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To those of you frustrated by the ***NEW*** Flight Plan Interface:


Please email your complaints to:  info@skyvector.com


To be specific:
1.  I want to see the time, distance & bearing between multiple waypoints.
2.  I want the ability to insert, shuffle and DELETE multiple waypoints.
3.  I want to see the Sum total of time and distance based on speed.
4.  I want the ability to link to the data/info page by clicking an airport ID.
5.  I want the flexibility and UTILITY this perfectly functional format provided.
This new flight plan interface serves a completely different purpose.
It does not substitute for what was and by itself undermines the overall usefulness of the Skyvector product by EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATING every point mentioned.
That "menu bar" between the "Flight Plan" button and UTC clock has got plenty of room for another button...call it "Scratch Pad".
Whatever you decide to do, please DO NOT follow the motto of the FAA:
"We're here to help...fix things that are NOT broken"

I also think it would be good to have the option to turn off the climb/decent lines as if I only have two or three legs I may not always want my nav log muddled up with more entries that do not drastically change the bottom line (time enroute)


As far as the new interface, I am getting to know it and I can really see the beneficial improvements.  The learning curve has not been bad considering I didn't even watch the entire video yet.  Thanks Dave for promptly answering my email.


If you leave Altitude blank, you'll get a no-climb plan.


I'd like to be "cleared for the option"... of using the previous system, or at least a hybrid.


I get what SV is doing, but I visited often because of its speed of use and simplicity.


No longer the case for me unfortunately.


Any word from the devs?


The best word we can hope for is an acknowledgement of the universal disappointment expressed on this thread.  Trying to shove a new, bug filled protocol down the throats of pilots familiar with a k.i.s.s. product is going to predictably result in some upchuck !!!


Please continue to express your specific complaints here AND directly to the SV brain trust at:   info@skyvector.com


This new interface is making inflexible and "one size fits all" assumptions about flight planning.


If you prefer an A la carte presentation where the pilot can "gather the dots to connect the dots" as the pilot sees fit...please demand to see the original version as an alternative to any revision that will probably be in "Beta" for a long time to come. :((((

Hi, Turner. I exchanged some emails with David Graves, CEO. He was not so happy with my anger, for which I appologized later etc, but I don't know if what I said had anything to do with it - I explained in detail my problems with the page - after a day it started working (on Firefox). I couldn't sign in, clicking on "PLAN", nothing happened, no magenta line etc, and now it's working fine. Now, that was a problem with Firefox which they apparently fixed, but the complains about the new interface from everybody here are still valid. I'm no pilot, so my opinion isn't any good. I just do a simple route and, since that is working again, it's ok for me. I still think the old system was better, but there you go... David said that "Going back is off the table, but we are committed to making our users happy with the new system" (his words).

Bring back the previous version or give us a way to plan and not need to file a plan.  Thanks


Skyvector has always been my day-dreaming-armchair-flying go to site.  I could easily throw up a departure and destination and then rubberband a route and play with it till I had what I was looking for.  All very quickly, with no commitment to file, no need to fill out all FAA 7233-1 data.  It was much friendlier and less formal.


I have about 4 different ways to file a flight plan, get a weather briefing and print out a computer generated "nav-log". I guess now I have 5. I get why SkyVector is going in this direction.  But, I would have "donated" a couple of dollars a year just to keep the old site just as an aviation wikipedia of sorts.


There's nothing wrong with the new flight planner.

... but eliminating the previous planner is a BIG problem.


Just put the new planner behind a Flight Planner button and make the old planner available by providing a Trip Scratchpad button or Flight Dreamer button or some other button.  Just make it accessible somehow. 


Ken Brown Worcester, MA

Has the functionality of entering coordinates gone with the new interface? I am unable to enter Lat & Long as I did before, for example "S22d49m55w040d58m” Also, the quick enter box top left just below the logo, no long seems to accept any entries at all.



Helivia / John,

The entry of coordinates has switched to ICAO-standard format (which is actually IMHO a huge step forward):



where DD/DDD is two/three digits degrees, MM and SS is two digits minutes and seconds, respectively, and "N" is N or S and "E" is E or W. Your example becomes 224955S0408500W

I agree with a previous post, a no wind option is necessary because now we can no longer prepare our flights in avance and then make the relevant inflight corrections according to the current wind conditions. With the no wind option active, the route labels should display true/magnetic courses (like before) rather then magnetic heading (like now). 

I miss the old flight plan window which was really neat. Now we have a clumsy window with coordinates all over the place. What a step back.

The "no wind option" and the "old flight plan window" would be a good compromise between the classic SV and the new one


Thank you 

This new thing sucks. I probably wont use skyvector much anymore because of it. 

Bryan 1965 M20C Owner/Pilot

Whole bunch of nasty people on here...but then again, this is an internet forum. Not sure why I would've excpected any better, even from pilots.


I had the same kneejerk reaction that a lot of you did to seeing something new. "Why did you mess up my [sic] website?" "Why did you fix something that wasn't broken?" Then I took a few minutes to learn the interface (maybe that's just incredibly difficult for some of you), and ultimately, I came to the realization that the new features are awesome. It's funny how entitled people get when they become accustomed to a free product/service. Keep in mind it is FREE, and developer owes you NOTHING! This isn't a spoon-fed government handout. Learn to use the new features and how the interface works, and you'll be fine. Over the past couple of days, I've kept an eye on the site, and it's very apparent (considering the bugs that have already been fixed) that SV is working hard on this. You don't even have to worry about the new features if you don't want to. You just have to enter the info in an ever so slightly different way.


Admittedly, there are a few items from the old system that would be nice to see. I have emailed the developer about them, and in the past, they have been very responsive (especially when you're actually clear and reasonable). But a lot of the complaints are for things that are still in there. A lot of you just haven't taken 2 minutes to play around with the new interface and see that. It's honestly quicker, more efficient, and more intuitive once you spend a couple of minutes looking at it.


Maybe baby will eventually grow up....or maybe she'll just keep crying until she gets her bottle.

IMO the new interface is not that bad, and has the start of good ideas, *but*:

  1. what I positively hate is that it is so much, and unnecessarily locked down without an account. In the old interface, I could just enter the speed and get a quick estimate, not I cannot enter a speed without an account.
  2. Some of the new features are nice, but are somewhat half-baked. For example:
    1. the climb and descent computation. Good, but of limited usability if you don't allow an enroute change of altitude!


By point "1", you basically destroyed much of the utility of the site; growing and offering new services is nice and good, but destroying like the main use case for using SkyVector in the process (quickly getting distances, tracks and gross time estimates) is less cool.

I have to partially eat my own words... I tried several times to edit speed or altitude without logging in, and it just didn't do anything. The placeholder "M082" stayed. Now it seems to work... I also tried to add "/A100" after a waypoint in the routing, and it didn't have any effect. Now it works. Also "/N0150A080". That's really nice

EDIT: Glad to see you're playing around with the interface rather than just complaining! :-) It doesn't take long to get used to it, and once you do, it's actually a lot easier.


There were a few bugs when the new interface went live, but those were fixed rather quickly.

I was depending on SkyVector because it was free, and I'm a student pilot.  But, I'd rather pay and have reliable.  What are your IT guys smokin?

Chris Dennis

Did the people that created SV get fired or left?  Did you hire a non-pilot guy/gal fresh out of school and this is their first attempt at a project? This is nuts!!!  You took a GREAT(!!!!) product and trashed it!!!!!!!!!!!  You forced me to create an account.. Now, after trying to use your new interface, how do I delete it!!!!!!!!!        Glad I didn't have any of your stock, because if you had any, it's now in the $#%er.... (sorry, but true)


Please!!!!  Back out the new changes!!!!!!

 To delete a flight plan you have to click on the sheet icon  (new plan) next to "flight plan" in the flight plan window. I had the same problem. In the old version there was a clear button. The help page does not help in this regard...

I've used Skyvector for a long time, for many flights and I've enjoyed the usability. But now, Skyvector is useless for me.

I need a tabular overview of the waypoints with distances and headings. I want to delete waypoints or rearrange them. Or am I just unable to use it like this?

I hope you don't call this an improvement, because it's the opposite.

Please make the old version as an option or undo this change, please!

Mat from EDMA

It does not have to stay that way.

Go to "Scenarios for Dave" topic and contribute an example of what no longer works for you.


You DON'T have to TELL Dave (what does not work for you)...

you have to SHOW Dave.

I'm "TELLing" you, Dave...the new format does not work. Simply compare it with the old format. Read all the negative comments...and understand that those comments ARE "SHOWing" you, that the site is really bad.

Are you all for real?? The ability to create/save/print flight plans has been one of the most requested add-on features to SV since its inception (if you you're new or don't remember, search the forum). Now we have the feature and of course many of you whine, insult, spew threats and stomp your feet. Spoiled brats is what you are.


I for one appreciate the changes and the efforts. Thanks Dave! 


I'm a software developer myself and so I know you can't make everyone happy. And more often than not, the only time you hear from your constituence is when they're unhappy. A thankless bunch those software users are.


I'm certain that Dave and his team will continue to work on improvements. They don't happen over night. But I wouldn't be surprised to see your beloved route box appear up in a few days. Just for example.


"The ability to create/save/print flight plans" is certainly

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for those who don't care about

TIME and distance between MULTIPLE waypoints and are

in the habit of pressing DIRECT.  Perhaps you were not

thinking about that.


No developer has every prespective in mind all of the

time.  I develop software too and the parallels to ADM

are striking.  We start with a plan of action and

constantly reevaluate along the way.  It's a lot safer

to consider those contingencies on the ground before

we ever walk out to the plane.  That's what I call:

flight planING.


Do you develop software that is user-friendly, intuitive

and utilitarian or functionally limited, stiff and inflexible ?

Have you ever created a brilliant process then substitute

something you now think is better only to discover it, by

itself, may just be a step backward ?


To be clear, I am NOT suggesting the NEW Flight Plan

feature is wrong.  Rather it compounds and complicates

what was a simple process.  I have suggested to Dave

a method for a harmonious coexistence with what was.

I believe it should be called "EDITOR";  As a platform to

organize waypoints and THEN populate the flight plan.


Until that happens, I have attempted to reach out to the

"...thankless...constituence..." for a proactive contribution.


You are invited to participate at the "Scenarios for DAVE" topic.


This new version is buggy too!  If I close the Flight Plan window, and switch to another view - say IFR Low - it pops back up.  Sometimes.


I note the zooming has slowed way down too.  One of the great strengths of SV vs other products was the instantaneous zoom in and out, and switching between different chart views.  Other stuff used to take forever to redraw.  Now, SV seems to have caught that disease too, with very slow redraws and different sections of the view popping up at different times.


Here's an observation.  If you get a bad meal at a restaurant, you don't go back next month to see if the chef learned how to cook.  If you get a bad haircut, you don't go back the next month to see if the barber has learned how to cut hair.  Some of the commentors pointed to other products, some of which I was unaware of.  I checked them out.  Some are not too bad at all.  Not as good as SV "used to be," but acceptable.  Like iFlight Planner.  I also have begun to really explore FltPlan.com - I like it.  It has a lot more than I thought; I just never took the time to learn how to use it.


As pointed out by some, it is bad manners to criticize Dave - who has given us a fine FREE product.  It must also be pointed out, that the aforementioned two products, and many more, are also FREE.  There are others that require purchase, but you get a lot for a fair price.  The marketplace is crowded.  It's just a chance misfortune that the first and the best has decided to change direction and abandon his strengths.  We were - and are - blessed - and spoiled.


Meanwhile, like the barbershop, I've started making a few other sites my first choice "go-to" places.  Not as good as SV used to be, but as good or better than SV is now.  It's time to move on.  My sense is Dave has a bit of a stubborn streak in him, much bigger fish to fry than a putting up with a bunch of whining VFR bug-smasher pilots.  I will be very surprised if SV ever returns to its old self.  Thanks for the free ride, Dave - it was great.


Bob Bogash


I like your analogies.


Yes, Dave is stubborn but no more so than you or I and in the fullness of time he will come to see the farsighted wisdom of others he does not yet possess.


It is up to us, the GRATEFUL users of this free product to nurture him in his development.  Please contribute to my thread:  "Scenarios for DAVE"


I will share with you as I did with him the the philosophy of Buddha:


"The Ox may be slow...but the Earth is patient."




I would just like to say that there are also people (like me) who appreciate the introduction of new features such as calculation of wind correction, and filing flight plans.


It's just normal that the introduction of a new version comes with a few hiccups, but that's no reason to be as rude as many people are on this forum.

I'm through trying with SV.  It's lost too much functionality of what I relied upon.  What is everyone else going to?

I'm going to enjoy all the imroved features and functionality of the site, and appreciate the fact that I am allowed to use it for free considering all the time and work that has gone into it.


You know, you could always stop complaining about free resources and just go back using your old plotter. Entitlement society...sheesh....

Nothing to do with feeling entitled.  I'd be glad to pay for what I had that was usable.  When you have something that works and build a following of users that rely on it for actual flight planning, you are doing them a disservice to replace it with something that does not work as well.  Maybe at some point they will make this upgrade as functional as the previous version, and I hope they do.  Until then, yeah, I just might have to pull out the old plotter, as it works better than this upgrade.

It appears that the new version attempts to be something which other providers already do much better.

Please re-consider an option for 'Skyvector classic'. It was a unique tool, and served a function which was un-matched in terms of simplicity and flexibility.

Even if the classic version could be made available as a paid subscription service, ready to sign up with $$.



... money talks, hope you're listening?



omg are we pissed!!






This free SH** is just that.  Wouldn't you rather pay for something and get reliable? I just made the switch, and bought a new ipad.  It's time for you to step up to a new level in aviation and buy Foreflight. Quit peeing with the puppies.

Chris Dennis

Thanks for the tip on Foreflight.  Probably need to add an Ipad to the cockpit anyway, plus the wife wants one!  You're right, for a while "free" was great, but no more.  Oh well, nothing lasts forever, we just need to move on to something better and don't look back.

I created an account just so I can complain about this. What were you thinking? It is now totally useless. Bring back the old interface PLEASE. I'll happily pay for it. I've gotten tremendous use out of Skyvector over the years, I would hate to stop using it. Remember "New Coke"? They admitted their mistake and went back to "classic". I hope Skyvector mans up and does the same



Please bring back Skyvector Classic.  The current version is a BIG step backwards!

I've worked with the new format for the last five days, preparing for a 209 nm flight down to Idaho. In modifying-editing my proposed flight, then saving my work, I must have blown up the server, since my last waypoint edit between departure and destination started showing a total flight time of 8 hours and 45 minutes, intead of the short 1 1/2 hour flight. The only way to make it work was to start over with a new flight. Also, I cannot make the top of climb and descent work, I always get a result that does not look right. In the many years of using the old format I NEVER had any problems.


The only short coming with the old format was that you couldn't print the nav log. All they had to do was allow that.


Until they get the old format back, I'm going back to paper charts, plotter and my trusty (rusty) old E6B...it would be way faster and more accurate.

GDyer, send us your navlog. We definitely want to get this right.

I dont like the newer more complicated program and want tthe old one back!!!

Wilson Willmott

Still looking for a "no wind" option as the winds are never the same between planning and flying, rendering the nav log worthless.



Michael A. Marra
N94 Carlisle Airport, PA

Please give us the option to NOT use the level-off or desent lines in the nav log.


They are never right in the real world and only confuse/distort the nav log.





Michael A. Marra
N94 Carlisle Airport, PA

On the nav log, we would like to see the TOTAL distance, TOTAL fuel and TOTAL times at the bottom to get a complete look at the plan.


Right now, you have to add up all the legs PLUS the worthless level off and desent legs to get the totals described above.


I am a pilot (and a former celestial navigator who used these type logs when we had such a profession) and this nav log is just not effective or user-friendly. Nice try, but instead of making everyone "get used to it" or scaring folks away, why don't we simply build in some options in the log for folks to use or leave out?


This new planner and log is disappointing, I am sorry to say. 


I rarely provide negative feedback on anything, always trying to find the best in things as they change, but this change has been a real challenge to find the silver lining.



Michael A. Marra
N94 Carlisle Airport, PA




Thank you for articulating your concerns.  I too share the need to see TIME BETWEEN waypoints as well as the need to drag and drop waypoints with updated times.


This feature and BENEFIT has vanished from what was a quick-edit type page !!!


Go to the thread:  Scenarios for DAVE in this forum and show him an example relevant to YOU !!!


It's not about what we tell Dave...It's what we show Dave.


Dave is a human being and just like you and me can't possibly imagine every perspective.  What is most sad in his noble effort to improve the product is the loss of the total flexibility the previous interface provided.  It is (or was) that very flexibility that quite effectively covered "all bases".  Dave has decided to reinvent the wheel and I believe will eventually (and painfully) end up right back where he (we) started.


Let's all do our best to help Dave in his epic journey with constructive critiques and SCENARIOS that address specific issues.  By his responses to the numerous issues raised so far in various threads, I do acknowledge and give credit to Dave for working the problems entirely of his making.  (sorry Dave, I call it like I see it)


If good navigation starts with heading in the right direction then Dave has nothing to fear.  Fortunately for all of us, discounting A/C performance and endurance, the world is still...round !!!



How can I insert GPS fixes?


Before I was able to find with GPS fixes nearby airports which I found very usable.

For example I go to google map and I look for a nearby airport. I get the GPS Coordinate and then I go back to Skyvevtor and entered it in and it showed me automatically the position of the gps fix.

Please help

Please, Please, bring back Skyvector Classic. The new format is only required when actually filing. The original Skyvector was THE best planning tool of its kind, now it's basically run of the mill. Thank you




I agree the old simple system was simply better.

The new flight planner is very cumbersome for a casual "gee I wonder how long it would take to get to KXXX", and takes all the joy out of using skyvector. I'll probably just start to use Foreflight on my phone instead. The site is also suffering from some horrible caching errors - I have several times ended up with garbage all over my maps and have to refresh to get a usable site. I keep coming back out of habit because it was so great, but am getting over it...