all of them appears, but nothing happens when I left or right click on a selected Sectional. What am I missing here????
There are various colored pins on the maps The help video explains that they are located where weather information is available. The color code of the pins is not described. An explaination would help.
Problem w/ flt plan
I have used SkyVector for several years & find it is the best one for me. Two questions. Is there a way to change the nautical miles to statute miles? Just today I encounted a problem with the site. If I try to use the flt plan option and put in the airport identifiers, I will get the distance & time data, but I can't get the sectionals to come up. It is like when your route goes off a sectional & before you click on the new sectional chart. All I get is the blue background and the weather station symbols. HELP!

Once I have input the desired data for fuel in the vrs blanks, how do I get this to apply?  I filled out the vrs requested info, but that box doesn't have a means to input the data.

New to SkyVector: Need to include a circle in Flight Plan
Dave, the site is great and has been useful since I started playing around with it a day or so ago. I was wondering if there was an easy way to put a circular pattern as part of the flight plan. Can you let me know if this is something that can be done? Thanks
Help video
Where is the help video
Not officially
But several users have pointed out that the links generated by the "Link" button in the upper-right contain the flight plan. So saving that link is saving the flight plan. You could even have your browser save them for you as bookmarks for easy recall. -dave
The symbols roughly follow
The symbols roughly follow the NOAA standard symbology: http://www.aviationweather.gov/adds/metars/description/page_no/4
What are those?
I don't think I'm familiar with them.
I was looking for this option
I was looking for this option too, will be nice to have it
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Same as NOAA aviation flight
Same as NOAA aviation flight catagories (AFC)


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Join a chat room
Join a chat room


Do you see other lines?
Can you turn on sigmets, airmets, or tfrs and see any of them? If they are broken too, then there is something wrong with vector drawing in your browser. I recommend the most recent version of Chrome or Firefox. IE 9 works well unless you have it in "IE8 mode"
Full width map
How do i get the map to be totally across the browser like in the video? I have ads on the right hand side. I tried creating an account and that didn't change anything. Is there some trick?
Upgrade your browser
The extra ads on the right hand side are there for IE6 users only. Think of the extra ads as a "Tax" for using IE6. It takes lots of time and effort to make SkyVector work in an 8 year old browser. We don't mind doing it, but we will tax you for it. Can't upgrade your browser? I would suggest installing Chrome. It's a fast lightweight browser that will install alongside IE6. You can leave IE6 as your default browser and use it for all the activeX sites that require it. Then you can use Chrome for everything else. Can't even do that? Try Chrome Frame. It's like a flash plugin for IE, which can be enabled only by websites specifically supporting it. IE6 will be unchanged for all websites, except for SkyVector, which will specifically enable the replacement rendering engine.
"Think of the extra ads as a
"Think of the extra ads as a "Tax" for using IE6." Too bad we can't tax them in real life for using IE6 ;)
Wonderful site Dave. With Orbx FTX about to make it's entry for the PNW this is going to be really handy. Regards, Jim.
Video Tour
I have a fast MacBook and fast Internet connection, but the video is terribly slow. It took me 10 minutes to watch the first 45 seconds.... What's the problem?
Server Slow
Our tiles server, which also serves the video, was having some issues. It's back and fast after we restarted the web server daemon.
Could you put ticks into the course line every so often (small every 10, large every 100)? Fantastic tool. Thanks so much.
Chrome has an extension for
Chrome has an extension for added convince to view a page in IE if it requires it.
Dave, Great site. For some reason I am getting the ads in Internet Explorer 7. After reading the post on IE6 I figured that I would let you know that some IE7 browsers are showing the ads as well. I guess we can think about it as a tax on using Microsoft products. jk.
Don't forget Firefox. It has
Don't forget Firefox. It has been around for quite some time now and is a very fast and expandable browser that is open-source and cross-platform.
Features don't work in
Features don't work in Firefox? You've got to be kidding?
Frank Holbert http://160knots.com
Supported Browsers
I think "Don't forget about Firefox" meant "don't forget to encourage Firefox as an excellent alternative to MSIE." I use Firefox as my primary browser, then test in all others. Firefox is the best browser for me. For some reason, IE6 holdouts tend to be corporate types who have a strange allergy to "free" software, as if it implies it's not worth much. These same IT departments don't blink an eye at Acrobat, Flash, or Silverlight Plugins but go crazy at the idea of an open-source browser alongside IE6. Chrome, backed by Google, may have more of a fighting chance on these desktops. These are the browsers SkyVector is tested to work on: MSIE 6*,7,8 Firefox 3+ Seamonkey Safari Chrome Opera** *IE6 has some real performance issues, but is functional. IE6 users cannot view the map in full-width. **Opera has right-click issues. Opera users need to specifically enable "contextmenu events" in their Javascript preferences, but even then the regular context menu still appears, you have to click away to make it go away and see the flight planning menu behind it. Control-click works as a right click (in all browsers), but that also has a default Opera menu that I cannot disable.
How'd ya do that?
Wonderful upgrades to SkyVector! It has been a mainstay for my flight planning for a long time now and will certainly remain that way it seems. By the way... what application did you use to do you excellent screen capture work? Gary
Thanks Gary, I used ScreenFlow for the Mac.
Great work Dave! I really like the easy way to get WX at several locations quickly. I had been hoping to fly to Hillsboro, OR (KHIO), VFR, today but your WX info. seemed to say that it would be IFR or marginal all day. While looking at your WX info., I twice called the briefer for an outlook. He told me exactly what I was looking at on your chart! Questions: Can/how can I insert a waypoint into an existing plan? Can I set different speeds for different legs? I would like to set a first leg, climbout, at the POH-stated normal climb speed, out to the distance stated where I get to my cruise speed. Thanks, Mike White Kennewick, WA


Inserting Waypoints
Mike, There are a couple ways to insert a waypoint. You can add it to the end by right-clicking on it or typing it in the "Add" box. Then you can drag to reorder it in the flight plan panel. Grab the icon and drag it up or down. The second way is to drag the line segment and drop it on your desired waypoint. You'll get a little dialog asking you to clarify what you dropped it on, with the last option always being 'GPS'. Hit the "Plan" button next to the object you choose, and that will be inserted into the flight plan. See the video for an example of this in action. Currently, you can have only one speed for the whole plan. We are working on improving this.
Atatakai Dan
Let me just say that this site is wonderful. It is almost as good as having an Electronic Jeppesen in your back pocket. As a pilot since 1968, I am quite impressed. Thank you for this great tool and archive.
Any possibilities of ever getting jepp charts?
Jeppesen Charts
Jeppesen charts are not free. Its hard for me to imagine any circumstance under which they would allow me to publish them online.
Just wanted to say that I
Just wanted to say that I have been using this website ever since it went online and whether it be the old version or the new and improved version, I find it awesome, and always telling everyone to start their flight planning here. Every time a trip comes-up whether it's gonna be VFR or IFR, this is my go-to place to plot it out, then whip-out the old calculator for fuel and times. Just the fact that you can zoom in and out on the maps is a great feature, and so uncomplicated to use. If you use it together with airnav for fuel prices, it makes planning your fuel stops a breeze! Thank you for making all this information available at the click of a mouse. Very cool.
Like what I see
Hi Dave, Many improvements that are a step up. Thanks!! One thing that disappeared that was used by I'm sure many as well as by me; We used to be able to type in "Oakland" and get all airports with the word Oakland in them and then select the one we wanted. Can we get that functionality back? Rich
I'm really missing the word search function as well. It used to be so easy to check out airports for which I don't know the identifier.
The video keeps stopping at
The video keeps stopping at 2:10 mintues. I'm not sure why though...
How can I type the IFR clearance? I cant find the way to add the vectors(V123) in the flight plan box.
You do realize that V123 designates a Victor airway not an abbreviation for request radar vectors?