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SkyVector now can export flight plans to ForeFlight, Garmin, Dynon...

SkyVector now can export your flight plans to ForeFlight, Garmin G1000 .FPL format, and .GPX format which should work with Dynon and others. Let us know if you have any difficulties. 


That's awesome Dave! Thank

That's awesome Dave! Thank you for the continued improvements.


Yup, great. Just discovered it, will try it my very next flight :)


Just a suggestion... import would be nice, too.

Export flight plans, for GNS430W/530W

hi Dave,

It appears that SkyVector has gone above and beyond with the new "Export" feature, and in a better way which is unique among flight planning service providers.


Export flight plans to .fpl format, using SkyVector

For GNS400/500/430W/530W equipment, a usb Flight Plan Migrator device (*) enables users to import and upload one or more flight plans (.fpl format) onto a flight plan data card, AND unique to SkyVector, the exported .fpl data file includes ALL intermediate waypoints on the airway(s).

Within the G.A. fleet, there remains tens of thousands of aircraft equiped with GNS430 and GNS530 GPS/Nav/Comm avionics.

Unlike the more advanced successor products, the legacy panel-mounted GPS equipment is unable to recognize airways.

Therefore when programming a route into a GNS430W/530W series, each waypoint must be entered, individually.

(which can involve a lot of knob turning).


A usb flight plan migrator device alleviates this by allowing a flight plan created using a web-based third party export feature to be transferred onto a Flight Plan data card, and when in the aircraft, load the flight plan(s) into the GNS430W/530W.  (Garmin discontinued the 'flight plan' function on their own website years ago -- reasons unknown and incomprehensible).

This virtually eliminates all knob turning, just pull up the imported flight plan within the GNS430W/530W.


While other service providers offer a feature to export a flight plan to garmin's .fpl format, their data files are incomplete because they only include waypoints which involve (a) a change of course and  (b) a change of airway.

(Even Garmin couldn't get this correct when their own website formerly included an ability to create/export .fpl data files.)

That meant that all intermediate waypoints on an airways still need to be manually entered into the GPS, individually .... & with lots of knob turning.


However, with the .fpl exported from SkyVector, ALL INTERMEDIATE WAYPOINTS are included in the .fpl data file.

** No other (web-based) flight planning service includes this enhanced "Export" function for garmin-compatible .fpl data files.


Thank you Dave, the enhanced Export is outstanding!


(*) p.s. an expensive investment, but saves a lot of time, and can also be used to update the obstacle data card.

Now if only all IFR departure clearances could be 'as filed', then .... no-more-knob-turning   ;-)



Kermit Crane
Export flight plans to foreflight.

How do I link my SkyVector account to ForeFlight?  Clicking on "send to foreflight" doesn't seem to do anything.

It's a magic link

The "Open in Foreflight" button is a link that looks something like this:



The plan is in the link. Now the trick is to click on that link on your iPad. Since you're probably using SkyVector on your desktop, email might be the easiest way. SkyVector will send an email containing the link if you choose the email option.


Another way is to save it to your account on your desktop, then log into SkyVector on your iPad Mobile Safari, open the flight plan from your saved plans and then click on the "Open in Foreflight" link.



Using the export function in Naviator.


I export out GPX files from SkyVector to a DropBox drive. I share that same drop box on my tablet where Naviator runs and then open Naviator and import that Flight Plan. When it works - and seems that sometimes Naviator doesnt like it - the flight path is perfect.

Flight plan export to Garmin GTN series

Hi Dave,


Thanks for the great work with exporting flight plans. Works great for my Dynon Efis.

To leagally fly IFR in the US I would need to have the flightplan in my certified navigation unit. In my case Garmins GTN 650. Unfortunetely the GTN series uses a different file format than the older 400/500 series navigator. It uses the GFP file format. Please provide this format as an export option as well. I could not find a conversion tool.

I was unable to include a pdf file that explains it but if you google: GTN650GuideRevH_885.pdf you should find it.


Thanks for your help



Andreas Kerwel

Export flight plan

I understand that you can now export flight plans to Garmin and Foreflight. I can't find the export button on my flight plan screen. Only the "new", "open", and save buttons. Any advice?


This is a fantastic feature!!

Just discovered that you can export .fpl files with skyvetor- this is great!! Can't wait to try it out in the G100 and see if it works. 

I sent the file to my Email.

I sent the file to my Email. Using my iphone, it logged onto the Dynon Wi-Fi adapter on the Skyview display. It automatically started to download the gpx file and the pdf file together and would not stop. Is there a way to get the gpx file seperate from the pdf and onto the iphone?



I use dropbox to transfer. Is

I use dropbox to transfer. Is there an equivalent with Apple products?

Sure...dropbox works on Apple

Sure...dropbox works on Apple products too.  IOS has the app.


Export to Garmin G1000 .FPL format


How can I export a flight plan to Garmin G1000 .FPL format? In the current SkyVector menu I see only these export options - and all refer to apps only


I would appreciate any advice. 


What browser is that?

It should look like this:

Can't get it to open in Garmin Pilot

I can't seem to find the specifics to transfer the flight plan from Skyvector to Garmin Pilot.  

I opened Skyvector in Google on my Tablet. Then I opened the flight plan.  All is good.  I then saved the flight plan.  All is still good.  Then I clicked on export and "open in Garmin Pilot".  It opened Garmin Pilot.  Up until then all was good but now it seems I ran out of airspeed.  All it did was open Garmin Pilot.  Left me alone in Garmin Pilot with no flight plan and I was immediately losted.


How do I get the flight plan to show up in Garmin?


Dave Exe

You're doing everything right

I suspect there is something in your plan that GP doesn't understand. Can you email your plan to info@skyvector.com and I'll try to import it on my GP to see if I can figure it out.



Importing flight plan

Is there a way to import flight paths, points into SkyVector?

Importing routes to SkyVector

You can use my (free) iNavCalc web app to import GPX, FPL and SKYDEMON files into SkyVector. Here's how:


Go to iNavCalc with your browser (to get there, navigate to flylogical.com and select the iNavCalc Web link second from top in the Wep Apps column on the right of the screen).


You can design a route right there (much like SkyVector), or you can import any GPX, SKYDEMON, or FPL files, or indeed a route exported from SkyVector as a URL link. To do so, click the Import/Export button which will open the Import/Export panel, as shown in the following screenshot:


Selecting a desired option will load the given route into the iNavCalc map. To export it to SkyVector, now click the Share icon (located to the right of the Import/Export button) as shown in the screenshot below:



This will take you to my RouteView app which has a link to SkyVector in the bottom-left, as shown in the screenshot below:



Clicking this link, will automatically load the route into SkyVector...


I know it takes a few clicks, but at least it is a possible and workable path. I use it frequently.


...Now, I would like to be able to load/save Garmon Pilot-generated files as well as FPL and GPX....but those seem to be in yet another legacy formay (GPLT). Any pointers on how to parse such files would be much appreciated. I would then include a GPLT option in the iNavCalc Import/Export capabilities....



Exporting user defined waypoints

User defined waypoints, either VOR/radial/DME (like SLK046032) or GPS coordinates (like 332942N0070416W) seems to be simply skipped when exporting flight plan, although they are correctly displayed on the map.
I have tried Garmin and Dynon format, same result.

I am experiencing the same

I am experiencing the same issue as aerx11. Is there any way to fix that?

Foreflight flight plan

Tried the foreflight export feature but the file would not open in my ipad.

What can be the reason?

Is this feature still available?

I cannot see the "Export" icon to the right of the "Save" icon. Has this feature been removed? Is it disabled for some accounts?

Is this feature still available?

So it seems the feature does not present itself when using Chrome (Version 70.0.3538.77) on the Mac (OSX). Yet it does appear when using Safari (Version 12.0.1) and Firefox (63.0.1) also on the Mac. So it may be browser-specific.

iOS seems to allow direct to

iOS Firefox seems to allow direct to Garmin Pilot but iOS Safari won‘t.

Could you include layers in the export

It would be great to be able to export some of the layers like the nat tracks with the flight plan.

Or a seperate export of the NAT Track KML file so it can be loaded in foreflight,

Oz Runways file wont email


I can email all formats except OzRunways. I can download the OzRunwats file


I use OzRunways and Garmin Pilot






SV Jenn
Check your spam folder. It

Check your spam folder. It may simply look different to your provider because it has an extra attachment. 


Exporting .fpl

I just found that, contrary to experiences described above, on Windows 10 and Firefox the export icon is not displayed. On the Google Chrome browser it is and it works just fine. Great feature, but sad that it is browser-dependent.

Any information on how to add altitudes to the waypoints? I guess SkyVector cannot do this. But perhaps it is not too difficult to edit XML tags into an .fpl file if you know the format, which I don't.

Hans (Germany, sometimes using a C172 with Garmin G1000 and GFC 700 autopilot)

      <type>USER WAYPOINT</type>
      <country-code />
      <comment>Biloxi Med</comment>