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Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
VFR Chart of CYUL
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Location Information for CYUL
Coordinates: N45°28.23' / W73°44.45'
View all Airports in Québec, Canada.
Elevation is 118 feet MSL.
Magnetic Variation from 2013 is 15° West
Time Zone is UTC-5(4).
Operations Data
Airport Use:Open to the Public
Landing Fee:Yes
Customs Information
AOE 888-226-7277
Airport Communications
All Services Bilingual
Remote Communications Outlet (RCO)Québec 123.55 (FISE) 126.7 (bcst)
Automated Terminal Information Service (ATIS)(English) 133.7 514-633-3037; (French) 127.5 514-633-3034
Clearance Delivery (CLNC DEL)Montréal 125.6 all dep acft ctc clnc del
ApronMontréal 122.275 (West) 122.075 (East)
Ground Control (GND)Montréal 121.0 (West) 121.9 (East) 275.8
Control Tower (TWR)Montréal 119.3 119.9 124.3 (old port) 267.1 (E) (Emergency only 514-633-3311)
Arrival (ARR)Montréal Tml 118.9 126.9 132.85 268.3
Departure (DEP)Montréal Tml 120.42 124.65 268.3
VFR Advisory (VFR ADV)Montréal Tml 134.15
Nearby Navigation Aids
IDNameFreqRadial / Range
VOR YUL MONTREAL 116.30 147°13.0
VOR YJN ST-JEAN 115.80 319°21.9
VOT MSS MASSENA 114.10 064°53.4
VOT BJA BURLINGTON 112.40 352°64.6
IDNameFreqBearing / Range
VOT BT HERRO 382 174°60.1
VOT MS MISSE 278 248°62.1
VOT PTD POTSDAM 400 242°66.1
Runway 06L/24R
Dimensions:11000 x 200 feet.
Runway 06LRunway 24R
Runway Heading:057°237°
Approach LightsALSF-2: Category II/III High Intensity Approach Lighting System.SSALR: High Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
Runway 06R/24L
Dimensions:7417 x 200 feet.
RemarksCONC RESA: 06R 295', avbl for acft over 910,000 lbs Departures from inner centerline of holding bay Rwy 06R subtract 276' from declared distances.
Runway 06RRunway 24L
Runway Heading:057°237°
Displaced Threshold:408 feet
Approach LightsSSALR: High Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator LightsSSALR: High Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
Glide Slope IndicatorPAPI for aircraft with eye-to-wheel height up to 25 feet.PAPI for aircraft with eye-to-wheel height up to 25 feet.
Runway Conditions Reporting Source
Operator CRFI, PLR/PCN Operational Plan for A380 available on request at 514-633-3363
Taxiway Information
Twy C: 61m. All other taxiways 23m with 18.5m shoulders: 10.5m paved, remaining 8m grass. Holding bays capacity: 2 acft with wingspans of less than 36m (118') Acft with wingspans of 36m (118') or greater: Holding bay 06L: use North line Holding bay 24R: use centre line Holding bay 24L: use South line Holding bay 06R: 2 acft simultaneously: acft with wingspans of less than 65m (213') use South line and acft with wingspans of 65m (213') or greater use North line. Twy B3, B5: Left turns onto Twy B prohibited for acft with wingspans 36m (118') or more. Twys L & R ltd to acft with less than 36m (118') of wingspan and 95,500kg or less. Twy U: One-way traffic NE-bound. Twy Q uncontrolled, restricted to acft wingspans less than 36m (118'). A380, A124, A346, B748 & B773: Right turn prohibited from A4 or A2 to A. A380, A124, A346, B748 & B773: Left turn difficult from A1 to A. Use of A3 or holding bay 24L recommended. A380, A340-500/600, A350-1000 & B777: Right turn prohibited from A4 to D. Turns fr A4 right (North) on A not recommended for acft with wingspans less than 36m (118') oversteer rqrd, and proh to acft with wingspans 36m (118') or more.
Apron Information
Acft with wingspans of 36m (118') or more proh from using south ramp btwn the tml bldg and the aeroquay. Guide line btwn gates 73 and 85: prohibited to acft with a wingspan of 36m (118') or more. Apron Air Canada: Apron extension: restricted to acft under tow only. De-icing Bays:1 & 3: max wingspan 36m (118') 2: max wingspan 80m (262') 4, 5 & 9: max wingspan 65m (213') 6 & 8: max wingspan 36m (118') 7: max wingspan 45.8m (150')
Services Available
Fuel Available100LL, JA-1 (FSII avbl), F-34, JB
Oil AvailableAll
Servicing AvailableStorage, Minor Repairs, Major Repairs
Aircraft Rescue and Fire-fightingDESIGNATED CAT 9
Supporting Fluids, Systems, and OxygenADI, D & A-ice 514-636-1850, LHOX
Jet Aircraft Starting Units (JASU)Elect Start 10/15
Private AdvisoryEsso Avitat 122.85; Shell Aerocentre 129.3; Aeromag 122.525; Iceman 123.125 514-636-1850; Starlink-Avionair 123.075 514-631-7500; Aviation Etcetera 122.725 800-319-7849 or 514-633-7000; MONTRÉAL DE-ICE 123.425. Air Inuit 129.05 514-905-9413 Fax 514-905-9881
Military Contract FuelInnotech Aviation Services Inc. (Shell) 514-636-5870
Public Facilities
In Terminal BuildingTelephone, Food, Taxi, Medical Aid, Accomodations, Car Rental7
Flight Planning
Flight Information Centre (FIC)Québec 866-GOMÉTÉO or 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4105 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
Area Control Centre (ACC)Montréal 514-633-3211 or 800-633-1353. All Flt Plns, IFR tng flts PPR. Flt Plns by Fax at 514-633-2877 & include phone numbers where pilot can be reached prior to dep.
Weather (WX)METAR H24. TAF H24, issue times: 00, 03, 06, 09, 12, 15, 18, 21Z.
Aerodrome Operator
Aéroports de Montréal 514-633-3223 H24 Cert Ldg fees


where is the sids and the stars plaese i nedd info about that 

you have to go to another website to get that, here: fltplan.com make a free account and search for Digital Approach Charts put in cyul and they are all there