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Names of STAR's
Hello. I live near St. Louis, MO, USA. We have a STAR chart with the name QBALL EIGHT. At one time, the name used to be QBALL SIX. It's been quite some time since I have looked at the charts. Does this mean that something has changed, and there has been an update of some sorts, or, TWO updates, and they now refer to it as EIGHT instead of SIX? Also, I would assume there is a convention to naming the ARRIVAL procedures given to certain areas, and if the names given to the St. Louis area apply to other areas, where would one be able to find out what they mean? Here is an example: Our arrivals are CARDS EIGHT, GATEWAY FIVE, LINDBERGH THREE, OZARK FOUR, BLUES TWO and PLESS TWO...... I can kind of figure out that CARDS stands for our baseball team, The Cardinals, GATEWAY probably stands for The Gateway Arch, or, St. Louis being The Gateway to the West, and LINDBERGH referring to Charles Lindbergh, and BLUES referring to our hockey team, The St. Louis Blues. The one that stumps me is PLESS TWO. I would think that other geographical areas have similar things, but, where and how would one find out about these? One of my interests in flying lies in researching where the airport identifier comes from. Some are easy, like STL for St. Louis, others are more difficult like BNA in Nashville, TN. which used to be Berry Field, Nashville Airport. Thanks in Advance.
Pless2 is the normal one
My experience is: the DP or STAR is named after the prominent common waypoint. The number starts at 1 and counts up with every revision to the procedure. PLESS TWO departure says "...From over STL VORTAC on STL radial 130 to PLESS intersection, then on (transition) or (assigned route). That means that ATC radar vectors notwithstanding, you'll proceed over STL to PLESS, thence either via a transition or directly onto your cleared route. The transitions appear to be to DENNI and BNA. The only question remains, why or how did they name the intersection "PLESS"? I'm not from the area so I can't offer an educated guess. But I suspect its much more silly than you suspect. Consider KPSM RNAV (GPS) RWY 16 approach: ITAWT ITAWA PUDYE TTATT or KLEB ILS/LOC RWY 18 approch: HAMMM BURGR FRYYS It is the stated goal that waypoint identifiers be "pronounceable" and sometimes the person designing the procedure finds inspiration in strange places. In many cases, they find a local name or person to name the waypoint after, but, sometimes, they just make it up! I remember very recently that the reconfiguration of airways around Anchorage, AK, when they shut down the ANC vor and replaced it with the TED vor, caused many waypoints to be renamed, and there was a fellow who claimed the rare honor of being a still-living person with a procedure and waypoint named after him. Sadly, I cannot find the original post or figure out which procedure he was referencing. Maybe someone else can post a link about that. Are you a TERPS guy? Please post your stories about how things get named! -dave
Thank you for such an
Thank you for such an informative detailed reply. I took your post to heart and did a Google search on "PLESS" and found this: "Stephen Wesley Pless (September 6, 1939–July 20, 1969) was a major in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. He earned the Medal of Honor as a UH-1 Iroquois "Huey" helicopter pilot for rescuing soldiers trapped by heavy enemy fire." So, that I guess tells me where they came up with PLESS. I'm definitely a TERPS guy, but, I haven't written anything down, so, I guess I need to start a log! It would be fun to compare stories. The KBNA airport is one that stands out. It was just Berry Field when it was established in 1937. The BNA was Berry field Nashville Airport, and at one time it was an American Airlines hub, though it only has 3 gates! I'd love to know how they came up with the name of the intersection "QBALL".