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Direct Entry of GPS Coordinates
Hey Dave, I am a helicopter pilot using skyvector a lot for short flight briefing. When using skyvector to plan a flight, I often know the GPS coordinates of my non-airport landing zone. Is there a way to directly enter the GPS coordinates into the waypoint dialog and hit Add? Thanks, Steve
Manual Coordinate entry
You can enter coordinates in a variety of formats. The important thing is don't use any spaces. Spaces separate waypoints. All of these formats should work: w98.435n45.3 98.43w45.3n 45.3,-98.435 45.3/-98.435 45.3n98.435w 45d18n98d25m48w 282445N/0813420W (NOTAM style) n,s,w,e are always cardinal directions. If you don't specify, latitude comes before longitude and South and West are negative. d is the separator between degrees and minutes. m is the separator between minutes and seconds. You can even get silly and say things like 45.5d3n123d30.5w ... which means 45.5 degrees and 3 minutes, which equals 45 degrees and 33 minutes by 123 degrees, 30 minutes and 30 seconds. As long as you don't use a space and don't accidentally use 's' for seconds ('s' always means south), you should be good. Have fun and bring back pics! -dave
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GPS coordinates a bit fussy

Great site.


The comma really should not cause an error when separating coordinates as it does in the following:


It took me forever to figure out that I needed to remove it.




user waypoints

I did create a user waypoint using a VOR reference. Can I rename it? What should I do?

Thank you.

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No you can't rename your
No you can't rename your waypoint. At this time user waypoints are just gps coordinates and you can't apply your own name to them yet. I'm sure this feature will eventually be added though.


help me

how should i convert following coordinates to skyvector?

Latitude S3°21.27'092"
Longitude W51°56.54',132"



That's my best guess. Technically, if you use decimal minutes, you shouldn't use seconds. Also, seconds should be less than 60. 


But if you add 92 seconds to 21.27 minutes and if you add 132 seconds to 56.54 minutes it'll add up to -3.38005555555556,-51.979

Drawing a grid of waypoints using lat/long

Hi Dave,If I had to draw lines/grids using these :

A.061441.90S 1063954.20E
B.060055.28S 1071114.27E
C.062619.39S 1072418.67E
D.064700.43S 1064302.88E

 would this work:

s061441.90,e1063954.20 s060055.28,e1071114.27 s062619.39,e1072418.67 s064700.43,e1064302.88

if typed in the " Flight Plan" box?

thank you.

Doesn't seem to be working at all?

I've tried ever itteration and I can not get it to pull up a gps cord on the map.. I tried pasting the above cords from Dave's post, doesn't appear to do anything! What is up... 

Try This

Right-click on the map somewhere and select the Plan button next to the GPS waypoint.


That will place a lat/lon in your fligth plan that you can edit.


I can't get them to show up on the map. Please help!


Hey.. That'll work! (and did)

Hey.. That'll work! (and did) Thanks

Naming GPS coordinates?

As a helicopter pilot, we fly point to point and not airport to airport.  

Can anyone advise if possible to rename a GPS coordinate to aide in clarity of the navlog?


It would be a great help to 1. be able to Name coordinates, and 2. Save the Named coordinates for future use.  Afterall, why are we creating acounts?



Where is the "Add" button?

Where is the "Add" button?



There is no 'add' button.  On

There is no 'add' button.  On a keyboard you use the enter key after typing the lat/long.


One thing to note is that the format for lat/long seems to have changed (for the worse).  See Dave's post this thread https://skyvector.com/forum/waypoints

Naming of "UserFix" waypoints

Hi there,

Just following up on this old request and adding my voice.  This would be a sweet feature!

Thanks for the great site!

Naming "UserFix" waypoints

Adding my vote for this feature as well.

UserFix waypoints

I agree ... would be a great thing to be able to enter, name and save UserFix-points

Inserting GPS Coordinates


Could you please tell me if this is an acceptable format of filing a flight plan on the webiste

For example

DCT 26°40'S 27°42'E

or does it have to be:

S26°40' E26°40'



Naming and saving waypoints

I fully support the idea to have named waypoints and be able to save or export/import them. Many airports have particular arrival/departure/reporting points for VFR flights and it does not make sense to enter them every time by hand.

Best regards and congrats, Dave, for the fantastic SkyVector!

Here is what I did to solve

Here is what I did to solve this: I just right-clicked a random location, and when it showed the gps coordinates at the bottom of the planning options i clicked plan. Then in the planning panel, I manually typed in gps coordinates i wanted, in the same format as it showed there. 

Naming UserFix



Is there any update in the ability to rename a "UserFix" to something else to improve readability of the navlog?




Some waypoints don't show on

Some waypoints don't show on the charts. 
Examples in the Southern Indian Ocean below.
Q1.  Is there some way of listing all the wypoints in a given area, defined by a lat/lon box (eg, NW corner / SE corner) ?

Q2.  Is there then some way to make those "hidden" waypoints visible on the charts ?

Some (old / hidden ?) Southern Indian Ocean waypoints.
S 33°12.20'
E 113°23.90'
S 36°44.00'
E 105°00.00'
S 39°50.60'
E 095°00.00'
S 41°53.80'
E 085°00.00'
S 35°10.90'
E 105°00.00'
S 37°06.90'
E 095°00.00'
S 38°08.70'
E 085°00.00


SV Jenn
Right-click on the map

Right-click on the map somewhere and select the Plan button next to the GPS waypoint.


That will place a lat/long in your flightplan that you can edit.


Nara Tantemsapya
Please help

Dear SkyVector support,

We used to be able to copy a flight plan route (such as the one below) and enter and get a plotted visual route, however, that function seems to have disappeared.

Please help ???  ........ (っ◕‿◕)っ

DCT WOL J42 CB J142 BORTO T131 VIBUX DCT 3805S12428E/M084F320 3913S11931E 4035S11325E 4037S11115E/M081F300 3948S10429E/M083F320 3913S09945E 3825S09345E/M084F340 3805S09052E 3746S08728E/M084F360 3729S08156E/N0490F360 3721S07506E/N0487F320 3719S07153E 3735S06434E/N0487F360 3749S06026E 3727S05731E 3720S05700E 3635S05350E 3437S04658E/N0487F380 3137S03830E/N0485F360 2939S03359E DCT RBV UQ20 EPSAK UZ29 STV


Works for me. Try pressing

Works for me. Try pressing <ENTER> after pasting the route