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Please, Bring Back the Old Format!
Here's a copy of an email sent to Dave...
Please feel free to voice your praises for the old format here and let him know it was truly superior. Planning and briefing needs to be an "add-on" to the old format, not replace the exceptionally user-friendly dynamic flight planning interface which was abruptly abandoned.
I really appreciate the service you provided with the old style SkyVector.com flight planning website.
I was horrified to find that the simple, easy to use format was abruptly changed to apparently support briefing and filing. With complete honesty, and echoing many many other users, I will never use the site for briefing and filing.
SkyVector was the best site available for dynamically planning VFR flights and provided robust flexibility... mirroring the way most VFR flights actually occur. Then new format removes the essential ability to easily see time between waypoints, re-order waypoints, and reverse the routing.
You are really running a great service to the aviation community with the website. I would hate to see you loose thousands of users due to a poor set of "improvements" that reduce ease of use and flexibility.

Thanks again for all you have done in designing the "old" interface. It has been a true gem in flight planning. I really don't want to abandon Skyvector, but feel that such will be inevitable if the old interface is not restored.



The new format is worse than the old

I agree that the new format is worthless to me.  It should be an option.  Don't throw out the old format.  The new format does not allow me to clear the course, reverse the course, it doesn't show my leg times, I can't drag the waypoints in the list to rearrange them, etc.  Why change something that worked perfectly?

Bring back Skyvector


This is not VFR flight planning friendly.

A suggestion to use BOTH formats...


As many others have already expressed, I used this site for many years for flight planning, both VFR and IFR.  It had always been, by far, the easiest way to experiment with different routing and plan stops.  I used it to plan 2 different coast-to-coast trips, and it was just exactly the tool I needed.


This week, I tried to use it to plan another VFR flight, and I was unable to make it work.  Instead of being able to easily add, remove and reorder waypoints, I found myself fighting to figure out how to get the page to do what I wanted.  It added waypoints without any input from me (maybe to put me on an airway, as others have sugfgested?), it refused to remove waypoints, and nowhere could I find time and distance information about proposed routes


Quite honestly, I probably won't ever use SV to file flight plans - FlightPlan.com already does a wonderful job of this - although maybe one day I will give it a try.  But, I REALLY miss the flight-PLANNING capability of SV that I have come to love over the years.  Here is my suggestion.  Bring back the old behavior, but then (for those who want to use SV for everything) add a button in the old dialog to transfer the old-style waypoint list into the new flight plan dialog.  In other words, let the old flexible flight-planning dialog exist for the planning phase, and then (optionally) move into the new filling format when the user is ready to file.  This would give everyone the best of both worlds!

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New planner is NOT a winner.

New planner is inferior. Old version was perfect!


Filing via the interface is something I would enjoy using, but the way it's currently designed is a problem. SV can create and have available a separate option to file plans while maintaining the old planning interface.


Maybe you can offer a filing option in the "layers" section.


Current map is not efficient for planning and is cumbersome. Kindly roll back to the old version.



Long-time SV user.

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In with the old out with the new!

PLEASE let me know a way to access the classic version of skyvector.  Not happy at all with the new version


Thank you

fltplannr's picture

I can't even use this format to flight plan anymore.  It was so user-friendly for plotting distances between flight legs.  Why would anyone do this to their own website?  I imagine the traffic on the server has gone wayyyy down since this new "Upgrade."  Bring back the old SkyVector.  The new one is terrible.  How can you sleep at night?



I haven't had the very negative reaction to the new site of others. Until yesterday. Using FireFox, I tried to plan a simple flight. So I entered a starting point in the box. Then I placed a destination in the destination box - the airport in the departure box disappeared! Same thing with point and click. Click on an airport and select "Plan". Click on another airport and select "Plan" and, instead of a line between the two, the second "plan" airport replaced the first. Finally left the site, grabbed my tablet, and did it in my EFB.


Now, maybe it's just some weird incompatibility with FireFox. If so, doesn't that tell us quite a bit about adding complexity to a site that at one time just worked?

Sounds like a cookie problem

Firefox works fine. The behavior you describe fits perfectly with a browser configured to not accept session cookies. We have no workaround for this.

I just want to mirror what

I just want to mirror what has been said here. The usability for this site has dramatically decreased for me with the current update.  The old way of building out a route allowed me lots of flexibility in easily planning out VFR trips. the new site, not so much. 




I've just registered so I could agree here

Just registered so I could agree with the original post - please, for the love of its original simplicity and usability, at least allow a link to the old interface. 


Thank you for the consideration! 

   As much as I like the

   As much as I like the filing and breifing functions of the new format, I do have to say this format is lacking a lot of the original's appeal. Case in point, the distance between waypoints and a course reversal feature. So far I have only been able to get the distance and direction from the departure airport to the first waypoint and the last waypoint to the destination airport, nothing in between.

   Also, there needs to be a reverse course function as well. During primary flight training, as well as the cross country phases working towards your commercial rating, one will typically fly the reverse course to return to the airport of origin. These function needs to be put back in. 

William Joseph Farnsley

I agree; the new format is not good

I agree with all the others; the new format is not user friendly and pretty much useless.  I can't even 'reverse' the course without redoing everything.  It's OK for developing IFR flights, but I'd never use it to file a FP.  Please bring back the old format or at least allow it as an option.  Thanks.

Harold Lanfear


I couldn't agree more with all comments above!! Previously, this was my all-time favorite website!  Bar none!

But the new flight plan format is very nearly useless, and so frustrating that I find it amazing that any one ever thought it would be an improvement. 

Thank you for the fantastic tool SV that USED TO BE, but what were you thinking?

Please let us go back!

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I am not a fan of the new

I am not a fan of the new format either.  I would recommend that both the old and new format are availble on the site.  The old one had a reverse flight plan feature that is not included in the new format.  To echo the above comments "Bring the Old Format back". 

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Not impressed, I have no use for SkyVector now.

I registered to use Skyvector.  I had not flown in 4 months, came back to plan some routes to be met with frustration and overall let down.  This is the classic scenario.  "If it's not broken, don't fix it."   Please return to the old version.  I have no use for the current system and I have already tried to use it.  I guess I will have to find another preplanning platform now.