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Amazing news that you now have worldwide coverage. A great tool for us European pilots, couldn't be happier! I noticed several errors in my area. How does one submit corrections? In general, where do you get your data from?

Our data comes from several sources. Mostly Eurocontrol. The biggest problem we have is that we don't know what's good and what's bad. We have paid special attention to a few countries that we know needed work, but there are many others we have no idea about. So post your corrections here. We'll address them as fast as we can.

when will you add new data for example from Jeppesen database? There are many more airfields in that database, saying in Greece, and there are not present in this great job, the SkyVector, for example Polykastro or Xanthi

Hello, excuse me for interrupt this post, but we would like our field is added to this amazing service. It is located in Spain with LEAX ICAO identifier (364808N 0040813W) You can find all aditional info here -> http://www.aeroclubmalaga.com/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=38&Itemid=33 Thank you very much in advance and congrats for this nice tool Manel Real Aeroclub de Málaga

Hi~ I'm working as fixed wing pilot in RKPC, South Korea Jeju Island.

here is something to correct of Airport Informations.

the main runway direction is change 06/24 to 07/25...

so if you change this information..we appreciate you...thanks ^^


Hello, first to give you my thanks for adding world coverage, that though not perfect, it helps us a lot to planning our flights out of the USA May I suggest to add a field that is used very much in the Madrid, Spain area? It is Casarrubios del Monte (LEMT), coordinates N40 14.1, W004 01.6, Elevation 2050ft, Frequency 123,50 mhz Does not provide Weather info as far as I know, the rwy length is 3000ft Hope this helps Thanks again for your effort

Hi, I am a french pilot based in the country and i noticed that the restricted area LF R104 is at a wrong position. The correct position is : N46° 40' 19" E000° 22' 17" (and not West ...). Thanks for your work.

When I try to submit missing navdata information to this forum I get the following message:

"Forum topic Missing navinfo for Cambodia has been created.
The page you're trying to access requires you to log in."

This sounds contradictory, as I am logged in, but the thread does not appear...

you had posted twice, and I deleted one of them. That may have been the confusion

Hi, Hi, I am a french pilot based in the country and i noticed that the restricted area LF R104 is at a wrong position. The correct position is : N46° 40' 19" E000° 22' 17" (and not West ...). Thanks for your work.

According to the AIP Saudi Arabia R652 between OVANO and Guriat (GRY) in Jeddah FIR is westbound only, not eastbound only as depicted on the World Hi and World Lo charts. Thanks for the great work you do! We are using Skyvector every day and it makes our job much easier.

Hi to all,

fixes CBN-TUC are linked by G728 route segment, not drawn in Skyvector.


Thank's a lot for this great web-site!

Bye Bye.


PPL and ATS (AIS-MET-AFIS) Operator.

 I checked the 3.1 and 3.2 AIP's and both G728 and UG728 run only from CBN to TUPAL.

Hi to all,

the fix TORLI does not belong to M729/UM729.

The confusion is due to the drawing standards, because the fix lies under the airway.

Would be better to see a small bow around it, joining broken segments of the M729/UM729.

Source: IT-AIP.


TKS and Bye Bye.


PPL and ATS (AIS-MET-AFIS) Operator.

Our rendering engine does not handle this well. We will consider ways to improve it.


LRCL Cluj Napoca has a new rwy 07-25 from Jan 2014, in sky vector is still old data.


You can check here


Official publication.

Coordinates: N46°47.35' / E23°41.53'
View all Airports in Cluj, Romania.

Hi, this is a great website and a very useful tool, thanks. I just noticed that you have EGKH Lashenden airfield located between Farnborough and Shoreham. It should be much further East, more or less between Clacton and Detling VORs. Pooleys flight guide gives its position as N51 09.40 E 000 38.55. Hope this helps!

Phillip Hayward

In the OBBB FIR (SSE of Doha) there is a range depicted by OBD-A0538. On checking the Bahrain eAIP there only appears to be OBD-28 (which you also have on your map). Could this be checked and corrected if required.




EYPR incorrect coordinates. It should be 54 ° 39'13 "N 024 ° 03'23" E

Given the fact that this airfiend has an active dropzone and glinders club also on the other side of the river (not in the airfield itself) there is a paragliding towing zone (needs to be activated) it should be good to know where it really is. 


Thanks ;)



Airport close to the Kaunas International (EYKA) but the landing is cheap (10 euros), we have a refuelling station, flight coordinators that work every day of the week in high season time (I am one of them so you can write me for more information) and for those who want to stay longer - the city center (oldtown) is less than 10 minutes away from the airfield.

We are called S.Darius and S.Girenas airport or Aleksotas airport - EYKS. Next year we celebrate our 100 years birthday!

The coordinates are:

54°52'54.8"N 23°52'51.3"E


Our website www.aleksotasair.lt


Also for those who want to fly more in Lithuania we have this webpage with every aiport/airfield in LT, with charts and so on (ALSO SHOULD BE VERY HELPFULL FOR THE DEVELOPERS OF SKYVECTOR) - aleksotas.eik.lt/doc/on-informacija-2014/aerodrome/aero.htm


Have a nice day!

Viktorija, flight coordinator at EYKS


Hi, on your map there is no EPKZ (Koszalin/Zegrze Pomorskie) airport in north Poland.

It's in EAD, second problem is you show on the map KT DME beacon in place of EPKZ, there is no KT beacon.


I am a pilot who flies out of CYAW (Shearwater NS), which is a military heliport.

Originally, CYAW (Shearwater NS) was designated as an aerodrome in Sky Vector, and we could originate flight planning from here.


It is currently designated as a weather station, which makes it impossible to use the heliport as either an origin or a destination.



This airport MPWN - Wannukandi is shown on Skyvector to be in Tamil Nadu state in India. However, this is incorrect. Google says this airport is located in Panama.
Airport addition to Tamil Nadu state in India:
Hosur Aerodrome (IATA: VO95)
12°39′40″N 077°46′01″E
09/27, 7012 feet long and 150 feet wide paved
Elevation 3050ft
Airport addition to Karnataka state in India:
Koppal Airport (VOKP)
RWY 10/28 6000ft long paved
Elevation 1700ft
Vijayanagar Aerodrome (VOJY)
Lat: 15.1749666667 (15°10'29"N)
Lng: 76.6349472222 (76°38'5"E)  
RWY 13/31 4900ft x 100 ft paved
Elevation 1670ft
Bellary Airport (VOBI)
Lat:15-09-46.0794N (15.162800)
Lng:076-52-58.0701E (76.882797)
RWY 12/30 3600ft x 50ft
Airport addition to Kerala state in India:
Kannur Airport (VOKN)
11° 55′ 12″ N, 75° 33′ 0″ E
RWY 07/25 10000ft x 150ft

There are many missing aerodromes in New Zealand, particularly NZRT where I fly from;



Could you please add airports from either of these sources.




Hello, pls correct data for Schönhagen, Germany, EDAZ:


FRQ 131,155

RWY 07/25 1510 x 23 meters asphalt

displaced threshold  - 07 TORA 1270m, LDA 1340 m, ASDA 1510 m

displaced threshold - 25 TORA 1340 m, LDA 1270 m, ASDA 1510 m

RWY 12/30 700 x 18 meters asphalt

RWY 12/30 760 x 40 meters gras





I have noticed that most private airfields in Spain are missing in SkyVector. You can get a list of them from the free AIP of Spain.

In section AD 1.3, starting in page 9 of the pdf, there is a list with the name of the airfields and the coordinates:


In section GEN 2.4 there are the ICAO indicators for all of them:



Do you think they could be added?


I have also found that I cannot use the few of these smaller fields that exist in SkyVector as origin or destination for a flight plan. E.g. there is documentation for LERM, LEOC, LEMR, etc, but they are not accepted in the flight plan.


Thanks a lot!

hello guys,


i found a forgotten airport in your DATABASE








best regards







hervé lemaire



I noticed that there are several areas shown in the estonian airspace, that don't actually exist. In the attached picture I marked the ones I noticed quickly. There are no published TRAs in estonia at all.

Since I'm already writing, please check the coordinates of the airport EFMN in finland, your page shows it in the wrong location, off by several hundred miles. The correct coordinates are: 60°34′21″N 025°30′32″E


Best regards



Estonian AIM

Hello. Please add EPKZ airport to map. 

It's in eurocontrol, it's official airport in Poland. AIP available here:


with all charts.


The display of GDA VOR is missing....



There are a few corrections that need to be made to the area near Melbourne (YMML), both on the charts and in the airport information. The Laverton (LVT) NDB and VOR stations were decommissioned years ago. They no longer exist. Nor do the Essendon (EN), Melbourne Essendon Plenty (PLE) or Mansfield (MFD) NDBs. Cowes (YCWS) aerodrome never actually existed. There was a VOR/NDB station there, but it was also removed years ago.


Here is a list of recently (2016) decommissioned navaids: http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/wp-content/uploads/Navigation-Rationalisation-Project-Decommissioning-List-20160114.pdf

And here is a list of the still operating navaids: http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/wp-content/uploads/BNN.pdf


The Australian AIP is available here: https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/aip.asp. If you view the Designated Airspace Handbook, it lists the coordinates of all aviation waypoints, navaids, etc in Australia.


Please add ENHA | Hamar Strafsberg Airport to your database [N60°49.08' / E11°4.08']. While not a real world pilot, I do 'fly' in X-Plane. ENHA is a custom scenery created by ORBX [https://orbxdirect.com/product/enha] and it would really be nice to have it in a flight plan every so often. Thanks so much!

P.S.  I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts. As a flight planning tool  --  even for a non-pilot like me  --  none are better! It makes my sim time so much more rewarding. Thanks to all involved!

Hello and thanks for a great product. I work for the NCAA in Namibia. A couple of issues for attention please:

All NDB's were decommission and removed quite a few years ago. Rucana and Opuwa are still showing on the charts.

Also FYWH is Hosea Kutako International - not G J Stridom as depicted.

Can you please assist and make the necessary changes?



When I use SV online with my tablet the zoom will not go quite to full zoom.  The zoom slide indicator doesn't indicate full zoom and I need a magnifying glass to read the airport info on the chart.  This is especially frustrating so I tend to use my PC for final flight planning.  Any chance you can improve this for us?

Your magnetic runway headings for COE are wrong. According to the AFD and FAA airport diagram, Runway 6/24 has magnetic headings of 055.3 and 235.3 degrees, not 051 and 231

The EGCK weather station symbol is plotted wrong, is plotted with an east longitude instead of a west longitude.

The correct position would then be N53°6.13' W4°20.05'. The airport EGCK is plotted correctly. 

The runway info for Paros airport LGPA is from the old airport. The present 17-35 rwy is 1400 long and 30 m wide (4597 × 98).








AFI Affligem VOR (Belgium) is missing from the worldwide chart. 

Thanks for adding. Might also be worth checking why it was missing in the first place.


Stay strong!


The orginial Taichung airport (RCLG) is actually has been closed and demolished since the last usage in almost ten years ago. Now There is only Ching Chuan Kang Airport (RCMQ ) in Taichung area which is a military-civil combined purposes airport.



As a X-Plane scenery developer I found many navais are inaccurately located. X-Plane data source is Jepessen navaid database, so I strongly believe you also have your navaids wrong in Argentina. Actually 45 out of 86 are actually wrongly located.


Although error average is about 17 m. there are even a puntual case of location mismatch as big as 600 m.


I made a complete study on all those navaids, based on current AIP information gathered from local authorities. All the work is recorded in a Google Calc sheet. If you want to correct your information I will be pleased to share info with SkyVector.


Many thanks!

Eugenio ACSP
LEPA - Balearic Islands - Spain
SAEZ - Buenos Aires - Argentina

The airport coded SCOH, Aeródromo Villa O'Higgins, is a Chilean airfield, not Argentinian as is in your data base.

The airport SCBS, is only a non paved runway in the chilean territory also.


Ignacio Caccia