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X33 - Doniphan Municipal Airport
VIH - Rolla Ntl Airport
VER - Jesse Viertel Memorial Airport
UUV - Sullivan Regional Airport
UNO - West Plains Regional Airport
UBX - Cuba Municipal Airport
TVB - Cabool Memorial Airport
TRX - Trenton Municipal Airport
TKX - Kennett Memorial Airport
TBN - Waynesville-St Robert Regional Forney Field Airport
SZL - Whiteman AFB Airport
SUS - Spirit of St Louis Airport
STL - St Louis Lambert International Airport
STJ - Rosecrans Memorial Airport
SIK - Sikeston Memorial Municipal Airport
SGF - Springfield-Branson Ntl Airport
SET - St Charles County Regional/Smartt Field Airport
RCM - Skyhaven Airport
RAW - Warsaw Municipal Airport
PYN - Piedmont Municipal Airport
POF - Poplar Bluff Regional Business Airport
PLK - M Graham Clark Downtown Airport
PCD - Perryville Regional Airport
OZS - Camdenton Memorial-Lake Regional Airport
OMU9 - Kollmeyer Airport
NVD - Nevada Municipal Airport
MYJ - Mexico Memorial Airport
MU99 - Walnut Glen Farm Airport
MU98 - Eagles Nest Airport
MU97 - Lexington Municipal Airport
MU96 - South City Hospital Heliport
MU95 - First Precinct Police Heliport
MU94 - Galmey Heliport
MU92 - Northeast Regional Medical Center Heliport
MU91 - Lake Regional Health System Heliport
MU90 - Falcon Heliport
MU89 - Woodland Airstrip Airport
MU88 - Yarbro Field Airport
MU84 - Michael Farm Airport
MU83 - Air Port Hudson Airport
MU79 - Delta Center Heliport #1 Heliport
MU78 - Taylor Field Airport
MU77 - Aero Britton Airport
MU76 - Fisher Delta Research Center Lee Farm Heliport
MU75 - Ssm Health St Mary's Heliport
MU73 - Spencer Field Airport
MU72 - Maune Flightpark Ultralight
MU71 - Vandahl Airport
MU70 - Skyview Airport
MU68 - Eu-Wish Airport
MU67 - Dst Heliport
MU66 - Winfield Manor Heliport
MU65 - Lakeside Airport
MU64 - Capital Region Medical Center Heliport
MU63 - Blumenstetter Airport
MU62 - Hilltop Airport
MU61 - Belton Regional Medical Center Heliport
MU60 - Western Missouri Medical Center Heliport
MU59 - Lester E Cox Medical Center North Heliport
MU58 - Va Medical Center Heliport
MU57 - Flib Field Airport
MU54 - General John J Pershing Memorial Hospital Heliport
MU53 - Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center Heliport
MU52 - Ssm Health Cardinal Glennon Childrens Hospital Heliport
MU50 - Riley House Heliport
MU49 - Riley Brancus Ranch Heliport
MU48 - Sunburst Ranch Airport
MU47 - Nemo Coal Company Heliport
MU46 - Arrowhead Airpark Airport
MU45 - Missouri Delta Medical Center Heliport
MU44 - Texas County Memorial Hospital Heliport
MU43 - Mosaic Life Care Heliport
MU42 - St Lukes East Heliport
MU41 - Ingram Airport
MU40 - Lake Village Airport
MU39 - Van's Heliport
MU38 - Bogard-Cowgill Airport
MU37 - University Hospitals & Clinics Heliport
MU36 - Eagle's Roost Heliport
MU35 - Tallen Airport
MU32 - Sugar Branch Airport
MU31 - Saunders Field Airport
MU30 - Progress West Hospital Heliport
MU29 - Three Rivers Healthcare Hospital Heliport
MU28 - Mercy Health Cassville Heliport
MU27 - Woodfield Airpark Inc Airport
MU26 - Robinson Airport
MU25 - Piney Bend Airport
MU24 - Brass Lantern Airpark Airport
MU23 - White Cloud Flying Field Airport
MU22 - Joseph Scott Airport
MU21 - Miller Farm Airport
MU20 - Robbins Airport
MU19 - Cherokee Airpark Airport
MU18 - Stark Airport
MU17 - Ray County Memorial Hospital Heliport
MU16 - Spillman Field Airport
MU15 - Madison Medical Center Heliport
MU14 - Pepper Field Airport
MU13 - Wray Airfield Airport
MU12 - Childress Airstrip Airport
MU11 - Eagle's Landing Airport
MU10 - Southeast Health Heliport
MU09 - Hester Airport
MU08 - Lee's Summit Heliport
MU07 - Angle Bar M Airport
MU06 - Shorten Airfield Airport
MU05 - Arch Heliport
MU04 - Broadwater Airport
MU03 - Stockwell Field Airport
MU02 - C E F Airport
MU01 - Dogwood Canyon Heliport
MU00 - Samuel L Clemens Memorial Airport
MO9 - Kingsley Airfield Airport
MO99 - Miller Airport
MO98 - Williams Airport
MO97 - Ssm Health St. Joseph Hospital-Wentzville Heliport
MO95 - Coose Field Airport
MO94 - Starr Airport
MO93 - Keeven Air Ranch Airport
MO92 - Ssm Health Depaul Hospital-St Louis Heliport
MO91 - Barnes Jewish Hospital Heliport
MO8 - North Central Missouri Regional Airport
MO89 - Christian Outreach Airfield Airport
MO88 - Columbia Regional Hospital Heliport
MO87 - Powis Airport
MO86 - Sanctuary Airport
MO85 - Wells Airport
MO84 - Viburnum Airport
MO82 - Howard Airport
MO81 - Dove Airstrip Airport
MO80 - Oak Ridge Airpark Airport
MO7 - St Louis Downtown Heliport
MO78 - Stickle Cattle Farms Airport
MO77 - Arnika Ranch Airport
MO76 - Life Line 2 Heliport
MO75 - Brownsberger Airport
MO74 - Cedar Creek Airport
MO73 - Rolling Shoals Farm Airport
MO72 - Flying 'J' Ranch Airport
MO71 - Block Air Village Airport
MO70 - Mosaic Medical Center-Maryville Heliport
MO69 - Baptist Medical Center Heliport
MO68 - Eads Ridge Airport
MO67 - Hayes Field Airport
MO66 - Linden Air Airport
MO65 - Misty Meadows Airport
MO64 - Kimberling Airport
MO63 - St Luke's Northland Hospital Heliport
MO61 - Bowen Field Ultralight
MO60 - Ssm Health St. Clare Hospital-Fenton Heliport
MO5 - Bollinger-Crass Memorial Airport
MO59 - Lee's Summit Medical Center Heliport
MO58 - Waldemer Flying W Ranch Airport
MO57 - Henderson Mounds E B G Airport
MO56 - Lost Mine Airport
MO55 - Ssm Health St Louis University Hospital Heliport
MO54 - Dudley Airport
MO53 - Meadows Airport
MO52 - Missouri Baptist Hospital Heliport
MO51 - Schaback Strip Airport
MO50 - St Francis Medical Center Heliport
MO49 - Five Mile Airport
MO48 - Red Oak Airport
MO47 - Air Ambulance Heliport
MO46 - Walker Airport
MO45 - Sky-Vu Airport
MO44 - Ssm Health St. Joseph Hospital-St. Charles Heliport
MO43 - Wilkins Airport
MO42 - Lomo 4 Heliport
MO41 - Landing Pad Heliport
MO40 - Salem Memorial Hospital Heliport
MO3 - Stockton Municipal Airport
MO39 - Baldwin Airport
MO38 - Branson Helicopters Heliport
MO37 - Ridgeview Ranch Airport
MO36 - Eisberg Farms Airport
MO35 - Harvey Airport
MO34 - Ellingsen Field Airport
MO33 - Barlet's Base Airport
MO32 - Table Rock Airport
MO31 - Robert Jones Airport
MO30 - Harbour Airport
MO2 - Flying Bar H Ranch Airport
MO29 - Inter-State Airport
MO28 - Blue Springs Heliport
MO27 - Ccc Airport
MO26 - Peterson Farm Airport
MO25 - Shatto Farm Airport
MO24 - Lonesome Sky Airport
MO23 - Phillips Field Airport
MO22 - Jta Asbell Field Airport
MO21 - St Joseph Medical Center Heliport
MO20 - Nevada Regional Medical Center Heliport
MO1 - Richland Municipal Airport
MO19 - American Legion-Village of Centertown Heliport
MO18 - Bill Lee Memorial Airport
MO17 - Garst Airport
MO16 - Baugh Flight Park Ultralight
MO15 - C2k Airport
MO14 - Marshall Field Airport
MO13 - B and S Farms Airfield Airport
MO12 - St Lukes Hospital West Heliport
MO11 - Barron Aviation Airport
MO10 - Airevac Elevated Heliport
MO09 - Sharpe Farms Airport
MO08 - Homan Field Airport
MO07 - Adventures Aloft Airport
MO06 - Discovery Bay At Norwalk Landing Airport
MO05 - Truman Medical Center Hsd Heliport
MO04 - Bel-Voir Acres Airport
MO03 - Ameren Taum Sauk Heliport
MO02 - Lake Ozark Helicopters Heliport
MO01 - Cuinche Airport
MO00 - Turkey Mountain Airport
MNF - Mountain View Airport
MKC - Charles B Wheeler Downtown Airport
MHL - Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport
MCI - Kansas City International Airport
MBY - Omar N Bradley Airport
MAW - Malden Regional Airport
M85 - Gideon Memorial Airport
M71 - Greensfield Airport
M48 - Houston Memorial Airport
M28 - Mid Continent Airport
M17 - Bolivar Municipal Airport
M12 - Steele Municipal Airport
M05 - Caruthersville Memorial Airport
LXT - Lee's Summit Municipal Airport
LRY - Lawrence Smith Memorial Airport
LLU - Lamar Municipal Airport
LBO - Floyd W Jones Lebanon Airport
K89 - Macon-Fower Memorial Airport
K57 - Gould Peterson Municipal Airport
K52 - Cpt Ben Smith Airfield - Monroe City Airport
K43 - Unionville Municipal Airport
K33 - Salem Memorial Airport
K26 - Carrollton Memorial Airport
K19 - Albany Municipal Airport
K15 - Grand Glaize-Osage Beach Airport
K07 - Rolla Downtown Airport
JLN - Joplin Regional Airport
JEF - Jefferson City Memorial Airport
IRK - Kirksville Regional Airport
HIG - Higginsville Industrial Municipal Airport
HFJ - Monett Regional Airport
HAE - Hannibal Regional Airport
H88 - A Paul Vance Fredericktown Regional Airport
H79 - Eldon Model Airpark Airport
H58 - Owen Field Airport
H57 - Bismarck Memorial Airport
H27 - Gainesville Memorial Airport
H19 - Bowling Green Municipal Airport
H17 - Buffalo Municipal Airport
GPH - Midwest Ntl Air Center Airport
GLY - Clinton Regional Airport
FYG - Washington Regional Airport
FWB - Branson West Municipal - Emerson Field Airport
FTT - Elton Hensley Memorial Airport
FES - Festus Memorial Airport
FAM - Farmington Regional Airport
EZZ - Cameron Memorial Airport
EVU - Northwest Missouri Regional Airport
EOS - Neosho Hugh Robinson Airport
EIW - County Memorial Airport
DXE - Dexter Municipal Airport
DMO - Sedalia Regional Airport
COU - Columbia Regional Airport
CHT - Chillicothe Municipal Airport
CHQ - Mississippi County Airport
CGI - Cape Girardeau Regional Airport
BUM - Butler Memorial Airport
BBG - Branson Airport
AOV - Ava Bill Martin Memorial Airport
AIZ - Lee C Fine Memorial Airport
9MU4 - Homestead Heliport
9MO9 - Eagle Lodge Airport
9MO8 - Owensville Ambulance District Heliport
9MO6 - Ivy Bend Airport
9MO5 - Wakefield Wings Airport
9MO4 - Worth Airport
9MO3 - Lawlor-Justus Airport
9MO2 - Fitzgibbon Hospital Heliport
9MO1 - Missouri Baptist Hospital Heliport
99MO - Parkland Health Center Heliport
98MO - Woodliff Airpark Airport
96MU - Green Airfield Airport
96MO - Riverlands Area Heliport
95MU - Air Evac 13 Heliport
94MO - Ray's Roost Airport
94K - Cassville Municipal Airport
93MO - Carr Creek Airport
92MU - Parks Field Airport
92MO - Fox Run Heliport
91MO - Boone Hospital Center Heliport
90MO - Golden Valley Memorial Hospital Heliport
8WC - Washington County Airport
8MU0 - Freedom Heliport
8MO9 - Mercy Hospital St Louis Heliport
8MO7 - Bean Lake Airport
8MO6 - Pike County Memorial Hospital Heliport
8MO3 - Curtis Field Airport
8MO2 - Liberty Hospital Heliport
8MO0 - Barnes Jewish St Peters Hospital Heliport
89MU - Cox Health Monett Replacement Hospital Heliport
89MO - Bishop's Landing Airport
88MO - Howell Valley Airport
87MO - Richters Airport
87K - El Dorado Springs Memorial Airport
86MU - Mercy Hospital Aurora Heliport
86MO - Bothwell Regional Health Center Heliport
85MO - Rogersville Remote Fuel Site Heliport
84MO - Holiday Inn Westport Heliport
83MO - North Kansas City Hospital Heliport
82MO - Cameron Regional Medical Center Heliport
81MU - Mercy Hospital-Springfield Heliport
81MO - Bates County Hospital Heliport
80MO - Seiferd Field Airport
7MO7 - Mcguire Airfield Airport
7MO6 - Files Heliport
7MO4 - Flintlock Field Airport
7MO3 - B S Ranch Airport
7MO1 - Wood Acres Airport
7MO0 - Truman Medical Center East Heliport
79MU - Dunham Airport
79MO - Faries Field Airport
78Y - Rankin Airport
78MU - Stony Branch Airport
78MO - Snouffer Field Airport
77MO - Springhill Airport
76MU - Gmr Moberly Heliport
76MO - Citizens Memorial Hospital Heliport
75U - Harry S Truman Dam & Reservoir Seaplane Base
75MU - Pershing Regional Health Center -Marceline Heliport
75MO - Childrens Mercy Hospital Heliport
75K - Bethany Memorial Airport
74MU - Koala-T Field Airport
74MO - Ozarkcom Army Heliport
73MU - Sky-Go Farms Airport
73MO - Ssm Health St Mary's Hospital-St Louis Heliport
72MU - Exec Hills Polo Club Heliport
72MO - Sunnys Field Airport
71MO - Famuliner Farms Airport
70MO - Lovers Lane Airport
6MU9 - Craddock Field Airport
6MU8 - Mercy St Francis Hospital Heliport
6MU6 - St Anthonys Medical Center Heliport
6MU5 - Carp Farms Airport
6MU4 - Flying Shamrock Airport
6MO9 - Samaritan Hospital Heliport
6MO7 - Riverside Landings Airport
6MO5 - Perry County Memorial Hospital Heliport
6MO4 - Wixted Airport
6MO3 - Flying 'E' Airport
6MO2 - Ste Genevieve Flying Club Airport
6MO0 - Blackhawk Airport
6M6 - Lewis County Regional Airport
6K2 - Shelby County Airport
69MU - Blazer Airport
69MO - Hess-Mckeown Airport
68MO - Southeast Health Center of Stoddard County Heliport
67MU - Air Cover Airport
67MO - Ski Harbor Airport
66MO - Ahlers Acres Airport
65MO - Malone Airfield Airport
64MO - Booze Island Airport
63MO - Mercy Hospital-Joplin Heliport
63M - Hermann Municipal Airport
62MO - Washburn Farm Airport
61MU - Farris Strip Airport
61MO - Carl Ensor Airport
60MU - Lucky Weasel Airport
60MO - Parkland Health Center Heliport
5MU9 - Sky Ranch II Airport
5MU5 - Gjerde International Airport
5MO - Applegate Airport
5MO9 - Oak Ridge Farms Airport
5MO7 - Pilots Point Airport
5MO6 - Vansickle-Davis Airport
5MO5 - St Lukes Hospital Heliport
5MO1 - Irons Airport
5MO0 - Skaggs Community Hospital Heliport
59MO - Hermann Area Hospital Heliport
58MU - Arkmo Airport
58MO - Mercy Hospital Jefferson Heliport
56MU - Lester E Cox Medical Center South Heliport
56MO - Mc Clurg Airport
55MO - Tightsqueeze Field Airport
54MU - Brown Field Airport
54MO - Herrmann-Faulk Airfield Airport
53MO - Help Heliport
51MO - Plattsburg Airpark Airport
50MO - Ozarks Medical Center Heliport
4MO9 - Friends Field Airport
4MO8 - Martens Airport
4MO7 - Crop Care Airport
4MO6 - Mark Twain Air Park Airport
4MO4 - Liberty Landing Airport
4MO3 - Schneider Field Airport
4MO2 - Newcomb Hereford Ranch Airport
4MO1 - Wehrman Airport
49MO - Hermann II Heliport
48MO - Lions Emergency Evac Heliport
47MO - Phelps County Regional Medical Center Heliport
46MO - Mercy Hospital-Lebanon Heliport
45MO - Waldmeister Farm Airport
44MU - Lynch Field Airport
43MO - Blue Cedar Landing Airport
42M - Thayer Memorial Airport
42MO - Aire Parque Airport
41MO - Textor Airport
40MO - Dudes Landing Airport
3VS - Roy Otten Memorial Airfield Airport
3MO6 - Kitty Hawk Estates Airport
3MO5 - Nimsick Airport
3MO4 - Penman Airport
3MO3 - Research Medical Center Heliport
3MO2 - Ultra Flight Airpark Ultralight
3MO1 - Police Dept Helicopter Maint Facility Heliport
3GV - East Kansas City Airport
3EX - Excelsior Springs Memorial Airport
3DW - Downtown Airport
39MO - Gardner Airport
38MU - Mercy Carthage Heliport
38MO - Barber Airport
37MO - Mayes Homestead Airport
37M - Hornersville Memorial Airport
36MO - Harrison Private Airport
35MU - Ae 146 Pike County Heliport
35MO - Camp Clark AHP Heliport
34MO - Cyanamid-Hannibal Heliport
34M - Campbell Municipal Airport
33MO - Hannibal Regional Hospital Heliport
32MO - Phillips Airport
31MO - Hannah Airport
30MO - Matzie Airport
2MU9 - Monroe Field Airport
2MU1 - St Louis Children's Hospital Heliport
2MU0 - St Genevieve County Memorial Hospital Heliport
2MO - Mount Vernon Municipal Airport
2MO9 - Runway Ranch Airport
2MO7 - Fawn Lake Airport
2MO6 - Lee's Flying Park Airport
2MO4 - Breckenridge Airport
2MO3 - Independence Regional Health Center Heliport
2MO2 - Northwood Airport
2MO1 - Bird Field Airport
2MO0 - Fletcher Field Airport
2M5 - Stockton Lake Seaplane Base
2M1 - Harry S Truman Regional Airport
2H2 - Jerry Sumners Sr Aurora Municipal Airport
29MO - Rollert Farm Airport
28MO - Pasley Airport
27MO - Route 66 Airfield Airport
26MO - Short Field Landing Ultralight
25MO - Cook Airport
24MU - Steele Airport
24MO - Mistwood Airport
23MU - Sean D Sheldon Memorial Airfield Airport
23MO - Shiloh Airpark Airport
22MO - Scout Nest Heliport
21MU - The Peninsula Airport
21MO - Baker Farm Airport
20MO - Life Line Base 1 Heliport
1MU9 - Nielsens Med Evac Heliport
1MU8 - Church's Landing Airport
1MU7 - Mooseberry Airport
1MU3 - Putnam County Memorial Hospital Heliport
1MU2 - Smitty's Landing Airport
1MU0 - Medcalf Field Airport
1MO - Mountain Grove Memorial Airport
1MO8 - Sherlock Field Airport
1MO6 - Double S Ranch Airport
1MO4 - Landmark Mfg Corporation Airport
1MO3 - Lake Viking Airport
1MO2 - Windsoar Airport
1MO1 - St Joseph Hospital Heliport
1H5 - Willow Springs Memorial Airport
1H3 - State Technical College of Missouri Airport
1H0 - Creve Coeur Airport
1BT - Bonne Terre Municipal Airport
19T - Tan Tar A Resort Seaplane Base
19MO - Pritchett Field Airport
18MO - Gimlin Airport
17MU - B-B Airfield Airport
17MO - Rgl Field Airport
16MO - Findley Field Airport
15MO - Monte Carlo Airport
14MO - Arrow Airpark Airport
13MO - Domeyer Airport
12MO - Ferguson Farms Airport
11MU - Rocky Top Airfield Airport
11MO - Redgate Ranch Airport
10MU - Freeman Neosho Hospital Heliport
10MO - Flying V Ranch Airport
0R2 - Lincoln Municipal Airport
0N0 - Roosterville Airport
0MU9 - Rpm Airport
0MU7 - Lambs Field Airport
0MU6 - Bradbury-Rolf Memorial Heliport
0MU5 - Holden Heliport
0MU4 - Slaughter Airport
0MU3 - Hannibal Regional Hospital Heliport
0MU2 - Christian Hospital Northeast Heliport
0MU1 - Sunderland Airport
0MO9 - Emerson Heliport
0MO8 - Sloan's Airport
0MO7 - Ssm Health St Joseph Hospital-Lake St. Louis Heliport
0MO6 - Harrison Airport
0MO5 - Joe D Lewis Airport
0MO4 - Bert Walter Berkowitz Heliport
0MO3 - Veach Field Airport
0MO1 - Flying G Airport
0MO0 - Ferros Ranch-Aero Airport
0H7 - Kahoka Municipal Airport
0C1 - Triple R Airport
09MO - Hogue Farm Airport
08MO - Twin Oaks Airport
07MO - Lake Sexton Airport
06MO - Noahs Ark Airport
05MO - Jetsetter Outdoors Airport
04MO - Kc Stadium Heliport
03MU - Mc Donnell Airport
03MO - Dorton Airport
03D - Memphis Memorial Airport
03B - Mansfield Municipal Airport
02MO - Troy Airpark Airport
01MO - Highway Patrol Troop C Headquarters Heliport
00MO - Cooper Flying Service Airport