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Seattle Sectional Chart Great Falls Sectional Chart Billings Sectional Chart Twin Cities Sectional Chart Green Bay Sectional Chart Lake Huron Sectional Chart Montreal Sectional Chart Halifax Sectional Chart Klamath Falls Sectional Chart Salt Lake City Sectional Chart Cheyenne Sectional Chart Omaha Sectional Chart Chicago Sectional Chart Detroit Sectional Chart New York Sectional Chart San Francisco Sectional Chart Las Vegas Sectional Chart Denver Sectional Chart Wichita Sectional Chart Kansas City Sectional Chart St. Louis Sectional Chart Cincinnati Sectional Chart Washington Sectional Chart Los Angeles Sectional Chart Phoenix Sectional Chart Albuquerque Sectional Chart Dallas - Ft Worth Sectional Chart Memphis Sectional Chart Atlanta Sectional Chart Charlotte Sectional Chart El Paso Sectional Chart San Antonio Sectional Chart Houston Sectional Chart New Orleans Sectional Chart Jacksonville Sectional Chart Brownsville Sectional Chart Miami Sectional Chart Atlanta Terminal Area Chart Baltimore - Washington Terminal Area Chart Boston Terminal Area Chart Charlotte Terminal Area Chart Chicago Terminal Area Chart Cincinnati Terminal Area Chart Cleveland Terminal Area Chart Dallas - Ft Worth Terminal Area Chart Denver Terminal Area Chart Detroit Terminal Area Chart Houston Terminal Area Chart Kansas City Terminal Area Chart Las Vegas Terminal Area Chart Los Angeles Terminal Area Chart Memphis Terminal Area Chart Miami Terminal Area Chart Minneapolis - St Paul Terminal Area Chart New Orleans Terminal Area Chart New York Terminal Area Chart Philadelphia Terminal Area Chart Phoenix Terminal Area Chart Pittsburgh Terminal Area Chart St. Louis Terminal Area Chart Salt Lake City Terminal Area Chart San Diego Terminal Area Chart San Francisco Terminal Area Chart Seattle Terminal Area Chart Tampa Terminal Area Chart Orlando Terminal Area Chart Colorado Springs Terminal Area Chart Grand Canyon VFR Chart Enroute L-1 Enroute L-2 Enroute L-3 Enroute L-4 Enroute L-5 Enroute L-6 Enroute L-7 Enroute L-8 Enroute L-9 Enroute L-10 Enroute L-11 Enroute L-12 Enroute L-13 Enroute L-14 Enroute L-15 Enroute L-16 Enroute L-17 Enroute L-18 Enroute L-19 Enroute L-20 Enroute L-21 Enroute L-22 Enroute L-23 Enroute L-24 Enroute L-25 Enroute L-26 Enroute L-27 Enroute L-28 Enroute L-29 Enroute L-30 Enroute L-31 Enroute L-32 Enroute L-33 Enroute L-34 Enroute L-35 Enroute L-36 Enroute H-12 Enroute H-1 Enroute H-2 Enroute H-3 Enroute H-4 Enroute H-5 Enroute H-6 Enroute H-7 Enroute H-8 Enroute H-9 Enroute H-10 Enroute H-11 Atlanta Area Chart Chicago Area Chart Denver Area Chart Detroit Area Chart Dallas - Ft. Worth Area Chart Jacksonville Area Chart Kansas City Area Chart Los Angeles Area Chart Miami Area Chart Minneapolis - St. Paul Area Chart Phoenix Area Chart San Francisco Area Chart St. Louis Area Chart D.C. Area Chart New York Helicopter Chart Inset Boston Helicopter Chart Inset D.C. Helicopter Chart Inset Dallas Helicopter Chart Inset Salt Lake City Helicopter Chart Inset Ogden Helicopter Chart Inset New York Helicopter Chart Long Island Helicopter Chart Boston Helicopter Chart D.C. Helicopter Chart Baltimore Helicopter Chart Detroit Helicopter Chart Chicago Helicopter Chart Dallas Helicopter Chart Houston Helicopter Chart Los Angeles Helicopter Chart West Los Angeles Helicopter Chart East Salt Lake City Helicopter Chart Ogden Helicopter Chart Anchorage Sectional Chart Bethel Sectional Chart Cape Lisburne Sectional Chart Cold Bay Sectional Chart Dawson Sectional Chart Dutch Harbor Sectional Chart Fairbanks Sectional Chart Juneau Sectional Chart Ketchikan Sectional Chart Kodiak Sectional Chart McGrath Sectional Chart Nome Sectional Chart Point Barrow Sectional Chart Seward Sectional Chart Western Aleutian Islands Sectional Chart West Western Aleutian Islands Sectional Chart East Whitehorse Sectional Chart Fairbanks Terminal Area Chart Anchorage Terminal Area Chart Alaska Enroute L-3 Alaska Enroute L-4 Alaska Enroute L-1 Alaska Enroute L-2 East Alaska Enroute L-2 Central Alaska Enroute L-2 West Alaska Enroute H-1 Alaska Enroute H-2 Nome Area Chart Fairbanks Area Chart Anchorage Area Chart Juneau Area Chart

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Is there a way to delete aircraft?

Is there any way to delete saved aircraft?  It would also be nice to see a list of saved aircraft, it is only showing the last three when you click in the field.


Why is there not a section under "My Account" that shows all aircraft and allows you to manage them?  I mean, the database table exists, just give us the ability to modify it!

Incorporating Australian vfr charts

Hi All,

          In the past there was no available Australian VFR charts as well as ifr charts. Well, now there is on the air services site at this location..


Is there any way to incorporate these charts into Skyvector??...Regards

Cannot access PDF charts

Did anything change recently ? I don't see any PDF charts that I was using before.

Can't input fuel in flight plan

I am trying to file a VFR flight plan, however inputing any value in the fuel box does not return a burn estimate, and in the brief window the box remains red and does not allow me to file. Is this happening to anyone else or does anyone know a fix?

Problem opening flight plan in Garmin Pilot


I'm trying to export a flight plan from SkyVector to Garmin Pilot (on iOS) using the e-mail function. I correctly receive the e-mail but the button/link to open the flight plan in Garmin Pilot doesn't work. Am I missing something?

Deleting Saved Flight Plans

Hi. I was wondering if there is a way to delete old flight plans that I have saved for later reference but no longer need or even want. The list just gets longer and longer and is becoming more of a nusance that anything else. Thank you.




Hello, pls correct data for Schonhagen, Germany, EDAZ:


FRQ 131,155

RWY 07/25 1510 x 23 meters asphalt

displaced threshold  - 07 TORA 1270m, LDA 1340 m, ASDA 1510 m

displaced threshold - 25 TORA 1340 m, LDA 1270 m, ASDA 1510 m

RWY 12/30 700 x 18 meters asphalt

RWY 12/30 760 x 40 meters gras




SIXE - Wrong name (TYPO)

Hi! I love skyvector and want to help by reporting a typo error on airport name for SIXE (Brazil) witch is labeled as "Aeroclube De Eldorado Do Sui Airport" but the correct name is "Aeroclube De Eldorado Do Sul Airport" (See "SUL" word which stands for "SOUTH" in Portuguese/Brazil. This typo can be seeing on "Airports" sections of site and on the chart's label on "World VFR mode" as well.

Hope this can be useful, Regards

Compulsory Reporting Points for CTRs of Germany

Hi there,

is there any chance to add compulsory reporting points next (or within) the CTRs of Germany? They are essential for VFR flying here. Thanks in advance.


Best regards,



Chile Upper Routes

There are errors in the routes in Chile since December 2016.


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