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Y63 - Elbow Lake Municipal/Pride of The Prairie Airport
Y58 - Sleepy Eye Municipal Airport
Y49 - Walker Municipal Airport
XVG - Longville Municipal Airport
VWU - Waskish Municipal Airport
VVV - Ortonville Municipal/Martinson Field Airport
ULM - New Ulm Municipal Airport
TWM - Richard B Helgeson Airport
TVF - Thief River Falls Regional Airport
TOB - Dodge Center Airport
TKC - Tracy Municipal Airport
SYN - Stanton Airfield Airport
STP - St Paul Downtown Holman Field Airport
STC - St Cloud Regional Airport
SGS - South St Paul Municipal/Richard E Fleming Field Airport
SBU - Blue Earth Municipal Airport
SAZ - Staples Municipal Airport
RYM - Ray S Miller AAF Airport
RWF - Redwood Falls Municipal Airport
RST - Rochester International Airport
RRT - Warroad International Memorial Airport
ROX - Roseau Municipal/Rudy Billberg Field Airport
ROS - Rush City Regional Airport
RGK - Red Wing Regional Airport
PWC - Pine River Regional Airport
PQN - Pipestone Municipal Airport
PNM - Princeton Municipal Airport
PKD - Park Rapids Municipal/Konshok Field Airport
PEX - Paynesville Municipal Airport
OWA - Owatonna Degner Regional Airport
OVL - Olivia Regional Airport
OTG - Worthington Municipal Airport
ORB - Orr Regional Airport
ONA - Winona Municipal-Max Conrad Field Airport
MZH - Moose Lake Carlton County Airport
MY99 - Johnston Airport
MY97 - Nielsen's Airport
MY96 - Bahnsen Seaplane Base
MY95 - Swanson Field Airport
MY94 - Country Haven Airport
MY93 - Johnston Seaplane Base
MY91 - Douglas County Hospital Heliport
MY90 - Al's Due North Airport
MY87 - St Cloud Hospital Heliport
MY86 - Johnson Seaplane Base
MY84 - New Ulm Medical Center Heliport
MY83 - Safe Air Seaplane Base
MY80 - Rosenberg Airport
MY79 - Children's Hospital - St Paul Heliport
MY77 - North Memorial Heliport
MY76 - Johnson's Sea Landing Seaplane Base
MY74 - Fairview Northland Regional Hospital Heliport
MY72 - Isle Airport
MY68 - Johnsons Aero Repair Airport
MY66 - North Star Ranch Airport
MY65 - University of Mn Hospitals & Clinics Heliport
MY63 - Moberg Air Base Seaplane Base
MY62 - Ultraflyte, Inc Ultralight
MY59 - Gasper Airport
MY57 - Fedor Airport
MY56 - Robertson Field Airport
MY54 - Cloverleaf-East Bemidji Airport
MY52 - Turkey Track Airport
MY50 - Frontenac Airport
MY46 - Hay Shakers Airport
MY44 - Rice Memorial Hospital Heliport
MY43 - Moyer Airport
MY42 - Mathis Airport
MY38 - Irons Point Seaplane Base
MY37 - Eyota Airport
MY35 - Walker Field Airport
MY34 - Jorgensen's Landing Seaplane Base
MY33 - Rosacker's Nr 1 Seaplane Base
MY29 - Kaiser's Airstrip Airport
MY27 - Essentia Health St Mary Heliport
MY26 - Minnesota Valley Health Center Heliport
MY21 - Kollar's Shoreview Marine Seaplane Base
MY20 - Prudential Helistop Heliport
MY18 - Lino Air Park Airport
MY17 - Ries Farms Runway Airport
MY15 - Kastanek Airport
MY12 - Dykstra Acreage Airport
MY10 - Deters Farms Airport
MY07 - Nord Field Airport
MY01 - Roan Airport
MY00 - Sieg's Farm Airport
MWM - Windom Municipal Airport
MVE - Montevideo-Chippewa County Airport
MSP - Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport
MOX - Morris Municipal/Charlie Schmidt Field Airport
MN99 - Two Harbor Fire Department Heliport
MN98 - Donner Airport
MN97 - Essentia Hospital Heliport
MN96 - International Falls Customs & Border Patrol Heliport
MN94 - Mille Lacs Heliport
MN93 - Centracare Health Heliport
MN92 - Lennartson Airport
MN91 - Reynolds Field Airport
MN90 - Sanford Hospital Luverne Heliport
MN89 - Aerovilla Airport
MN88 - Landeplatz Airport
MN87 - Cooks Landing Airport
MN86 - Sky Manor Aero Estates Airport
MN85 - Swiderski Field Airport
MN84 - Benson Heliport
MN83 - International Falls Memorial Heliport
MN82 - Glencoe Regional Health Service Heliport
MN81 - J J and T Airport
MN80 - The Pass Seaplane Base
MN79 - Lake Kabetogama Area Fire Dept Heliport
MN78 - Melrose Hospital Heliport
MN77 - Jerger's Field Airport
MN76 - Marty's Tranquility Base Seaplane Base
MN75 - Krezowski Seaplane Base
MN74 - B & D Flyers International Airport
MN73 - Turtle Bay Seaplane Base
MN72 - Centracare Health Paynesville Heliport
MN71 - Bakko Aviation Airport
MN70 - City of Springfield Heliport
MN69 - Maple Airport
MN68 - Pfau Airstrip Airport
MN67 - Sky Park Airport
MN66 - Ingleside Airport
MN65 - Meeker Memorial Hospital Heliport
MN64 - Renville County Regional Hospital Heliport
MN63 - Stocker Airport
MN62 - Quast Airport
MN61 - Jackson Seaplane Base
MN59 - District One Hospital Heliport
MN58 - Sky Meadow Airport
MN57 - Bush Field Airport
MN56 - Charlton Building Heliport
MN55 - Sandy Flats Airport
MN54 - Essentia Health Deer River Heliport
MN53 - Windom Area Hospital Heliport
MN52 - Gospel Ranch Airport
MN50 - Arthur Field Airport
MN49 - Tuma Airport
MN48 - St Luke Hospital Heliport
MN47 - Cameron's Airport
MN46 - Michels Farms Airport
MN45 - Jennrich Field Airport
MN44 - Angen Field Airport
MN43 - Welia Health Heliport
MN42 - Oak Lake Air Strip Airport
MN41 - Timmers Landing Field Airport
MN40 - Meadowvale Airport
MN39 - Winona Health Services Heliport
MN38 - Allina Hospital & Clinic Owatonna Heliport
MN37 - Wayzata Bay Landing Seaplane Base
MN36 - J W Field Airport
MN35 - Wild Rice Lake Seaplane Base
MN34 - St Olaf Hospital Heliport
MN33 - St Mary's Hospital Heliport
MN32 - Nietz Airstrip Airport
MN31 - L & M Aerodrome Airport
MN30 - Busch's Fish Lake Seaplane Base
MN29 - Mathieu Landing Seaplane Base
MN28 - Lux Strip Airport
MN27 - Fairview Southdale Hospital Heliport
MN26 - Tri-County Heliport
MN25 - Mahnomen Health Center Heliport
MN24 - Surfside Airport
MN23 - West Wind Airport
MN21 - Rileys Landing Seaplane Base
MN20 - Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital Heliport
MN19 - Brandt Airport
MN18 - Barrett Airport
MN17 - Jackson Field Airport
MN16 - Essentia Health Virginia Hospital Heliport
MN15 - Smith Field Airport
MN14 - United Hospital District Heliport
MN13 - Moberg Air Base Airport
MN12 - Robco Airport
MN11 - Lorenz Airport
MN10 - Abbott Northwestern Hospital Heliport
MN09 - Crystal Lake Seaplane Base
MN08 - Eagles Nest Aerodrome Airport
MN07 - Allina-Mercy Hospital Heliport
MN06 - Pulkrabek Landing Field Airport
MN05 - Jordan Seaplane Base
MN04 - Lake Pierson Seaplane Base
MN03 - Buffalo Hospital Heliport
MN02 - Lake Minnewashta Seaplane Base
MN01 - Hammars Farm Airport
MN00 - Webb Lake Airport
MML - Southwest Minnesota Regional Marshall/Ryan Field Airport
MKT - Mankato Regional Airport
MJQ - Jackson Municipal Airport
MIC - Crystal Airport
MGG - Maple Lake Municipal-Bill Mavencamp Sr Field Airport
M96 - USFS Seaplane Base
M69 - Birch Lake Seaplane Base
M56 - Gunflint Lodge Seaplane Base
M49 - Jolly Fisherman Seaplane Base
M16 - Steam Boat Bay Seaplane Base
LYV - Quentin Aanenson Field Airport
LXL - Little Falls/Morrison County-Lindbergh Field Airport
LVN - Airlake Airport
LJF - Litchfield Municipal Airport
JYG - St James Municipal Airport
JMR - Mora Municipal Airport
JKJ - Moorhead Municipal/Florence Klingensmith Field Airport
INL - Falls International/Einarson Field Airport
HZX - Isedor Iverson Airport
HIB - Range Regional Airport
HCO - Hallock Municipal Airport
HCD - Hutchinson Municipal/Butler Field Airport
GYL - Glencoe Municipal Airport
GPZ - Grand Rapids/Itasca County-Gordon Newstrom Field Airport
GHW - Glenwood Municipal Airport
GDB - Granite Falls Municipal/Lenzen-Roe-Fagen Memorial Field Airport
FSE - Fosston Municipal/Anderson Field Airport
FRM - Fairmont Municipal Airport
FOZ - Bigfork Municipal Airport
FKA - Fillmore County Airport
FFM - Fergus Falls Municipal/Einar Mickelson Field Airport
FCM - Flying Cloud Airport
FBL - Faribault Municipal-Liz Wall Strohfus Field Airport
EVM - Eveleth/Virginia Municipal Airport
ETH - Wheaton Municipal Airport
ELO - Ely Municipal Airport
DYT - Sky Harbor Airport
DXX - Lac Qui Parle County Airport
DVP - Slayton Municipal Airport
DTL - Detroit Lakes/Wething Field Airport
DLH - Duluth International Airport
D81 - Red Lake Falls Municipal Airport
D42 - Springfield Municipal Airport
D41 - Stephen Municipal Airport
D39 - Sauk Centre Municipal Airport
D37 - Warren Municipal Airport
D32 - Starbuck Municipal Airport
D14 - Fertile Municipal Airport
D00 - Norman County Ada/Twin Valley Airport
CQM - Cook Municipal Airport
COQ - Cloquet/Carlton County Airport
CNB - Myers Field Airport
CKN - Crookston Municipal/Kirkwood Field Airport
CKC - Grand Marais/Cook County Airport
CHU - Houston County Airport
CFE - Buffalo Municipal Airport
CDD - Scotts Seaplane Base
CBG - Cambridge Municipal Airport
BRD - Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport
BJI - Bemidji Regional Airport
BFW - Silver Bay Municipal Airport
BDH - Willmar Municipal/John L Rice Field Airport
BDE - Baudette International Airport
BBB - Benson Municipal Airport
AXN - Alexandria Regional/Chandler Field Airport
AUM - Austin Municipal Airport
AQP - Appleton Municipal Airport
ANE - Anoka County/Blaine (Janes Field) Airport
AIT - Aitkin Municipal/Steve Kurtz Field Airport
AEL - Albert Lea Municipal Airport
ADC - Wadena Municipal Airport
ACQ - Waseca Municipal/Maynard Richard Stensrud Field Airport
9Y5 - Sky Harbor Seaplane Base
9Y2 - East Gull Lake Airport
9Y0 - Bowstring Airport
9MN9 - Hennepin County Medical Center Heliport
9MN7 - St James Medical Center Heliport
9MN6 - Merill L Harris Field Airport
9MN5 - Janssen Airport
9MN4 - Fairview Riverside Medical Center Heliport
9MN3 - Barnesville Municipal Airport
9MN2 - Wabana Seaplane Base
9MN1 - Troll Farm Airport
9MN0 - Carey Lake Seaplane Base
99MN - Mayo Clinic St Marys Hospital Heliport
98MN - Up Yonder Airport
97MN - Mayo Clinic Health System-Red Wing Heliport
96MN - Pipestone County Medical Center Heliport
95MN - Mayo Clinic Health System/Fairmont Heliport
94MN - Ag Spray Inc Airport
93MN - Hoppe Sky Ranch Airport
92MN - Brutlag Farms Airport
91MN - Sanford Canby Medical Center Heliport
90MN - Bishman Airport
8Y6 - Leaders Clear Lake Airport
8Y5 - Clarissa Municipal Airport
8Y4 - Surfside Seaplane Base
8MY9 - Minglewood Airport
8MN9 - Centracare Health-Long Prairie Heliport
8MN8 - Cass Lake Indian Health Services Heliport
8MN7 - St Elizabeth Hospital Heliport
8MN6 - Minske Field Airport
8MN4 - Lightfoot Farms Airport
8MN3 - Breezy Point Airport
8MN2 - Aslesen Airport
8MN1 - Avera Tyler Hospital Heliport
89MN - St Gabriels Hospital Heliport
87MN - Erickson Airport
86MN - Sanford Bagley Heliport
85MN - Christison Airport
84MN - Nielsville Airport
83MY - Leos Landing Seaplane Base
83MN - Loon Lake Seaplane Base
82MN - Lake City Medical Center Heliport
81MN - Ewen Landing Field Airport
80MN - North Shore Health Heliport
7Y9 - Big Falls Municipal Airport
7Y4 - Bagley Municipal Airport
7Y3 - Backus Municipal Airport
7MY9 - Petes Airport
7MY6 - Astera Health Heliport
7MN8 - Willis Airport
7MN7 - Essential Health - Ada Heliport
7MN6 - Johnson Airport
7MN5 - Lifecare Medical Center Heliport
7MN4 - Mille Lacs Lake Airport
7MN3 - Caldbeck Field Airport
7MN2 - Eagles Nest Seaplane Base
7MN1 - Regions Hospital Heliport
79MN - Paul Field Airport
78MN - Hagens Airport
77MN - Klamar Field Airport
76MN - Hemmingsen Airport
75MN - Galler's Airport
74MN - Hurley Memorial Seaport Seaplane Base
73MN - Eagles Nest 4 Seaplane Base
72MN - Jmhs Hospital Heliport
71MN - Hutchinson Health Heliport
70MN - Luckys Seaplane Base
6MN9 - Benson Airport
6MN8 - Underland Airstrip Airport
6MN7 - Sodbuster Strip Airport
6MN6 - Goose Lake Seaplane Base
6MN5 - Gale's Seaplane Base
6MN4 - North Center Lake Seaplane Base
6MN3 - Mckeen Seaplane Base
6MN1 - Sibley Medical Center Heliport
6MN0 - Sky Blue Airfield Airport
6D1 - Brooten Municipal/John O Bohmer Field Airport
69MY - Hall Airport
69MN - Yaggie Private Airport
68Y - Wells Municipal Airport
68MN - Stanton Hill Aerodrome Airport
67MN - Pagel's Field Airport
66MN - Howard's Airport
65MN - Ricks Field Airport
63Y - Tyler Municipal Airport
63MN - Weideman International Airport
62MN - Taylors Falls Airport
60MN - Fuhr Flying Svc Airport
5MN9 - Chanlin Field Airport
5MN8 - Ideal Fire Station 2 Heliport
5MN6 - Northbound Seaplane Base
5MN5 - Barnes Airport
5MN3 - University Medical Center Mesabi Heliport
5MN2 - Hoiland Field Airport
5MN1 - Nary Ntl-Shefland Field Airport
59MN - Cox-Coyour Memorial Field Airport
58MN - Iverson Seaplane Base
57MN - Namakan Seaplane Base
56MN - Lothert's Farm Strip Airport
55Y - Rushford Municipal/Robert W Bunke Field Airport
55MN - Britz Airport
54MN - Sanford Bemidji Medical Center Heliport
52Y - Remer Municipal Airport
52MY - Mhealth Fairview Lakes Heliport
52MN - Anderson Field Airport
50MN - Ortonville Hospital Heliport
4MY2 - Lakewood Hospital Heliport
4MN9 - Red Lake Hospital Heliport
4MN8 - Dkpa Landing Heliport
4MN7 - Adams Seaplane Base
4MN6 - Sanford Westbrook Clinic Heliport
4MN5 - Kapaun-Wilson Field Airport
4MN4 - Mulder Field Inc Airport
4MN3 - Lexington Heliport
4MN2 - Oak Seaplane Base
4MN1 - Hintzman Airport
4MN0 - Crane Lake Volunteer Fire Department Heliport
49MN - Willow Ridge Airport
48Y - Piney Pinecreek Border Airport
48MN - Northfield Hospital Heliport
47Y - Pelican Rapids Municipal-Lyon's Field Airport
47MN - Sons Private-Commercial Airport
46MN - Perham Hospital Heliport
44MN - Madelia Helipad Heliport
43Y - Northome Municipal Airport
43MN - Superior Aero Estates Airport
42MN - Kral's Personal Use Landing Field Airport
41MN - St Francis Regional Medical Center Heliport
40MN - Turner Field Airport
3N8 - Mahnomen County Airport
3MN9 - Schumacher Airport
3MN8 - Cannon Falls Medical Center Heliport
3MN7 - Blue Sky Airport
3MN6 - Mayo Clinic Health System-Mankato Heliport
3MN5 - Sunnyside Seaplane Base
3MN4 - Rolling Hills Airport
3MN3 - Appleton Municipal Hospital Heliport
3MN2 - Mercy Hospital Heliport
3MN1 - Silver Creek Meadow Airport
3MN0 - Shadduck Seaplane Base
3G2 - Grygla Municipal - Mel Wilkens Field Airport
37MN - Carris Health Redwood Falls Heliport
36MN - Backstrom Airport
35MN - Wipline Airport
34MN - Lakewood Health Center Heliport
33MN - Zenith Landing Airport
32MN - Don's Landing Field Airport
31MN - Kruger Aviation Ultralight
30MN - Mayo Clinic Health System - Albert Lea Heliport
2MY4 - Miller Airport
2MY3 - Cambridge Medical Center Heliport
2MY2 - Zarn Airport
2MN9 - North Valley Health Center Heliport
2MN8 - Med-City Aviation Airport
2MN7 - Fussy Airport
2MN6 - Van Normans Airport
2MN5 - Emma's Bay Seaplane Base
2MN4 - Cornfield Canyon Airport
2MN3 - Ccm Health Heliport
2MN2 - Dreamcatcher Airport
2MN1 - Winter Strip Airport
2MN0 - Pribbs Field Airport
29MN - Wetenkamp Airport
28MN - River Ridge Ranch Airport
27MN - Lake Bronson Airport
26MN - Christianson Field Airport
25MY - Childrens Hospital/Minneapolis Heliport
25MN - Shirt Lake Seaplane Base
25D - Forest Lake Airport
24MN - Bergemann Airport
23MN - High Grove Airport
23D - Karlstad Municipal Airport
22MN - Little Sand Seaplane Base
21MN - Clearwater Seaplane Base
21D - Lake Elmo Airport
20MN - Maple Grove Hospital Heliport
1MY1 - Carlson Ag Airport
1MN9 - Sanford Jackson Medical Center Heliport
1MN8 - Sky Harbor Residential Airpark Airport
1MN7 - Cuyuna Regional Medical Center Heliport
1MN6 - Cook Hospital Heliport
1MN5 - Molnau Airpark Airport
1MN4 - Wildhurst Pines Seaplane Base
1MN3 - Northern Itasca Health Care Center Heliport
1MN2 - Hay Acres Airport
1MN1 - Fairview Ridges Hospital Heliport
1MN0 - Wetherbee Farm Airport
1D6 - Hector Municipal Airport
19MN - Greseth Seaplane Base
18Y - Milaca Municipal Airport
18MN - Hines Farm Airport
17MN - Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center Heliport
16MN - City of Remer Heliport
16D - Perham Municipal Airport
15MN - Tyler Farms Airport
14Y - Todd Field Airport
14MN - Riverwood Healthcare Center Heliport
13Y - Littlefork Municipal/Hanover Airport
13MN - Ridgeview Medical Center Heliport
12Y - Le Sueur Municipal Airport
12MN - Lily Lake Seaplane Base
12D - Tower Municipal Airport
11MN - Point Seaplane Base
10MN - Lookout Lake Seaplane Base
10D - Winsted Municipal Airport
0MN9 - Triple H Heliport
0MN7 - Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital Heliport
0MN5 - Sanford Tracy Heliport
0MN4 - Paul's Seaplane Base
0MN3 - Lower Hay Lake Seaplane Base
0MN2 - Grindstone Lake Seaplane Base
0MN1 - Mayo Clinic Health System - New Prague Heliport
0MN0 - Winner's Landing Seaplane Base
0G5 - Grand Marais/Cook County Seaplane Base
09Y - Wipline Seaplane Base
09MN - Salisbury Seaplane Base
09I - International Falls Seaplane Base
08MN - Christenson Point Seaplane Base
07Y - Hill City/Quadna Mountain Airport
07MN - Sleepy Eye Medical Center Heliport
06Y - Herman Municipal Airport
06MN - Cutfoot Sioux Seaplane Base
05Y - Henning Municipal Airport
05MN - Northern Pines Medical Center Heliport
04Y - Hawley Municipal Airport
04W - Field of Dreams Airport
04MN - Helblad Airport
03MN - Nauerth Land Ranch Airport
02MN - Gregory Airport
01MN - Barnes Seaplane Base
00MN - Battle Lake Municipal Airport