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TEX - Telluride Regional Airport
TAD - Perry Stokes Airport
STK - Sterling Municipal Airport
SBS - Steamboat Springs/Bob Adams Field Airport
RIL - Rifle Garfield County Airport
RCV - Astronaut Kent Rominger Airport
PUB - Pueblo Memorial Airport
PSO - Stevens Field Airport
MVI - Monte Vista Municipal Airport
MTJ - Montrose Regional Airport
LXV - Lake County Airport
LMO - Vance Brand Airport
LIC - Limon Municipal Airport
LHX - La Junta Municipal Airport
LAA - Southeast Colorado Regional Airport
K08 - Holly Airport
ITR - Kit Carson County Airport
HEQ - Holyoke Airport
HDN - Yampa Valley Airport
GXY - Greeley-Weld County Airport
GWS - Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport
GUC - Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport
GNB - Granby-Grand County Airport
GJT - Grand Junction Regional Airport
FNL - Northern Colorado Regional Airport
FMM - Fort Morgan Municipal Airport
FLY - Meadow Lake Airport
FCS - Butts AAF (Fort Carson) Airport
EIK - Erie Municipal Airport
EGE - Eagle County Regional Airport
EEO - Meeker Coulter Field Airport
DRO - Durango-La Plata County Airport
DEN - Denver International Airport
D17 - Westwinds Airport
CQJ - Cheyenne Mtn Sfs Heliport
COS - City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport
CO99 - Triple P Ranch Airport
CO98 - Scl Lutheran West Heliport
CO97 - Comanche Springs Ranch Airport
CO96 - Reed Hollow Ranch Airport
CO95 - True Grit South Airport
CO94 - Spring Canyon Airport
CO93 - Perry Park Airport
CO92 - Trinchera Ranch Airstrip Airport
CO91 - Centura Health Interquest Campus Heliport
CO90 - Usaf Academy Bullseye Aux Airfield Airport
CO89 - Barber Field Airport
CO88 - Kusa Helistop Heliport
CO87 - Dbs Air Heliport
CO86 - John Galt Heliport
CO85 - Rifle Junction Heliport
CO84 - Idlers Field Airport
CO83 - Green Acres Airport
CO82 - Land Airport
CO81 - Fought'N'Won Ultralight
CO80 - Fowler Airport
CO79 - Falcon AFB Helipad Heliport
CO78 - Lincoln Community Hospital Heliport
CO77 - Lz Elbert Heliport
CO76 - Eden Ranch Airport
CO75 - Overlook Athletic Club Heliport
CO74 - Mc Elroy Heliport
CO73 - Air-Sprayers Nr 2 Airport
CO72 - Helitrax / Telluride Heliport
CO71 - Parkview Medical Center Heliport
CO70 - Bigfoot Turf Airport
CO69 - Vail Health Ems Heliport
CO68 - Frederick-Firestone F S #2 Heliport
CO67 - Big View Airport
CO66 - Ajc Airport
CO65 - Geary Ranch Airport
CO64 - Mount San Rafael Heliport
CO63 - Brown's Fort Heliport
CO62 - Cherry Creek Townhouse Heliport
CO61 - Golden Field (Yellow Hat) Airport
CO60 - Horseshoe Landings Airport
CO59 - Hay Fever Farm Airport
CO58 - Wings N Things Airpark & Museum Airport
CO57 - Rhoads Heliport
CO56 - Jjs Airport
CO55 - Christman Field Airport
CO54 - G W Flanders Ranch Strip Airport
CO53 - Yankee Field Airport
CO52 - Marshdale Airport
CO51 - Henderson Heliport
CO50 - Aspen Valley Hospital Heliport
CO4 - Colorado Springs East Airport
CO49 - Greenhorn Strip Airport
CO48 - Crop Air Airport
CO47 - Goldys Field Airport
CO46 - Mercy Regional Medical Center Heliport
CO45 - Adventhealth Avista Heliport
CO44 - Yankee Port Heliport
CO43 - Pinyon Airport
CO42 - Circle 8 Ranch Airport
CO41 - Campbells Airport
CO40 - Vtol Heliport
CO39 - Flying G Air Ranch Airport
CO38 - Comanche Airfield Llc Airport
CO37 - St Joseph Hospital Heliport
CO36 - Elbert County Heliport
CO35 - Denver Health Heliport
CO34 - St Lukes Hospital Heliport
CO33 - Ria Airport
CO32 - Capri Heliport
CO31 - Rose Medical Center/ Hca Healthone Heliport
CO30 - Gates Rubber Company Heliport
CO29 - Juniper Hills Airport
CO28 - Clear Sky Ag Airport
CO27 - Tanner Field Airport
CO26 - Kutcher Airfield Airport
CO25 - Metrogro Farm Airport
CO24 - Penrose Hospital Heliport
CO23 - Ashlawn Airport
CO22 - Hildebrandt Airport
CO21 - Craig Heliport
CO20 - Flying W Ranch Airport
CO1 - Lake Meredith Seaplane Base
CO19 - Tezak Airport
CO18 - Chaparral Airport
CO17 - Sky Haven Airport
CO16 - Arapahoe Medical Park/Littleton Hospital Heliport
CO15 - Kelly Air Park Airport
CO14 - Alamosa Outpost Airport
CO13 - Childrens Hospital Colorado Heliport
CO12 - Van Aire Airport
CO11 - Granite Mountain Lodge Airport
CO10 - Lemons Private Strip Airport
CO09 - Halliburton Office Heliport
CO08 - Helling Airport
CO07 - Athanasiou Valley Airport
CO06 - Wirth Field Airport
CO05 - Aurora Presbyterian Hospital Heliport
CO04 - Denning Airport
CO03 - Aspen Airport
CO02 - Harrington Ranch Airport
CO01 - General Mail Facility Heliport
CO00 - Flagler Aerial Spraying Inc Airport
CFO - Colorado Air and Space Port Airport
CEZ - Cortez Municipal Airport
CD99 - Lucky L Ranch Airport
CD97 - Montemadeira II Airport
CD81 - Owl Ridge Heliport
CD80 - Phippsburg Heliport
CD79 - Northfield Heliport
CD78 - Coal Bank Pass Heliport
CD77 - Castle Peak Heliport
CD75 - Whitewater Heliport
CD74 - Vail Junction Heliport
CD72 - Missionary Ridge Heliport
CD71 - Hecox Heliport
CD70 - Mount Werner Heliport
CD69 - Morning Shadows Ranch Airport
CD68 - Silverton Junction Heliport
CD66 - Rio Blanco Heliport
CD65 - Rico Heliport
CD63 - Raven Ridge Heliport
CD62 - Baxter Pass Heliport
CD59 - Placerville Heliport
CD57 - Grouse Mountain Heliport
CD56 - Grand Valley Heliport
CD55 - Norwood Junction Heliport
CD54 - Raspberry Heliport
CD53 - Sky Ridge Medical Center Heliport
CD52 - Mount Princeton Heliport
CD50 - Teepee Park Heliport
CD49 - Matheson Heliport
CD48 - Cuchara Ranch Airport
CD47 - Montrose Memorial Hospital Heliport
CD46 - North Arrow Heliport
CD45 - Flyin' B Ranch Airport
CD44 - Madden Peak Heliport
CD43 - Granite Heliport
CD42 - Lookout Mountain Heliport
CD41 - Sunlite Heliport
CD40 - Hilltop Heliport
CD39 - Pond's Field Airport
CD38 - Sacramento Heliport
CD37 - Berthoud Pass Heliport
CD36 - Egnar Heliport
CD35 - Pleasant View Heliport
CD34 - Point Creek Heliport
CD33 - Mesa Verde Heliport
CD32 - Castle Lakes Airport
CD31 - Parker Adventist Hospital Heliport
CD30 - Fitzpatrick Heliport
CD29 - Cerro Summit Heliport
CD28 - Tall Timber Airport
CD26 - Peyton Heliport
CD25 - Henderson Mine Heliport
CD24 - Red Canyon Ranch Heliport
CD23 - Aero Bear Field Airport
CD22 - North Suburban Medical Center Heliport
CD21 - Badger Mountain Heliport
CD20 - Sprague Airport
CD19 - Arapahoe Heliport
CD18 - Amax Mill Heliport
CD17 - Bijou Basin Airport
CD16 - Branson Heliport
CD15 - High Plains Airport Airport
CD14 - J & S Airport
CD13 - Morris Airport
CD12 - Gunnison Valley Hospital Heliport
CD11 - Mountain Bell/Durango Heliport
CD10 - Chapman Field Airport
CD09 - Yoder Airstrip Airport
CD07 - Poudre Valley Hospital Heliport
CD06 - Centennial Healthcare Plaza Heliport
CD04 - S F Heliport
CD03 - Tinnes Airport
CD02 - Skyote Airport
CD01 - Lowe Airstrip Airport
CD00 - Emancipation Hill Heliport
CAG - Craig-Moffat Airport
C24 - Mineral County Memorial Airport
C08 - Silver West Airport
BKF - Buckley Space Force Base Airport
BJC - Rocky Mountain Metro Airport
BDU - Boulder Municipal Airport
ASE - Aspen-Pitkin County/Sardy Field Airport
APA - Centennial Airport
ANK - Salida/Harriett Alexander Field Airport
ALS - San Luis Valley Regional/Bergman Field Airport
AKO - Colorado Plains Regional Airport
AJZ - Blake Field Airport
AIB - Hopkins Field Airport
AFF - Davis Field (Usaf Academy Field) Airport
AEJ - Central Colorado Regional Airport
9V7 - Eads Municipal Airport
9CO9 - Phylcon Ranch Airport
9CO8 - Bijou Bottom Strip Airport
9CO7 - Devoe Airport
9CO6 - D Bar D Airport
9CO5 - Scherler Private Airstrip Airport
9CO4 - Indian Hills/Fire Department Heliport
9CO3 - Hubbard Airport
9CO2 - Van Slyke Field Airport
9CO1 - Deer Creek Building Heliport
9CO0 - Police Headquarters Heliport
99V - Crawford Airport
99CO - Rock Creek Airport
98CO - Ncmc Heliport
96CO - Logan Airport
95CO - Mann Ranch Airport
94CO - Ponderosa Heliport
93CO - Antelope Airpark Airport
92CO - Lake Creek Ranch Airport
91CO - Summit Medical Center Heliport
90CO - Wetlands Ranch Heliport
8V7 - Springfield Municipal Airport
8V6 - Dove Creek Airport
8CO9 - Pine View Airport
8CO8 - Koenig Airport
8CO7 - Colorado Antique Field Airport
8CO6 - Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center Heliport
8CO5 - Widner Airport
8CO3 - Fremont Peak Heliport
8CO2 - William Leon Schawo Airport
8CO1 - Prospect Peak Heliport
8CO0 - Kent Airport
8CD0 - Yuma District Hospital Heliport
88CO - Tranquila Airport
87CO - Young's Strip Airport
87CD - The Flying Z Airport
86CO - Lazy W Airport
85CO - Anderson Heliport
84CO - Rampart Heliport
83CO - Snake River Health Services Inc Heliport
82CO - Mountain Bell Heliport
81CO - Mesa 1 Airport
80CO - Simonson Field Airport
7V9 - City of Las Animas - Bent County Airport
7V8 - Julesburg Municipal Airport
7V5 - Brush Municipal Airport
7V2 - North Fork Valley Airport
7CO9 - K2 Heliport Nr 1a Heliport
7CO8 - West Pueblo Airport
7CO7 - Frontier Helicopters Heliport
7CO6 - Vantage View Airport
7CO5 - Saddle Rock Er Heliport
7CO4 - Koch Field Airport
7CO3 - Buffalo Airport
7CO2 - Ranger Ranch Airport
7CO1 - Gateway Helipad Heliport
7CO0 - Parkland Airport
78CO - Pfister Ranch Heliport
77CO - Uch-Mhs Memorial North Heliport
76CO - Hoy Airstrip Airport
75CO - Miner's Mesa Heliport
74CO - Westberg-Rosling Farms Airport
73CO - Flying D Ranch Airport
70CO - Greystone Heliport
6CO9 - Salida Hospital Heliport
6CO8 - West Area Pwr Admin Ops Center Heliport
6CO7 - Happy Butt Airport
6CO6 - Skywagon Ranch Airport
6CO5 - Maga Field Airport
6CO2 - Mesawood Airport
6CO1 - Burnham Field Airport
6CO0 - Doctors Mesa Airport
69CO - Porter Memorial Hospital Heliport
68CO - St Francis Medical Center Heliport
67CO - Highline Farm Airstrip Airport
66CO - Rotor Leasing Heliport
65CO - Wkr Airport
63CO - Hendricks Field At West Creek Ranch Airport
62CO - The Farm Airport
61CO - Monument Helibase Heliport
60CO - Valley View Hospital Heliport
5V4 - Calhan Airport
5CO9 - Wcdh Heliport
5CO8 - Pleasant Valley Airport
5CO6 - La Garita Creek Ranch Airport
5CO5 - Black Hollow Heliport
5CO4 - Spickard Farm Airport
5CO3 - Jim's Heliport
5CO2 - Mc Kee Medical Center Heliport
5CO1 - Spruce Point Tree Farm Llc Airport
5CO0 - Windy Plains Airport
58CO - Purgatory Nr One Heliport
57CO - Banner Fort Collins Medical Center Heliport
56CO - Animas Air Park Heliport
55CO - Elizabeth Emergency Heliport
54CO - The Memorial Hospital Heliport
53CO - Rons Field Airport
52CO - Mountain View Ranch Airport
51CO - Kremmling Memorial Hospital Heliport
50CO - Castle Rock Adventist Health Campus Heliport
4V1 - Spanish Peaks Airfield Airport
4V0 - Rangely Airport
4CO9 - Beaver Creek Heliport
4CO8 - Kelgun Airport
4CO7 - Ambrosich Field Airport
4CO6 - Lutheran Medical Center Heliport
4CO5 - Pioneers Heliport
4CO4 - St Anthony North Heliport
4CO3 - Griffin Field Airport
4CO2 - Owl Canyon Gliderport
4CO1 - Lockheed Martin Heliport
4CO0 - Glen-Aspen Airport
4CD0 - Parkview Medical Center West Heliport
49CO - Air Dusters Inc Airport
48CO - Shaull Farm Airstrip Airport
47CO - Mile Hi Airport
46CO - Huerfano Ag Airport
45CO - Ag-Air Inc Heliport
44CO - Redlands Airport
43CO - Boeing Field Airport
42CO - St Anthony's Hospital Heliport
41CO - Flying Dog Ranch Airstrip Airport
3CO9 - D B Smith Memorial Heliport
3CO8 - E P M C Heliport
3CO7 - Dietrichs Airport
3CO5 - Texas Creek Heliport
3CO4 - Tercio Ranch Airstrip Airport
3CO3 - Sterling Regional Med Center Heliport
3CO2 - Mertens Airport
3CO1 - Cridler Field Airport
3CO0 - Sky Island Ranch Airport
39CO - Flying M Ranch Airport
38CO - Basin Clinic Heliport
37CO - Ash Mesa Heliport
36CO - Fat Chance Airport
35CO - Lone Tree Ranch Airport
34CO - Simons Airport
34CD - Elk Park Ranch Airport
33V - Walden-Jackson County Airport
33CO - Melby Ranch Airstrip Airport
32CO - Braun Airport
31CO - Whomble Airport
31CD - Diamond Star Ranch Airport
30CO - Desiderata Ranch Airport
2V6 - Yuma Municipal Airport
2V5 - Wray Municipal Airport
2CO9 - Lands End Heliport
2CO8 - East Morgan County Hospital Heliport
2CO7 - St Mary-Corwin Hospital Heliport
2CO6 - Manor House Heliport
2CO5 - Gunnison River Farms Airport
2CO4 - Presbyterian/St Luke's Med Center Heliport
2CO3 - Jackrabbit Strip Airport
2CO2 - Las Arenas Earth and Sky Observatory Airport
2CO1 - Cherokee Trail Ranch Airport
2CO0 - Heli-One American Support, Llc Heliport
2CD9 - Kellogg Airstrip Airport
2CD8 - Children's Hospital Colorado Heliport
2CD7 - Turnberry Ranch Heliport
2CD6 - Yukon Airport
2CD5 - Elk Mountain Resort Heliport
2CD4 - West Divide Airport
2CD3 - Bijou Springs Ranch Airport
2CD2 - Medical Center of The Rockies Heliport
29CO - St Mary's Hospital & Medical Center Heliport
28CO - Blm Fire Center Heliport
27CO - Roubideau Airport
26CO - Melissa Memorial Hospital Heliport
25CO - Crystal Lakes Airport
25CD - Lux Field Airport
24CO - Building 910 Heliport
24CD - Michigan River Ranch Heliport
23CO - High Mesa Airport
23CD - Aviation Acres Airport
22CO - Flying E Airport
22CD - Platte Valley Medical Center Heliport
21CO - Southlands Ed Heliport
20V - Mc Elroy Airfield Airport
20CO - Lookout Center Field Heliport
1V8 - Leach Airport
1V6 - Fremont County Airport
1CO9 - Mchd Heliport
1CO8 - Everitt Airport
1CO7 - Dodsworth Airport
1CO6 - Lands End Microwave Heliport
1CO5 - Melon Field Airport
1CO4 - Clifford Field Airport
1CO3 - Bellmore Farms Airport
1CO2 - Williams Ranch Airport
1CO1 - Mount Morrison Heliport
1CO0 - The Medical Center of Aurora Heliport
1CD5 - Rio Grande Hospital Heliport
1CD4 - Eagle Soaring Airport
1CD2 - Reck Airstrip Airport
1CD1 - Reed International Airport
1CD0 - Murphy Heliport
19CO - Uch-Mhs Memorial Central Heliport
18V - Platte Valley Airpark Airport
18CO - Rangely District Hospital Heliport
17V - Haxtun Municipal Airport
17CO - Skylane Ranch Airport
16CO - Dry Pen Airport
15CO - Swedish Medical Center Heliport
13R - Kenney Reservoir Seaplane Base
13CO - Mann Heliport
12CO - Omega 1 Airport
11V - Easton/Valley View/ Airport
10CO - Mack Mesa Airport
0CO9 - Van Treese Airport
0CO7 - Century Helicopters Heliport
0CO6 - Flying M & M Ranch Airport
0CO5 - Lebeau Ranch Airport
0CO2 - Crested Butte Airpark Airport
0CO1 - Dave's Airport
0CO0 - Longmont United Hospital Heliport
0CD9 - Swedish S W Medical Heliport
0CD8 - Prowers Medical Center Heliport
0CD7 - Fox Hole Airport
0CD6 - Exempla Good Samaritan Heliport
0CD5 - Pinon Canyon Airport
0CD4 - Kauffman Heliport
0CD2 - Foxx Valley Airport
0CD1 - Colorado Plains Medical Center Heliport
0CD0 - Delta County Memorial Hospital Heliport
09CO - Cottonwood Field Airport
08CO - Terra Firma Airport
07V - Cuchara Valley At La Veta Airport
07CO - Comanche Creek Airport
06CO - Jecan Airport
05V - Blanca Airport
05CO - Rancho De Aereo Airport
04V - Saguache Municipal Airport
03CO - Kugel-Strong Airport
02CO - Mc Cullough Airport
01CO - St Vincent General Hospital Heliport
00C - Animas Air Park Airport