United States Alaska VFR Sectional Charts VFR Terminal Area Charts Helicopter Route Charts IFR Enroute High Charts IFR Enroute Low Charts IFR Area Charts
Seattle Sectional Chart Great Falls Sectional Chart Billings Sectional Chart Twin Cities Sectional Chart Green Bay Sectional Chart Lake Huron Sectional Chart Montreal Sectional Chart Halifax Sectional Chart Klamath Falls Sectional Chart Salt Lake City Sectional Chart Cheyenne Sectional Chart Omaha Sectional Chart Chicago Sectional Chart Detroit Sectional Chart New York Sectional Chart San Francisco Sectional Chart Las Vegas Sectional Chart Denver Sectional Chart Wichita Sectional Chart Kansas City Sectional Chart St. Louis Sectional Chart Cincinnati Sectional Chart Washington Sectional Chart Los Angeles Sectional Chart Phoenix Sectional Chart Albuquerque Sectional Chart Dallas - Ft Worth Sectional Chart Memphis Sectional Chart Atlanta Sectional Chart Charlotte Sectional Chart El Paso Sectional Chart San Antonio Sectional Chart Houston Sectional Chart New Orleans Sectional Chart Jacksonville Sectional Chart Brownsville Sectional Chart Miami Sectional Chart Atlanta Terminal Area Chart Baltimore - Washington Terminal Area Chart Boston Terminal Area Chart Charlotte Terminal Area Chart Chicago Terminal Area Chart Cincinnati Terminal Area Chart Cleveland Terminal Area Chart Dallas - Ft Worth Terminal Area Chart Denver Terminal Area Chart Detroit Terminal Area Chart Houston Terminal Area Chart Kansas City Terminal Area Chart Las Vegas Terminal Area Chart Los Angeles Terminal Area Chart Memphis Terminal Area Chart Miami Terminal Area Chart Minneapolis - St Paul Terminal Area Chart New Orleans Terminal Area Chart New York Terminal Area Chart Philadelphia Terminal Area Chart Phoenix Terminal Area Chart Pittsburgh Terminal Area Chart St. Louis Terminal Area Chart Salt Lake City Terminal Area Chart San Diego Terminal Area Chart San Francisco Terminal Area Chart Seattle Terminal Area Chart Tampa Terminal Area Chart Orlando Terminal Area Chart Colorado Springs Terminal Area Chart Grand Canyon VFR Chart Enroute L-1 Enroute L-2 Enroute L-3 Enroute L-4 Enroute L-5 Enroute L-6 Enroute L-7 Enroute L-8 Enroute L-9 Enroute L-10 Enroute L-11 Enroute L-12 Enroute L-13 Enroute L-14 Enroute L-15 Enroute L-16 Enroute L-17 Enroute L-18 Enroute L-19 Enroute L-20 Enroute L-21 Enroute L-22 Enroute L-23 Enroute L-24 Enroute L-25 Enroute L-26 Enroute L-27 Enroute L-28 Enroute L-29 Enroute L-30 Enroute L-31 Enroute L-32 Enroute L-33 Enroute L-34 Enroute L-35 Enroute L-36 Enroute H-12 Enroute H-1 Enroute H-2 Enroute H-3 Enroute H-4 Enroute H-5 Enroute H-6 Enroute H-7 Enroute H-8 Enroute H-9 Enroute H-10 Enroute H-11 Atlanta Area Chart Chicago Area Chart Denver Area Chart Detroit Area Chart Dallas - Ft. Worth Area Chart Jacksonville Area Chart Kansas City Area Chart Los Angeles Area Chart Miami Area Chart Minneapolis - St. Paul Area Chart Phoenix Area Chart San Francisco Area Chart St. Louis Area Chart D.C. Area Chart New York Helicopter Chart Inset Boston Helicopter Chart Inset D.C. Helicopter Chart Inset Dallas Helicopter Chart Inset Salt Lake City Helicopter Chart Inset Ogden Helicopter Chart Inset New York Helicopter Chart Long Island Helicopter Chart Boston Helicopter Chart D.C. Helicopter Chart Baltimore Helicopter Chart Detroit Helicopter Chart Chicago Helicopter Chart Dallas Helicopter Chart Houston Helicopter Chart Los Angeles Helicopter Chart West Los Angeles Helicopter Chart East Salt Lake City Helicopter Chart Ogden Helicopter Chart Anchorage Sectional Chart Bethel Sectional Chart Cape Lisburne Sectional Chart Cold Bay Sectional Chart Dawson Sectional Chart Dutch Harbor Sectional Chart Fairbanks Sectional Chart Juneau Sectional Chart Ketchikan Sectional Chart Kodiak Sectional Chart McGrath Sectional Chart Nome Sectional Chart Point Barrow Sectional Chart Seward Sectional Chart Western Aleutian Islands Sectional Chart West Western Aleutian Islands Sectional Chart East Whitehorse Sectional Chart Fairbanks Terminal Area Chart Anchorage Terminal Area Chart Alaska Enroute L-3 Alaska Enroute L-4 Alaska Enroute L-1 Alaska Enroute L-2 East Alaska Enroute L-2 Central Alaska Enroute L-2 West Alaska Enroute H-1 Alaska Enroute H-2 Nome Area Chart Fairbanks Area Chart Anchorage Area Chart Juneau Area Chart
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Totally Awesome!!
Works better than some of the FS programs as well. Now if you could link it to google maps, that would be cool. Maybe Google will buy you out?
Great Site and Video
New to site. New to flying. Really helpful. Thanks
Just a correction - you don't
Just a correction - you don't need clearance to pass through Class D airspace. You only need to establish two-way radio communication with ATC. Glad to see you use Mac. Awesome product! Keep up the good work. I would also like to see a way to enter Victor routes and Jet routes in your flight plan.
Uh... not that great....Seriously!
What's the point in all of this great software and planning if you cannot print out or save a planned route? Seriously? Very frustrated right now that I log on to find that the 3hours I spent making a flight plan is now gone!!!!!!
so sorry
Eric, I'm very sorry to hear this. I had no idea that a flight plan designed here could get so complicated. We are planning on allowing for saving flight plans, but do not currently support that. In the mean time, we just made a change to the cookie expiration. Instead of expiring at the end of your browser session, it should be remembered by your browser. If you received your session cookie before this recent change, it will still expire when you close your browser. Subsequently assigned cookies are set with an expiration date well in the future. Another possibility I can offer you, is using the link generator tool. When you generate a plain text link, it contains your flight plan. You could save that link in a bookmark and recall it later. I suspect, however, that a very complicated flight plan would result in a too-long URL, so I'm not sure this would have helped in your situation. We value your feedback and hope you'll continue to find SkyVector a useful and fun site. -Dave
sick site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i really like it!!!
me to
thumbs up
flight plan
Eric, Simplify the flight plan!
This website is great!! Thank you for helping me with school! I had to make a flight plan and this worked beautifully!
Flight Planning
This site is absolutely awsome! Love it... I was wondering if I could use the information here for a bonafide flight plan and nav log or if it is just for reference and to get a general idea of what's up? I see that the PDF's have the currencies and so forth, so I don't understand why it states that it is not for flight planning or pre flight planning? Thank you! Rudy
At Your Own Risk
SkyVector's author has wisely added the disclaimer that it is not to be used for flight planning so he can keep his keister out of trouble due to any liability (lawsuit) that may arise due to a user's personal negligence. He's provided this excellent learning tool for free... how you use it is solely up to you. Pilot's should verify all information from the proper government and private resources before flight.
Dave, you are my hero! Thanks
Dave, you are my hero! Thanks for all of the excellent work. This is better than a lot of the pay planning software I have seen, and it keeps getting better!
Colored Dot Legend
I presume that the dot colors on weather stations designate VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR, etc. conditions. A legend would be nice to see on map page, because there seem to be more than the four I mention. Thanks for great site!
Colored Dot legend (cont)
Excellent site - will start incorporating this as a potential tool for students to use to get the basic lay of the land - it's a nice direct link from actual reported Wx conditions to a planned route of flight they are required to provide as part of X-country planning on their sectional. For the colored dot legend, you may also want to consider including a legend of the white color within the dots (harvey balls). I assume this mapped back to basic cloud cover as reported on the metar, but the information didn't foot. Maybe adding an explanation to the online help would be sufficient. Nice work.
This is great. Can you print
This is great. Can you print these charts for use in the aircraft? Thanks
You can print
... but please do not use for navigation.
Thank you
This is a wonderful site. Thank you. This is what charts should be. Talk about a planning tool. A thinking tool. The video is excellent too. You have saved me TONS of time, which is a lot considering how time flies...
500knots's picture
Killer site
Use the site all the time to check WX for training areas and also plan intersections around airports etc. So easy and nice. Thank you ... you are doing everyone a great service.
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Microsoft flightsims
Great site! It would be nice if it can be used with Microsoft flight simulators. I love this site though.
I always use this site with FSX. I start with SkyVector and copy and paste the outline flight plan into FSBuild. During this initial stage of flight planning I build the text of the flight plan in a spreadsheet cell. As each section of the flight gets added to the string I copy and paste the plan into SkyVector's flight plan window. (This doesn't work too well as you have to remember to hit the 'Clear' button before adding the revised string.) When I'm happy with the plan, I copy and paste the simple plan into FSBuild which creates the expanded plan needed by Microsoft Flight Simulator. The simple plan might look like this: KRNT AFGAP V187 AST V27 FETUJ KTMK FSBuild will turn that into this: KRNT AFGAP OLM OZEYO RINDS CETUV AST KULOA FETUJ KTMK
Entering a radial and dme into the flight plan feature.
Is there a way to enter into the flight plan a radial and dme? I haven't been able to figure it out.
Sure is
You can enter something like SEA303030 into the flight plan "Add" box. The first 3 characters are the VOR ID (SEA), the next 3 numbers are the radial (303) and the last three numbers are the distance (030)
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Thanks and a Question
Hi Dave- First of all, I just learned of this site recently, and as a newly-minted Private Pilot, I've found it extremely helpful. I love the feature allowing easy checking of weather by a cursor-hover over en-route and destination airports. Thank you so much for your generosity in offering this site to us. As to my question, you said above: "You can enter something like SEA303030 into the flight plan "Add" box. The first 3 characters are the VOR ID (SEA), the next 3 numbers are the radial (303) and the last three numbers are the distance (030)" I tried to do this without the DME aspect. I entered "MZB065," hoping to get a waypoint along the 065 radial from the Mission Bay (San Diego) VOR. Nothing happened. Is it possible to do get a waypoint along my plotted course by entering an intersecting radial from a specific VOR? Thanks again very much!
---------- Cessna 421: My lottery airplane...someday.
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How would you expect this to
How would you expect this to work without the DME information? "MZB065" defines a line, not a waypoint.
lovetwinprops's picture
Two Lines Cross and Make a Waypoint?
I thought the "line" you refer to would intersect the course line I had plotted, thus giving me, in effect, a waypoint. That's what I was hoping for, anyway. But heck, I'm new at this, so there's still much to learn. :-) Thanks for the reply.
---------- Cessna 421: My lottery airplane...someday.
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Great tip...I didn't know
"You can enter something like SEA303030 into the flight plan "Add" box. The first 3 characters are the VOR ID (SEA), the next 3 numbers are the radial (303) and the last three numbers are the distance (030)" Great tip...I didn't know this. Thanx


Is it possible to enter a SID or STAR with transition in your flight plan and have it map it out? Such as King7.GTH ( DFW SID).
Dave, How are you? Just joined SkyVector and it's a great site. I sent an email to skyvector@gmail.com but didn't receive a reply. I would like to discuss some possibilities with you. Feel free to contact me at info@aerhub.com. Regards, Will
voice on video
Hi Dave, You do a great job in explaining the sky vector. One suggestion is that you re-record your voice over ride and increase your voice volume as needed. In several areas, you tend to drop the volume to a level that's hard to understand, sort of like talking to yourself in a low volume. Thanks, Bryan Burgess burgessbe@windstream.net
New user from Canada
Great site. I do the odd ferry trip through the US and marvel this site. Any chance of getting the Canadian charts added?
Weather spots
A legend to show the colours and symbols used forthe weather spots please.
Disregard the
Disregard the above/below. Found it in the forum. http://aviationweather.gov/adds/metars/description_ifr.php
Great site Great help with planning cross country and filing with duats.com
Please, please, please put in a legend for the weather station spots.
I LOVE SkyVector
Dave, Don't know how you make this possible, but hats off to you.....this is a killer flight planning site! Will use it forever. Rob
Sky vector
winds loft
Are the winds aloft calculated in with the flight plan option or are you planning to add that in the future?
No wind
The magnetic course headings assume calm winds. Wind correction angles require both a time and an altitude. Neither is collected at this point, so no WCA can be provided.
ATC thanks you Dave
Dave, I am ATC at Nellis AFB, NV. Your website has absolutely saved my clearance delivery ratings on numerous occasions. I check every single flight plan to ensure that aircraft will be properly separated from MOAs/ATCAAs/ and restricted airspace. Nellis has an abundance of the aforementioned, ensuring that each filed flight plan is routed properly can be tedious and time consuming (you should see what I used to look like checking it manually on the paper charts). During Red Flag, weapons school, and Green Flag departures; CD simply does not have time to check each FP. Now that I have skyvector and have shown other controllers how to use it, we always have time. Your website is an invaluable resource that should be an integral part of every ATC facility. Hats off to you sir.
You made my day. Stay safe!
pilotchip's picture
Great Tool - LGB Tower
I always subtly introduce our controllers to this great informational tool. As similarly stated, I can verify a high/low routing in about 25 seconds versus my fellow controller counterpart who wrestles with the accordion charts for ten minutes. Although not explicitly used to plan or issue route clearances, it's pure efficiency for checking where fixes join/leave airways. Additionally, the weather reports, TFRs, and the quick airport lookup [advanced] function are all amazing. Thank you for such a useful set of tools for the cab - and my cockpit! Jason Long Beach, CA
Great Service
This is a service that should be reccommended to all pilots as soon as they finish flight school!
heading lines
When I used the flight plan tool in the past, I would get a line from point A to point B that would show my expected track. I'm not getting that now, did I turn it off some how? How do I get it back? Thanks!
Need more info
To answer your question, no, the pink line has not been disabled, nor are we aware of any major browser incompatibilty. Please tell us some details about your browser environment and perhaps more specifically the steps you took that produced the strange results.
Pink Line
I am having the same problem. I do not get a line from one waypoint to the next. Can someone help?
What browser are you using?
Use the "Link" tool to post a plain text link containing your plan.
Just a Student Pilot but...
Hi Dave, I'm just a student pilot but I use this site constantly (much to the chagrin of my CFI, heh, heh). Every person I've forwarded this to cannot thank me enough. Out of curiosity, what's the next step? SkyVector Pro? Congratulations and Thank you
Awesome work!
Dave, I sincerely wish to tanks you for your awesome work. SkyVector is going to be my primary chart source and flight plan maker. Keep going.
heading lines
Sorry for the long delay, I've been off for a while. But it is working again, no clue how it turned off and back on agian.