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New format

I dislike the new format. I have always enjoyed using skyvector for very quick access to rough planning a flight. I could easily type in waypoints and a groundspeed to quickly find distances and 'no winds' times. Now, though, it is not quite so easy to see the leg distances and times. I don't want to download a nav log. I don't want winds accounted for. Bring back the old format.

The new format is perfect!

The new format is perfect! Stop crying.

It´s true that needs some fixes, but this is the way.

Kermit Crane
New Format

I have to say that I agree with both the last comments in that the new format for specific flight planning is great, but my main use has been general flight planning and even figuring post flight flight time were average ground speed could be entered and a reasonably accurate flight time determined.  Therefore the old format was very useful.  If the old software is available, why not make it selectable from the home screen (old/new)? 

Gone for good

Don't be afraid of the new planner. Yes it is more powerful, yes it is different, but it is still very easy.

Gary Fisher
Gone for good?


Gone for good, is that you're response to suggestions for adding the old flightplanner back as an option?

I acknowledge that there have been some rude and inappropriate comments directed toward you lately, and that's unfortunate, but you're silence in addressing those concerns has probably contributed to the dialog.

As an old pilot who probably earned my license before you were born, I appreciated the ease of planning my flights with Skyvector instead the old "dead reckoning" method.

I have no doubt that you are a very talented programmer, but perhaps you could use a "refresher" in people skills.

I'll continue to try and use Skyvector as best I can with the new format.

Good Luck in your endeavors.


Sorry Gary

Perhaps my tone is a bit harsh. 

We are not going to support 2 different planners at the same time. Whoever is telling you we can or we might or if we just get one more email we will... they're mistaken.

If you don't like the new flight planner, I'd love to hear why.

We are getting lots of good ideas - and already we've implemented many of them. We'll continue this process of refinement forever.

But, if all someone has to say is "go back," that's not really a conversation we're entertaining at this time (or ever)






How about a checkbox for a

How about a checkbox for a 'no winds' flight plan. I don't need current wind information for the flight I'm planning next week.

JWrenn110's picture
Add multiple leg feature back into plan

I understand the new format is an attempt to provide a flight plan you can file.  What iSkyVector now lacks is the old versatility of putting in multiple legs, and the flight plan showing each leg with bearing distance and time so you could play with mulitple variables, like your speed.  That is the feature that made it so popular.


If there is a way to do this in the new format, I would suggest you tell/show us how.


If you added that capability back, instead of the large box at the bottom with each waypoint (that doesn't show heading or time), I believe you would satisfy 90% of the critics of the new format, and it would enhance SkyVector's versatility.


I appreciate the new feature with speed, altitude and date affecting flight time and that feature is a keeper.


Thanks, JW




Gary Fisher
Sorry Gary


Thanks for your polite response, I appreciate it. Please know that I meant no disrespect.

At this point I guess my only suggestion is, that sometimes the better part of valor is a reasonable compromise.

Keep up the good work.


Bravo Tango
Working in the ATC career

Working in the ATC career field we actually use skyvector quite a bit for quickly glancing at new or unfamiliar routes or to compare current routings with ammendments we might make; in effect, it is a quick standin for FLIPS. As such, the new setup is great- being able to save routes, etc. I can only imagine how helpful this is for pilots, if it is this nice for us.

However, we've had a few issues since the changeout. Immediately upon the new format's release, we were still able to use skyvector as normal; however, as of mid last week, we have lost all functionality. The flight planning page etc. still shows up as normal, but when trying to punch in a departure and arrival airport, we only get a pink circle around the departure- and no arrival or pink routing. Same with flight plans- if we try to punch in a manual flight plan, as soon as we hit enter or click back to the main page, the route disappears. We are unable to get any type of routings in at all. Any chance of a fix for this? We use skyvector probably... ten times an hour, if not more, and now we've completely lost our functionality :(

Very Strange


My first recommendation would be to clear your cache or just give the browser a forced reload by holding down the shift key when you press the refresh button.

Second, try to open a private or incognito window and see if that changes things. Private mode does 2 things. First, you visit the site with a clean slate as far as cookies go. Second, all plugins, extensions, and toolbars are disabled. If private mode helps, then try clearing your cookies and then perhaps disabling extensions.

Beyond that, send me a screenshot and details about your browser and operating system and I'll see what I can do.

Feel free to email info@skyvector.com to continue privately if you prefer.

I do not like the new format,

I do not like the new format,  I think you had some good intentions but screwed up skyvector by trying to make it much more complex.  It is not accurate and screws up any plans I have tried.  I will be discontinuing its use.  I like the old model much better...



Sorry to hear that Gene

I am curious to hear more about what isn't working for you. For example, what inaccuracies have you found and how is it screwing up your plans? 


Wow! What a way to go and screw up a perfectly good website for flight planning. This new format is ludicrous, why should I have to enter more than dep/arriv codes plus an airspeed? You geniuses went and effed up a good thing. It was so easy before, now it doesn't work worth a damn. Can you say....Foreflight. See ya skyvector

Jason Costanza

You don't.

Feel free to ignore any field you don't want to fill out. All fields are optional. (until you file or brief)

bring back the old version!!!

sorry, but I have to echo these words..

""...  well I was attempting to cut and paste, but you have taken that capability away as well???


Go back to the old Skyvector!!!!  the new one ....  well.. I'll be nice this time.   (I'm thinking my last respose was deleted.. )

I'm curious

What do you mean about the cut and paste not working? Could you describe what you're doing and what the system is doing?

We appreciate that the old planner was very popular. We loved it too. But it had its own flaws and was preventing us from adding features that pilots have been requesting for years. Help us make the new planner better by giving us your feedback on what works, what doesn't, what you like, what you don't like.

The new planner is here to stay, and we want to make it great.



Good job Dave. My go to first flight planner.

I find it hard to believe the critics who have no appreciation for your hard work. For those quick to judge, this a free program. If you paid for it your criticism might be warrented. How many of you don't like the way your Garmin is programmed and complain to the manufaturer? Not many I'm sure.

Send Dave a small donation and then maybe you can feel justified to gripe. 


Kneeboard Sized Printout

A feature I'd like to see later is a "Print" key that would print the flight plan and charts in a size to fit a 5in X 8in kneeboard.

The RV-6A is snug and doesn't allow for much else. CSC DUATS printout is that size. I like the new format.

I like the new format, too. I

I like the new format, too. I've been actively using it for all my flights before and since the update. Real airplane flights. Not FSX like I suspect some of the mud slingers here.

For a quick flight plan and what-ifs it works exactly the same as before. Click here, click there, drag there, add waypoint, remove waypoint, all by mouse click in the sectional. Try that in Foreflight's new mobile version, it doesn't work.

If you don't want to file, don't file. If you don't want to see the flight plan box, turn it off.

With SV you have a fantastic tool that is being continuously worked on and improved. There is none like it. And Dave is very responsive to reasonable input.

Keep up the good work Looking forward to upcoming improvements.

Gone for good


Me too, Dave.


"....if all someone has to say is "go back," that's not really a conversation we're entertaining at this time (or ever)...."


That says it all, Dave.  I noted in a previous posting there was a little bit of "stubborn" in your gene pool.  Maybe that word was too gentle.  I wrote about being "Customer Driven."  Clearly, you're not.


You keep asking for suggestions.  Over a hundred users have made them - some general, some specific.  There's a common thread.  We liked (loved) the simplicity of the previous interface.  You've thrown us the middle finger.


Complainers are important.  Every one is a surrogate for a hundred others who are too lazy or not energized enough to write.  Actually, I suggest only a tiny fraction of your users have ever registered and few ever cruise the Forums.  I run a website and track all my visitors. I wonder how your traffic stats are doing?


And for sddiver, I fly every day - 12 flights last week.  None on FSX.


For those not fond of middle fingers, I suggest iFlightPlanner.com.  Flight planning the old SkyVector way.  Better layers too.  Better wx radar.  Free too.


Bob Bogash




Sorry to hear you say that. You will always be welcome here should you have a change of heart.


Your friend,



Missing features

Hi there,


First of all I share the opinion of many others and think that the old format was unbeatably easy and fast to use. Doing professional VFR flights thougout whole Europe every day, Skyvector has been first choice for me and my colleagues for route finding and initial planning. The new format has some nice and useful features, too, and I understand the necessity for a new platform to built on but it's way too heavy and like it is now I can directly use JeppFD.


If the new format offered the following features I could consider using it again more often:

- Reverse route function

- Possibility to remove TOC and TOD

- Alternate planning (at least bearing and distance)

- Possibility to disregard winds in NAV Log


Fly safe!




New Format is Disappointing

SkyVector has been my go-to for quick and easy flight planning for seemingly several years.  I have used it countless times to do general route planning and check legs, potential stops, and I've done lots and lots of dreaming on it.  The new format makes this much, much more cumbersome.  I understand the sentiment to not return to teh "old" format, but until some of the earlier features are brought back, I will do my planning and dreaming with ForeFlight.

N714AJ's picture
TOC and TOD not realistic

TOC and TOD are not realistic. Please consider deleting this function as it confuses the nav log.


Also, a suggestion:  Allow us to put in a future date that will nullify the winds, so we can get a no-wind flight plan.



Leave out altitude

If you omit altitude, you'll get a no-climb plan at 8000 MSL

We're conflicted on the no-wind idea. Our winds forecast goes out 7 days, and will get more accurate as your date of flight approaches. Beyond 7 days, we're investigating using historic winds. That's what the airlines use, a monthly average historic wind. 

We understand that you want it, we're just not sure it's the right thing to do. 


no wind

I'm sure it's the right thing to do (no wind for NAV).  Nothing about your current sophisticated wind forcasting (7 day forcast + historic) would be rendered useless, in fact it's still very useful, except when we're trying to use no wind info.

Why not have a discrete checkbox somewhere that allows a user to disable wind forcasting for those users who want that option available?

reversing a flight plan

How is this done?  Is there a current simple one-step process to achieve this.  I know I can create a New Plan and just reverse the order that I create the waypoints but I'm looking for something more use friendly and considerably less time consuming... Thanks

new user


I haven't used SkyVector before and initial impression is I like it. I would like a way to reverse the route other than manually - or maybe I haven't found it. Some of the early comments were about making a no wind version for basic planning. That would be nice. I never used the first version, but those who complained so bitterly probably would complain about getting free meals in a restaurant.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the FREE software!! John

very old thread

Sorry John, but you're reading a very old thread.

No Wind option has been supported for a long time now. Enter 9900 as your ETD.