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Slow/Messed up tile loading

I've looked throughout the forum and must have missed this issue... but I've had this issue since the new SkyVector came out.  Basically, when dragging the map around  or zooming the tiles get jumbled up, slow to repaint, and overall look like a mess.  Many times the tiles are painting for an area or view that's totally different.  I've taken some screenshots to illustrate what is going on.  I've tried this on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  I use a Mac.  I have also been able to duplicate the same situation on my work computer which is a PC and I've used Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on it.  


Certainly I can't be the only one that is having this problem?   This site used to be so snappy and indestructable.  


I've tried clearing cache, etc.  Shift-reload.   Any other ideas?





Some things to try

First of all, the "wrong tile showing" is a known issue. The first time we request a new tile we blank it. If you drag the map again before the tile has a chance to begin loading, we un-blank it regardless of its status. This will have the result of showing the tile that was previously loaded in that slot. The reason we un-blank it is because some older browsers do not reliably call the onload event for images, and this was a useful trick to get things to display properly.


What you're really seeing is simply a failure of your browser to load tiles from the tileserver. We have made some recent changes to our tileservers in an attempt to thwart unauthorized applications from stealing our tiles. This has been an ongoing struggle, and I fear that you have been caught up in this battle. I would recommend disabling any privacy extentions you might be  using. If you use TOR or other anonymizers or transparent proxies I would try disabling them as they will definitely not work with SkyVector. Basically, your tile requests must come from the same browser and IP address as your web requests. If you are behind a firewall that prevents this bevahior please let us know and we will white-list that firewall. We have already done this for many military networks.


If you have the technical ability, please tell us what IP address t.skyvector.com resolves to for you, as well as the HTTP status of your tile requests. This will help us troubleshoot your specific issue.


Thanks for understanding and I hope we can have you working as fast as things once did.




Thanks for the info, Dave.  I

Thanks for the info, Dave.  I'm pretty saavy, used to be a network engineer.  Not using any type of anonymizers, Tor, proxies, etc.  Just a simple home AT&T and Comcast connection (work is the same type of setup, and have the issue there, also).   Does the same thing with every browser I've tried (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). 


I've been playing with it the last few minutes and it seems much snappier... not sure if you adjusted anything on your end.


For my own curiosity, what about a small watermark on the tiles? 


Here's a tracert to t.skyvector.com:


traceroute to t.skyvector.com (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets

 1  dsldevice (  2.142 ms  1.138 ms  0.952 ms

 2  * * *

 3 (  24.520 ms  24.668 ms  23.361 ms

 4 (  26.834 ms  26.047 ms  27.828 ms

 5  ggr4.cgcil.ip.att.net (  25.176 ms  26.040 ms  27.125 ms

 6  chi-b21-link.telia.net (  23.987 ms  24.515 ms  22.941 ms

 7  buf-b1-link.telia.net (  45.564 ms  46.055 ms  45.184 ms

 8  colocrossing-ic-314281-buf-b1.c.telia.net (  46.520 ms  45.492 ms  45.660 ms

 9  * * *

10  * * *

11  * * *

12  198-23-192-42-host.colocrossing.com (  49.136 ms  49.278 ms  48.986 ms


Thanks for all of your help!