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Z99 - Mettie Airstrip Airport
YKM - Yakima Air Trml/Mcallister Field Airport
WT89 - Tri-State Memorial Hospital Ems Heliport
WT88 - Hill Airport
WT78 - Bldg Care Ems Helistop Heliport
WT77 - Rocky Bay Airport
WT70 - Diablo Heliport
WT55 - Area 55 David C Smith Heliport
WT51 - Fire District 3 Heliport
WT44 - Michair Airport
WT37 - Lockwood Dry Coulee Airport
WT34 - Blaine Sectors Hqs Heliport
WT33 - Skid Row Seaplane Base
WT32 - Hart Airport
WT29 - Maletti Hill Lz Heliport
WT28 - Kiwi Air Heliport
WT24 - Reed Airport
WT22 - Graves Field Heliport
WT21 - Radial Flyer Airport
WT18 - Meise Field Airport
WT15 - Cutty Field Airport
WT04 - Silverbird Airport
WT02 - Hammer Evoc Skid Pad Heliport
WT01 - Hillcrest Farms Airport
WT00 - Harbor Regional Health Heliport
WS87 - Port Field Airport
WN96 - Misty Isle Farms Heliport
WN94 - East Adams Rural Hospital Heliport
WN93 - Park 90 Heliport
WN92 - Sky Meadows Airpark Airport
WN91 - Evans Heliport
WN88 - Fairhurst Field Airport
WN87 - Bryan Airport
WN84 - Lower Monumental Dam Heliport
WN82 - Ferry County Memorial Hospital Heliport
WN81 - Ice Harbor Dam Heliport
WN80 - Walters Arv Ultralight
WN79 - Haley Heliport
WN77 - Wnp-2 Plant Support Facility Heliport
WN76 - Bergseth Field Airport
WN74 - Burnt Ridge Airstrip Airport
WN73 - St Joseph Hospital Main Campus Heliport
WN72 - Kinch Farms Airport
WN71 - Evans Heliport
WN67 - Southwest Washington Medical Center Heliport
WN65 - My Airport
WN64 - J K D Farms Airport
WN61 - Tai's Landing Airport
WN59 - Nelsons Nitch Airport
WN58 - Capital Medical Center Heliport
WN56 - Columbia Basin Hospital Heliport
WN55 - Randle-Kiona Airpark Airport
WN54 - Ellerport Airport
WN53 - Frontier Airpark Airport
WN52 - Cougar Heliport
WN51 - Bayview Farms Airport
WN50 - St Joseph Hospital Heliport
WN49 - Blue Heron Field Airport
WN48 - Kimbrel Farm Airport
WN47 - Bear Valley Skyranch Airport
WN45 - Take Five Airport
WN43 - Lower Granite Dam Heliport
WN42 - Flying H Ranch Airport
WN41 - Redfern Aerodrome Airport
WN40 - Coupeville Airpark Airport
WN38 - Ross Complex Heliport
WN37 - Mclaughlin Heliport
WN35 - Meadowmist Airport
WN33 - Columbia Ag 2 Airport
WN32 - Newport Community Hospital Heliport
WN31 - Slinkard Airfield Airport
WN29 - Blue Ribbon Airport
WN26 - Schoepflin Airport
WN23 - Grand View International Airport
WN22 - Lake Union Heliport
WN21 - Lawson Airpark Airport
WN20 - Van De Plasch Airport
WN18 - Becker's Landing Airport
WN17 - Hoverhawk Ranch Airport
WN16 - Komo TV Heliport
WN15 - Burnett Landing Airport
WN14 - Pete's Airport
WN13 - Vaughan Ranch Airfield Airport
WN12 - Fishtrap Heliport
WN10 - Mount St Helen's Aero Ranch Airport
WN08 - Kendall Airstrip Airport
WN07 - Decatur Shores Airport
WN06 - Providence Southgate Medical Park Heliport
WN05 - Harris Airport
WN04 - Elk Heights Airport
WN01 - Seattle Private Number One Heliport
WN00 - Kimshan Ranch Airport
WA99 - Union Heliport
WA98 - Cascade Heliport
WA97 - Buena Airport
WA96 - Leisureland Airpark Airport
WA95 - Skyqueen Airport
WA94 - Washington Air Museum Heliport
WA93 - Eliza Island Airport
WA92 - Mc Neil Island Emergency Pad Heliport
WA91 - Pathfinder Helicopter Heliport
WA90 - Floathaven Airstrip Airport
WA89 - Kadlec Regional Medical Center Heliport
WA88 - Horse Fly Airport
WA87 - Parkside Airpark Airport
WA86 - Boeing - Auburn Complex Heliport
WA85 - Weyerhaeuser Heliport
WA84 - Auburn Academy Airport
WA83 - Westsound/Wsx Seaplane Base
WA82 - The Boeing Company Heliport
WA81 - Evergreen North-South Airpark Airport
WA80 - Mc Clellan Field Airport
WA79 - Walter Suttons Strip Airport
WA78 - Sky River Ranch Airport
WA77 - Enumclaw Airport
WA76 - Dogs Run Free Airport
WA75 - Flying 'O' Ranch Heliport
WA74 - Quincy Flying Service Airport
WA73 - Smith Airport
WA72 - Zema Private Airport
WA71 - Kelly Ranch Heliport
WA70 - Quinault Indian Nation Heliport
WA69 - Tacoma Command Post Heliport
WA68 - Sky Valley Airstrip Airport
WA67 - Green Mountain Airport
WA66 - Spring Creek Ranch Airport
WA65 - Washington Ntl Guard - Sinclair Heights Heliport
WA63 - Pleasant Farm Airport
WA62 - Paradise Air Ranch Airport
WA61 - Thompson Airport
WA60 - Fort Discovery Heliport
WA59 - Rake's Glen Airport
WA58 - Neptune Spear Heliport
WA57 - Bluecreek Airport
WA56 - Blackheart Heliport
WA55 - Elliott Park Heliport
WA54 - 1001 Fourth Avenue Plaza Heliport
WA53 - Harborview Medical Center Heliport
WA52 - Deer Flat Airport
WA51 - Samaritan Hospital Rms Heliport
WA50 - Fire District 5 Ems Heliport
WA49 - Flying R Ranch Airport
WA47 - The Time Portal Heliport
WA46 - Daybreak Airport
WA45 - Olympic Field Airport
WA43 - Janes Heliport
WA42 - Stacey's Airport
WA41 - Lake Sawyer Double Ee Seaplane Base
WA40 - Darrington Clinic Ems Heliport
WA39 - Crow Valley Airport
WA38 - South Cove Heliport
WA37 - Chinook Farms Airport
WA35 - Clam Harbor Airport
WA34 - Newhalem Office Heliport
WA33 - Shaw Island Trust Heliport
WA32 - Seaplane Scenics At Carillon Point Seaplane Base
WA31 - Reoh1 Heliport
WA30 - Lacrosse Municipal Airport
WA29 - La Center View-Air Airport
WA28 - Private H/C Pad Heliport
WA27 - Tom Matson Enumclaw Heliport
WA26 - Harrah Airport
WA25 - Green Valley Airfield Airport
WA24 - Pfister's Airport
WA23 - Pine Bluff Airport
WA22 - Mirth Airport
WA21 - Sunshine Acres Airport
WA20 - Pianosa Flying Farm Ultralight
WA19 - Berkley Structures Heliport
WA18 - Decatur /Jones/ Airport
WA17 - Millionaire Heliport
WA16 - Banas Field Airport
WA15 - Coulee City Airport
WA14 - Connell City Airport
WA13 - Seaplane Landing Area Seaplane Base
WA12 - Acme Field Airport
WA11 - Hartford Industrial Heliport
WA10 - Page Airport
WA09 - Roche Harbor Airport
WA08 - Zwainz Farms Airport
WA07 - Barker Airport
WA06 - Don Johnson Home Heliport
WA05 - Cormorant Heliport
WA04 - Kyles Airport
WA03 - Tristan Heliport
WA02 - The Island Hospital Heliport
WA01 - Wirkkala Airport
WA00 - Mercer Ranch Airport
W66 - Port Angeles Seaplane Base
W58 - Cedars North Airport
W56 - Fly For Fun Airport
W55 - Kenmore Air Seaplane Base
W52 - Goheen Airport
W49 - Rosario Seaplane Base
W39 - Roche Harbor Seaplane Base
W37 - American Lake Seaplane Base
W36 - Will Rogers Wiley Post Memorial Seaplane Base
W33 - Friday Harbor Seaplane Base
W28 - Sequim Valley Airport
W27 - Woodland State Airport
W20 - Moses Lake Municipal Airport
W16 - First Air Field Airport
W12 - Lost River Airport
W10 - Whidbey Air Park Airport
W09 - Lower Monumental State Airport
W04 - Ocean Shores Municipal Airport
W01 - Tonasket Municipal Airport
VUO - Pearson Field Airport
UIL - Quillayute Airport
TIW - Tacoma Narrows Airport
TDO - Ed Carlson Memorial Field/South Lewis County Airport
TCM - Mcchord Field (Joint Base Lewis-Mcchord) Airport
SKA - Fairchild AFB Airport
SHN - Sanderson Field Airport
SFF - Felts Field Airport
SEA - Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
S97 - Anderson Field Airport
S95 - Martin Field Airport
S94 - Port of Whitman Business Air Center Airport
S93 - Cle Elum Municipal Airport
S88 - Skykomish State Airport
S70 - Othello Municipal Airport
S60 - Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base
S52 - Methow Valley State Airport
S50 - Auburn Municipal Airport
S43 - Harvey Field Airport
S40 - Prosser Airport
S36 - Norman Grier Field Airport
S35 - Okanogan Legion Airport
S31 - Lopez Island Airport
S23 - Ione Municipal Airport
S20 - Goldendale Airport
S18 - Forks Airport
S16 - Copalis State Airport
S10 - Lake Chelan Airport
RNT - Renton Municipal Airport
RLD - Richland Airport
R49 - Ferry County Airport
PWT - Bremerton Ntl Airport
PUW - Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport
PSC - Tri-Cities Airport
PLU - Pierce County - Thun Field Airport
PAE - Seattle Paine Field International Airport
ORS - Orcas Island Airport
OMK - Omak Airport
OLM - Olympia Regional Airport
OKH - Delaurentis Airport
NUW - Whidbey Island NAS (Ault Field) Airport
NRA - Coupeville NOLF Airport
NOW - Port Angeles CGAS Airport
MWH - Grant County International Airport
M94 - Desert Aire Regional Airport
KLS - Southwest Washington Regional Airport
HQM - Bowerman Airport
GRF - Gray AAF (Joint Base Lewis-Mcchord) Airport
GEG - Spokane International Airport
FHR - Friday Harbor Airport
FCT - Vagabond AHP Heliport
FA99 - Fantasy Field Airstrip Airport
ESW - Easton State Airport
EPH - Ephrata Municipal Airport
ELN - Bowers Field Airport
EBY - Us Coast Guard Station Neah Bay Heliport
EAT - Pangborn Memorial Airport
DEW - Deer Park Airport
D69 - Rogersburg Airport
CLS - Chehalis-Centralia Airport
CLM - William R Fairchild International Airport
C72 - Cross Winds Airport
BVS - Skagit Regional Airport
BLI - Bellingham International Airport
BFI - Boeing Field/King County International Airport
AWO - Arlington Municipal Airport
ALW - Walla Walla Regional Airport
9WA9 - Naval Submarine Base Bangor Heliport
9WA8 - Mason General Hospital Heliport
9WA7 - Albritton Airport
9WA6 - Puget Sound Plaza Heliport
9WA5 - Mid-Valley Hospital Ems Heliport
9WA4 - Piper Canyon Airport
9WA3 - River Bend Airport
9WA2 - Odessa Memorial Hospital Heliport
9WA1 - Quincy Valley Hospital Ems Heliport
9WA0 - Boeing Plant 2 Heliport
99WA - Providence Medical Plaza Heliport
98WT - St Michael Medical Center Heliport
98WA - Zirkle Fruit Company Heliport
97WT - Harrison Silverdale Ems Helistop Heliport
97WA - Basin City Airfield Airport
96WA - Jim & Julie's Airport
96VE - Beiter Airport
95WA - Black Diamond Airport
94WA - Wishkah River Ranch Airport
93WA - Lakesamish Seaplane Base
92WA - Conner Heliport
91WT - Riverview Airpark Airport
91WA - Christensen Bros Wahluke Strip Airport
90WA - Waldron Airstrip Airport
8WT0 - Eastern State Hospital Ems Heliport
8WA9 - Broadcast House Helistop Heliport
8WA8 - Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Emergency Room Heliport
8WA7 - Gossard Field Airport
8WA6 - Christensen Field Airport
8WA5 - Tree Heart Ranch Airport
8WA4 - Providence St Peters Hospital Heliport
8WA3 - Valley Medical Center Heliport
8WA2 - Boeing Renton Ramp Site Nr 2 Heliport
8WA1 - Lone Star Pad 1 Heliport
8WA0 - Flying B Airport
8W9 - R & K Skyranch Airport
8W5 - Apex Airpark Airport
8W3 - Mansfield Airport
8S2 - Cashmere-Dryden Airport
8AN6 - Isaacson Airport
89WA - Williams Airpatch Airport
88WA - Deer Harbor Seaplane Base
87WA - Trios Women & Childrens Hospital Heliport
86WA - Kapowsin Field Airport
85WA - Delta Golf Lz Heliport
84WA - D and B Airpark Airport
83WA - Darcy's Air Strip Airport
83Q - Port of Poulsbo Marina Moorage Seaplane Base
82WN - Magee Creek Aerodrome Airport
82WA - Kittitas Valley Healthcare Heliport
81W - Fishermans Bay Seaplane Base
81WA - Jobe Skis Plant 1 Heliport
80WA - Sfs Airpark Airport
80T - Quincy Municipal Airport
7WA9 - Ocean Beach Hospital Heliport
7WA8 - Multi Care Health System Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport
7WA7 - Kautz Creek Helibase Heliport
7WA5 - Stuart Island Airpark Airport
7WA4 - Humbert Airport
7WA3 - Westwind Airport
7WA2 - Jefferson General Hospital Heliport
7WA1 - Eclipse Heliport
7WA0 - Big Andy Airport
7W1 - Port of Ilwaco Airport
79WT - West Ranch Airport
79WA - Rnr Farms Airport
78WA - Center Island Airport
77WA - Providence Mount Carmel Hospital Heliport
76WA - Heineck Farm Airport
75WA - Port Elsner Airport
75DC - Oakesdale Airport
74WA - Mattawa Air Strip Airport
74S - Anacortes Airport
73WT - Mc Gregor Airport
73WA - 7 Bays Airport
73S - Willard Field Airport
72WA - Hiline Heliport
72S - Rosalia Municipal Airport
70WA - Whitman Community Hospital Heliport
70S - Mead Flying Service Airport
6WA9 - Cascade Valley Hospital Heliport
6WA8 - East Gig Harbor Heliport
6WA7 - Metaline Radio Heliport
6WA6 - Carr Airport
6WA5 - Wilding Farm Airport
6WA4 - Ochoa Field Airport
6WA3 - Green Acres Airport
6WA2 - Gower Field Airport
6WA1 - Sampson Heliport
6WA0 - St Joseph's Hospital Heliport
6S9 - Stehekin State Airport
69WT - Quartermaster Harbor Seaplane Base
69WA - Malaga Heliport
69S - Avey Field Airport
68WA - Mc Mahon Field Airport
68S - Davenport Airport
67WA - Greenbluff Meadows Airport
66WA - Trout Lake Airport
65WA - Wissler's Airport
64WA - Everett I Heliport
63WA - Boyle R & D Airport
63S - Colville Municipal Airport
62WA - Lakewood Heliport
61WA - Burden Field-(Rabbit Run) Airport
60WA - J J H Heliport
5WA9 - Brush Prairie Aerodrome Airport
5WA8 - Hogan's Corner Airport
5WA7 - Wild Hair Airport
5WA6 - Foster Heliport
5WA5 - Rules Roost Airport
5WA3 - St Mary Medical Center Heliport
5WA2 - Butler Field Airport
5WA1 - Dorman Field Airport
5WA0 - Sourdough Airport
5W1 - Wilson Creek Airport
59WA - Sorrell Airport
59AS - Becker Field Airport
58WT - Goshen Heliport
58WA - Dye Seed Ranch Inc Airport
57WA - Crown Creek Ranch Airport
56WA - Tacoma Seaplane Base
55WA - Wilkinson Ranch Airport
55S - Packwood Airport
54WA - Tukwila Operations Center Heliport
53WT - Forks Community Hospital Heliport
53WA - Columbia Ag Airport
52WT - Galt's Gulch Airport
52WA - Honn Farm Airport
51WT - Whiterik Field Airport
51WA - Evergreen Sky Ranch Airport
4WA9 - Port Orchard Airport
4WA8 - Riverside Airport
4WA7 - Mark Reed Hospital Heliport
4WA6 - Security Services Northwest Hq Heliport
4WA4 - Windsock Airport
4WA3 - St John's Medical Center Heliport
4WA2 - Cricket Field Airport
4WA1 - Brown's Cape Horn Airport
4WA0 - B & G Farms Airport
4W0 - Bandera State Airport
4S6 - Tieton State Airport
49WA - Cougar Mountain Airfield Airport
48WA - West Valley Airport
47WA - Fitz Pad One Heliport
46WA - Don Williams Private Heliport
45WA - Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Heliport
44WA - Skyline Hospital Ems Heliport
44T - Hoskins Field Airport
43WA - Wilson Heliport
43IG - Grayland Intergalactic Airport
43D - Odessa Municipal Airport
42WA - Sheffels Ranch Airport
41WA - Central Washington Hospital Heliport
40WA - Signal Peak Lookout Heliport
3WA9 - Sequim Ems Heliport
3WA8 - Evergreen Hospital Heliport
3WA7 - Kent Benaroya Heliport
3WA6 - Summit Pacific Medical Center Heliport
3WA5 - Barnes Lonesome Polecat Ranch Heliport
3WA4 - Watson Airport
3WA3 - Angel Park Airport
3WA2 - Hanes Airport
3WA1 - Johnson's Landing Ultralight
3WA0 - Taylor Airport
3W7 - Grand Coulee Dam Airport
3W5 - Mears Field Airport
3B8 - Shady Acres Airport
39WA - Tailskid Ranch Airport
39P - Strom Field Airport
38W - Lynden Municipal/Jansen Field Airport
38WA - Blakely Island Airport
37WA - Baumann Farm Inc Airport
36WA - Bob's Field Airport
35WA - Fisher Ranch Airport
34WA - Orbit Heliport
33WA - Franz Ranch Airport
33S - Pru Field Airport
32WA - Ross Airport
31WA - Mary Bridge Heliport
30WA - Weller Canyon Airport
2WN9 - Hillcrest Airport
2WA9 - Touchet Valley Airport
2WA8 - Kramer Ranch Airport
2WA7 - Providence Centralia Hospital Heliport
2WA6 - Rice Ranch Airport
2WA5 - Coulee Medical Cntr Heliport
2WA4 - Bainbridge Island Fire Dept Heliport
2WA3 - Stuart Island West Airport
2WA2 - Red Rock Field Airport
2WA1 - Diamond Point Airstrip Airport
2WA0 - Pcfd Nr 26 Heliport
2W3 - Swanson Airport
2W1 - De Vere Field Airport
2S9 - Willapa Harbor Airport
2S8 - Wilbur Airport
2S5 - Waterville Airport
2S4 - Warden Airport
2S1 - Vashon Municipal Airport
2S0 - Twisp Municipal Airport
29WA - Crossings Heliport
28WA - Robert L Delanoy Airport
27W - Lake Wenatchee State Airport
27WA - Jc's Airport
26WA - Olympic Memorial Hospital Heliport
25WA - Hart Ranch Airport
24WA - Othello Community Hospital Heliport
23WA - Bcag - Frederickson Heliport
22WA - Gollehon Airport
21W - Ranger Creek Airport
21WA - St Joseph Community Hospital Heliport
21H - Skyline Seaplane Base
20WA - Skyraider Skyranch Airport
1WT6 - Overlake Hospital Ems Heliport
1WN0 - Schmidt Ranch Airport
1WA9 - Friday West Airport
1WA8 - Madigan Hospital Heliport
1WA7 - Kemper Development Company Heliport
1WA6 - Fall City Airport
1WA5 - General Hospital of Everett Heliport
1WA4 - Providence Hospital Heliport
1WA3 - Calkins Equipment Company Heliport
1WA2 - Pilot's Pastures Airport
1WA1 - Weber Point Heliport
1WA0 - Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital Heliport
1W1 - Grove Field Airport
1S9 - Chewelah Municipal Airport
1S5 - Sunnyside Municipal Airport
1S2 - Darrington Municipal Airport
1RL - Point Roberts Airpark Airport
19WA - Key Way Airport
18WA - Pasco Heliport
18JY - Skamokawa East Valley Airport
17WA - Roesler Timber Company Heliport
16W - Little Goose Lock and Dam Airport
16WA - Tightcliff Airport
15WA - Sunset Airport
15S - Lester State Ultralight
14WA - Lz Ranch Airport
14S - Westport Airport
13W - Camano Island Airfield Airport
13WA - Rocky Pond Airstrip Airport
12WA - Fowlers Nw 40 Airport
11WA - Homeport Airport
11S - Sekiu Airport
10WA - Flying L Airport
0WN9 - Wings For Christ Airport
0WN6 - Blue Thunder Heliport
0WN4 - Olympia Heliport
0WN2 - Coopers Landing Airport
0WN1 - Shangri-La Airport
0WN0 - Rucilla's Roost Airport
0WA9 - Naval Station Everett Heliport
0WA8 - Childrens Hospital Emergency Heliport
0WA7 - Shamrock Port Heliport
0WA6 - Swedish Edmonds Heliport
0WA5 - Ware Mountain Heliport
0WA4 - Macon Heliport
0WA3 - Skagit Valley Hospital Heliport
0WA2 - Curtis Airport
0WA1 - Dwight Field Airport
0WA0 - Streamline Heliport
0W7 - Floathaven Seaplane Base
0W0 - Seattle Seaplanes Seaplane Base
0S9 - Jefferson County International Airport
0S7 - Dorothy Scott International Airport
0S0 - Lind Airport
09WA - Holy Family Hospital Heliport
09S - Sullivan Lake State Airport
08WA - P-L Ranch Airport
07WA - Multicare Deaconess Hospital Heliport
06WN - Western Airpark Airport
06WA - N A Degerstrom Yard Heliport
05WN - Flat Creek Field Airport
05WA - Sacred Heart Medical Center Helistop Heliport
04WN - Stillwater Creek Airport
04WA - Ox Meadows Airport
03WT - Lopez Medical Clinic Heliport
03WN - Aerostone Airfield Airport
03WA - Spangle Field Airport
02WN - Fowler Field Airport
02WA - Cawleys South Prairie Airport
01WT - Odyssey Heliport
01WN - Whidbey General Hospital Heliport
01WA - Willapa Harbor Heliport
00WN - Hawks Run Airport
00W - Lower Granite State Airport
00WA - Howell Airport