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ZZV - Zanesville Municipal Airport
YNG - Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport
VTA - Newark-Heath Airport
VNW - Van Wert County Airport
VES - Darke County Airport
UYF - Madison County Airport
USE - Fulton County Airport
UNI - Ohio University Airport
TZR - Bolton Field Airport
TSO - Carroll County-Tolson Airport
TOL - Eugene F Kranz Toledo Express Airport
TDZ - Toledo Exec Airport
SGH - Springfield/Beckley Municipal Airport
SCA - Sidney Municipal Airport
S24 - Sandusky County Regional Airport
RZT - Ross County Airport
R47 - Ruhes Airport
POV - Portage County Airport
PMH - Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport
PHD - Harry Clever Field Airport
PCW - Erie-Ottawa International Airport
OXD - Miami University Airport
OWX - Putnam County Airport
OSU - Ohio State University Airport
OI98 - Tank Airport
OI97 - St Ann's Heliport
OI96 - National Heliport
OI95 - Nationwide Children's Hospital Heliport
OI93 - Alaimo's Heliport
OI91 - Hammond Airport
OI89 - Mite Airport
OI87 - Firelands Regional Medical Center Heliport
OI86 - Robinson Memorial Hospital Heliport
OI85 - Beam Farms Airport
OI83 - Cleveland Clinic/Hillcrest Hospital Heliport
OI82 - Russ Airport
OI80 - T & A Land Development Heliport
OI79 - Promedica Memorial Hospital Heliport
OI77 - Mc Ardle Airport
OI76 - Bieber's Seaplane Base
OI75 - Macks Heliport
OI73 - Williamson Airport
OI72 - Marvin Thiel Field Airport
OI69 - Blackacre Farm Airport
OI65 - Aultman Hospital Heliport
OI63 - Mildon Heliport
OI62 - Rataiczak Airport
OI61 - Mount Carmel Health Heliport
OI60 - Gorman Airport
OI59 - Miller Airport
OI58 - Lockeridge Airport
OI57 - Mc Kinney Field Airport
OI56 - Lee's Dogpatch Airport
OI55 - Scheibe Field Airport
OI53 - St Vincent Hospital & Medical Center Heliport
OI52 - Lyons Field Airport
OI51 - 4th Dist Police Station Heliport
OI50 - 1st District Police Sta Heliport
OI48 - Tesar Heliport
OI47 - Channel 10/Wbns-TV Heliport
OI44 - St Charles Hospital Heliport
OI43 - Back Achers Heliport
OI42 - D A Chandler Airport
OI41 - Far View Airport
OI40 - Hallelujah Field Airport
OI38 - Hillview Airstrip Airport
OI36 - Farpoint Airfield Airport
OI35 - Scott Park Heliport
OI33 - Ruhlin Heliport
OI32 - Stoney's Airport
OI31 - Pheasant Run Airport
OI28 - Lanker Airport
OI25 - Ross Field Airport
OI24 - Kokosing Heliport
OI23 - University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center Heliport
OI21 - Va Hospital Heliport
OI11 - Hibbetts Airport
OI06 - Wagner Airport
OI01 - Lazy-W Airport
OH99 - Strable Landing Strip Airport
OH98 - Berg Field Airport
OH97 - Carcioppolo Field Airport
OH96 - Neals Airport
OH95 - Maplewood Orchard Airport
OH94 - La Rue Airport
OH93 - Darby Airport
OH92 - Porter Airport
OH91 - Adena Regional Medical Cntr Heliport
OH90 - Andrew J Ciechomski Memorial Airport
OH89 - Selby General Hospital Heliport
OH88 - Baltic Heliport
OH87 - White Oak Field Airport
OH86 - Colvin Airport
OH85 - Marietta Memorial Hospital Heliport
OH84 - Odot District Nr 1 Heliport
OH83 - Lima Memorial Hospital Heliport
OH82 - Graham Farm Airport
OH81 - Springfield Regional Medical Center Heliport
OH80 - District Nr 8 Heliport
OH79 - Vermilion Township Heliport
OH78 - Swigart Airport
OH77 - Lumberton Airport
OH76 - Waterwood Heliport
OH75 - Hardin Memorial Hospital Heliport
OH74 - Sword Flight Park Ultralight
OH73 - Fulton County Health Center Heliport
OH72 - Oak Hill Hospital Heliport
OH71 - Troy Skypark Airport
OH70 - Gallenstein Heliport
OH69 - Highland District Medical Heliport
OH68 - Raylene Airport
OH66 - Obannon Creek Aerodrome Airport
OH65 - Hickory Grove Airpark Airport
OH64 - Hummel Airport
OH63 - Jims Airport
OH62 - Southern Ohio Regional Medical Center Heliport
OH61 - Amanda Airport
OH60 - Gerker Airfield Airport
OH59 - Mc Intosh Airport
OH58 - Cow Chip Creek Heliport
OH56 - Warped Wing Airport
OH55 - Rod's Sod Airport
OH54 - Ohio State University Hospital Heliport
OH53 - Ohio Bldg Authority Heliport
OH52 - Columbus Heliport
OH50 - University Hospitals St John Medical Center Heliport
OH49 - Christ Hospital Heliport
OH48 - Alliance Airport
OH47 - District 9 Heliport
OH46 - Schaney's Lair Airport
OH45 - Drake Airport
OH44 - Head Field Airport
OH42 - Hawk's Nest Airport
OH41 - Bell Air Ranch Heliport
OH40 - Eylesair Airport
OH38 - Blue Bird Airport
OH37 - Mercy Anderson Heliport
OH36 - Riverside Airport
OH35 - Mission Field Airport
OH34 - Leis Airport
OH33 - Gustavus Airport
OH32 - Gray Airport
OH31 - Sycamore Hospital Heliport
OH30 - Whalen Heliport
OH29 - Petersburg Airport
OH28 - Donner Field Airport
OH27 - Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital Heliport
OH26 - Birdland Airport
OH25 - Grady Memorial Hospital Heliport
OH24 - Markley Farm Airport
OH23 - Ohiohealth O'Bleness Hospital Heliport
OH22 - Stoltzfus Airfield Airport
OH21 - Horning Airport
OH20 - Flyers Park Airport
OH19 - Hiltner Airport
OH18 - Freefall Field Airport
OH17 - Kettering Health Troy Heliport
OH16 - Southwest Regional Medical Center Heliport
OH15 - Minerva Airport
OH14 - Medflight 9 Heliport
OH13 - Bulick Field Airport
OH12 - Old Hickory Airpark Airport
OH11 - West Chester Hospital Heliport
OH10 - Miami Valley Jamestown Emergency Center Heliport
OH08 - Fisher-Titus Medical Center Heliport
OH07 - Sunset Strip Airport
OH06 - Henry County Hospital Heliport
OH05 - Cleveland Clinic, Akron General Hospital Heliport
OH04 - Knox Community Hospital Heliport
OH03 - Woodworth Airport
OH02 - Eaken's Landing Heliport
OH01 - Grant Medical Center Heliport
OH00 - Holzer Medical Center - Jackson Heliport
OA86 - Silent P Airport
OA85 - Riverview Airport
OA60 - Green Heliport
OA52 - Ross Heart Hospital Heliport
OA40 - Autumn Orchard Airport
OA35 - Soin Medical Center Heliport
OA33 - Cincinnati Childrens Ems Heliport
OA26 - Ashville Heliport
OA23 - Heins Field Airport
OA22 - Bethesda North Hospital Heliport
OA19 - Clover Fields Airport
OA18 - Creekside Ridge Heliport
OA17 - Bucyrus Community Hospital Heliport
OA16 - Lost Bridge Airport
OA15 - Fort Hamilton Hospital Heliport
OA14 - Roxford Airport
OA12 - Buena Vista Farm Airport
OA11 - Heitman Field Airport
OA10 - Workman's Landing Airport
OA09 - Madison Health Heliport
OA08 - Medflight Heliport
OA07 - Hemlock Field Airport
OA06 - Affinity Medical Center Heliport
OA04 - Rutter Airport
OA03 - B & W Metals Company Heliport
OA00 - Taildragger Airport
O74 - Elliotts Landing Airport
O12 - Grand Lake St Marys Seaplane Base
MWO - Middletown Regional/Hook Field Airport
MRT - Union County Airport
MNN - Marion Municipal Airport
MGY - Dayton/Wright Brothers Airport
MFD - Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport
LUK - Cincinnati Municipal/Lunken Field Airport
LPR - Lorain County Regional Airport
LNN - Lake County Exec Airport
LHQ - Fairfield County Airport
LCK - Rickenbacker International Airport
JRO - James A Rhodes Airport
ILN - Wilmington Air Park Airport
I95 - Hardin County Airport
I86 - Perry County Airport
I74 - Grimes Field Airport
I73 - Moraine Air Park Airport
I71 - Morgan County Airport
I69 - Clermont County Airport
I68 - Warren County/John Lane Field Airport
I67 - Cincinnati West Airport
I66 - Clinton Field Airport
I64 - Ortner Airport
I54 - Mad River Airpark Airport
I44 - Dahio Trotwood Airport
I40 - Richard Downing Airport
I23 - Fayette County Airport
I17 - Piqua/Hartzell Field Airport
I10 - Noble County Airport
HZY - Northeast Ohio Regional Airport
HTW - Lawrence County Airpark Airport
HOC - Highland County Airport
HAO - Butler County Regional/Hogan Field Airport
GQQ - Galion Municipal Airport
GEO - Brown County Airport
GDK - Greene County/Lewis A Jackson Regional Airport
GAS - Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport
FZI - Fostoria Metro Airport
FFO - Wright-Patterson AFB Airport
FDY - Findlay Airport
EOP - Pike County Airport
EDJ - Bellefontaine Regional Airport
DLZ - Delaware Municipal/Jim Moore Field Airport
DFI - Defiance Memorial Airport
DAY - James M Cox Dayton International Airport
CYO - Pickaway County Memorial Airport
CQA - Lakefield Airport
CMH - John Glenn Columbus International Airport
CLE - Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport
CGF - Cuyahoga County Airport
CDI - Cambridge Municipal Airport
CAK - Akron-Canton Regional Airport
BKL - Burke Lakefront Airport
BJJ - Wayne County Airport
AXV - Neil Armstrong Airport
AOH - Lima Allen County Airport
AMT - Alexander Salamon Airport
AKR - Akron Fulton International Airport
9OI9 - Riverside Methodist Hospital Heliport
9OI6 - Nesta Airport
9OI5 - Transportation Research Center of Ohio Airport
9OI4 - Quail Lakes Heliport
9OI3 - Johns Landing Airport
9OI1 - Dice's Personal Heliport
9OH9 - Ahuja Medical Center Heliport
9OH8 - Ferrell Airport
9OH7 - Lutz Airport
9OH6 - Holzer Emergency Medical Facility Heliport
9OH4 - North Ridgeville Hospital Heliport
9OH3 - C C A Heliport
9OH2 - Toussaint Airpark Airport
9OH1 - Haar Airport
9OH0 - Mercy Mt. Orab Hospital Heliport
9OA9 - Bender Airport
9OA8 - Crocker Airport
9OA6 - Burr Oak Lodge Heliport
9OA5 - Buckeye Airport
9OA4 - Gilmer Airport
9OA2 - Hueston Woods Lodge Heliport
99OI - Fostoria Community Hospital Heliport
99OH - Mercy Memorial Hospital Heliport
98OH - Paine's Airport
97OI - Salem Regional Medical Center Heliport
97OH - University Hospitals Tripoint Medical Center Heliport
96OI - Kettering Hospital Heliport
96OH - Avita Ontario Heliport
95OI - C C A Heliport
95OH - Tong Farm Airport
94OI - Blades Landing Heliport
94OH - St Rita's Medical Center Heliport
93OI - Stouffer's Dublin Heliport
93OH - University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center Heliport
92OI - Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport
92OH - University Hospitals Conneaut Medical Center Heliport
91OH - Stine Field Airport
90OI - Joe Cimprich Airport
90OH - Woodsfield Heliport
8OI9 - Morkassel Field Airport
8OI6 - St Vincent Charity Hospital Heliport
8OI5 - Clum Airport
8OI4 - Trinity Medical Center West Heliport
8OI3 - Allen Airport
8OI0 - Brannon Field Airport
8OH9 - University Hospital/Sicu Heliport
8OH8 - Allen Airport
8OH6 - Medflight 5 Heliport
8OH5 - Urban Airport
8OH4 - York Aerodrome Airport
8OH3 - J and B Sky Ranch Airport
8OH2 - Honda Heliport
8OH1 - Aultman Orrville Hospital Heliport
8OH0 - Ashtabula County Medical Center Heliport
8OA7 - Bald Eagle Field Airport
8OA6 - Zimmerman Landing Airport
8OA3 - The Jewish Hospital Heliport
8G8 - Koons Airport
8G6 - Harrison County Airport
8G1 - Willard Airport
89OI - Circle C Airport
89OH - Blanchard Valey Regional Health Center Heliport
89D - Kelleys Island Land Field Airport
88OI - Akron City Hospital Heliport
88OH - Chippewa Field Airport
88D - Hinde Airport
87OI - Lake Air Ranch Airport
87OH - University Hospitals Geneva Medical Center Heliport
86OI - Belcan Heliport
86OH - Reed Field Airport
85OI - Children's Hospital Heliport
85OH - Wood County Hospital Heliport
84OI - Grant Lifeflight 2 Heliport
84OH - Dayton Springfield Emergency Center Heliport
83OI - M P W Heliport
83OH - Adams Strip Airport
83OA - Hufford Field Airport
82OH - Community Hospital of Williams County Heliport
81OI - Brown Heliport
81OH - Oldstown Flying Tails Airport
80OI - Cleveland Clinic South Pointe Heliport
80OH - Griffin/Sloas Airport
80G - Tri-City Airport
7W5 - Henry County Airport
7OI9 - Massengill Airport
7OI5 - Bea-D Airport
7OI4 - The Farm Heliport
7OI1 - Blevins Airport
7OI0 - Christy's Airport
7OH9 - Cleveland Police Dept 5th District Heliport
7OH8 - Curtis Airport
7OH7 - Heathcliff Airpark Airport
7OH6 - Karam Heliport
7OH5 - Mahoning County Joint Vocational School Airport
7OH4 - Meigs Mine 2 Heliport
7OH3 - Obi One Airport
7OH2 - Canal Fulton Airport
7OH1 - Rauhaus Field Airport
7OH0 - East Liverpool City Hospital Heliport
7OA7 - Skydive Greene County Inc Airport
7G8 - Geauga County Airport
7D9 - Germack Airport
7D8 - Gates Airport
7B4 - Miller Farm Landing Strip Airport
79OH - Smith-Stewart Field Airport
78OH - Valley City Flying Club Airport
77OI - University Hospitals of Cleveland Heliport
76OH - Wyandot Memorial Hospital Heliport
75OI - Soltis Field Airport
75OH - Hickerson Airport
75OA - Darby Dan Airport
74OI - Licking Memorial Hospital Heliport
74OH - University of Toledo Medical Center Heliport
73OI - Rick's Airport
73OH - Thompson Drag Raceway Airport
72OI - Tathams' Airport
72OH - Zeigler Landing Strip Airport
71OH - The Christ Hospital Medical Center Heliport
70OI - Crestline Hospital Heliport
6T2 - Seagate Helistop Heliport
6OI9 - Red Roof Inns Heliport
6OI8 - Cleveland Clinic Foundation Heliport
6OI6 - Toledo Hospital Heliport
6OI5 - Mitchell Airport
6OI4 - Marion General Hospital Heliport
6OH9 - Kemps Field of Dreams Airport
6OH8 - Rmz Heliport
6OH7 - Nietz Airport
6OH6 - Shelton Airport
6OH5 - Connor Heliport
6OH4 - Aring Field Airport
6OH3 - Kettering Emergency Center Preble Heliport
6OH2 - Craighead Heliport
6OH1 - Missler-Bellevue Airport
6OH0 - Mercy Medical Center Heliport
6G5 - Barnesville-Bradfield Airport
6G4 - Wynkoop Airport
6D7 - Deshler Municipal Landing Strip Airport
6CM - Chapman Memorial Field Airport
69OI - Schulze's Airport
69OH - Greene Memorial Hospital Heliport
68OI - Abbey Etna Heliport
68OH - Air Evac 97 Heliport
67OH - Harper Ridge Airport
66OI - Gorman-Green Airport
66OH - Old Boston Airport
65OI - Bass Heliport
65OH - Wiita Farms Airport
64OI - Ponderosa Heliport
64OH - Mercy Kings Mills Heliport
63OI - Bowman Field Airport
63OH - White's Airport
62OI - Parma Community Hospital Heliport
62OH - Willard Field Airport
62D - Warren Airport
61OI - Mc Cullough Hyde Hospital Heliport
61OH - Jetway Airport
60OI - Zorn Acres Airport
60OH - University Hospitals Lake West Medical Center Heliport
60OA - Flemming Field Airport
5OI8 - Mcknight Airport
5OI5 - Hamrick Airport
5OI0 - Rohrer Airport
5OH9 - Furey Airport
5OH8 - Joseph Skilken & Company Heliport
5OH7 - Mercy Fairfield Hospital Heliport
5OH6 - Oakhaus Landing Airport
5OH5 - Meigs Mine 1 Heliport
5OH3 - Mary Rutan Heliport
5OH2 - Odot District 03 Heliport
5OH1 - Samaritan Hospital Heliport
5OH0 - Mercy Clermont Hospital Heliport
5G7 - Bluffton Airport
5E9 - Packer Airport
5D9 - Bandit Field Airdrome Airport
5D7 - Dayton Transportation Center Heliport
5D6 - Parsons Airport
5D1 - Stark County Sheriff Heliport
5A1 - Norwalk-Huron County Airport
59OI - Airwolf Heliport
59OH - Kelch Airport
58OI - Harrington Square Heliport
58OH - Rattlesnake Island Airport
57OI - Logan's Chance Airport
56OI - Double S Farms Airport
56D - Wyandot County Airport
55OI - Aero Flight Center Airport
55OH - Summa Health Center Heliport
54OI - Community Hospital Heliport
54OH - Buehler Airport
53OI - Metro Health Medical Center Heliport
53OH - Charloe Airport
52OI - Mercy Medical Center Heliport
52OH - Coshocton Regional Medical Center Heliport
51OI - Clay's Rv Airport
51OH - Agner Airport
50OH - Aerodrome Les Noyers Airport
4OI9 - Baisden Airport
4OI8 - Brocker Field Airport
4OI7 - R & M Aviation Airport
4OI3 - Horizons Heliport
4OI1 - Petro Heliport
4OI0 - Flower Hospital Heliport
4OH9 - Bellevue Hospital Heliport
4OH8 - Huffman Farm Airport
4OH7 - Holzer Heliport
4OH6 - Wingfoot Lake Airship Operations Balloonport
4OH5 - Cleveland Clinic, Twinsburg Family Health Center Heliport
4OH4 - Millertime Airport
4OH3 - Bieber Field Airport
4OH2 - Genesis Health Care Heliport
4OH1 - Sky Haven Airport
4OH0 - Black Heliport
4OA8 - Bowman Airport
4OA1 - Fairfield Medical Center Heliport
4I9 - Morrow County Airport
4I3 - Knox County Airport
4G8 - Columbia Airport
4G5 - Monroe County Airport
4G4 - Youngstown Elser Metro Airport
4G3 - Miller Airport
49OH - Sky Ranch Airport
48OI - Mansfield Cpc Heliport
48OH - Uh-Broadview Heights Health Center Heliport
47OI - Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital Heliport
47OH - Oldsells Heliport
46OH - Wetzl Airport
45OI - Plane Country Airport
45OH - Boober Airport
44OH - Sjs Heliport
43OI - Windswept Airport
43OA - Anderson Airfield Airport
42OH - Dunn Field Airport
42I - Parr Airport
41OI - Ohiohealth Mansfield Hospital Heliport
41OH - Huber Field Airport
41N - Braceville Airport
40OI - M C R Airport
40OH - Bucks Airport
40I - Red Stewart Airfield Airport
3X5 - North Bass Island Airport
3W9 - Middle Bass-East Point Airport
3W2 - Put In Bay Airport
3T7 - Middle Bass Island Airport
3OI9 - V J S Heliport
3OI8 - St Luke's Hospital Heliport
3OI7 - Valley Asphalt Heliport
3OH9 - Merts Field Airport
3OH8 - Gnadenhutten Airport
3OH7 - My Place Airport
3OH6 - Youngpeter Airport
3OH5 - Kettering Health Middletown Heliport
3OH4 - Riceland Aerodrome Airport
3OH3 - Holzer Athens Heliport
3OH2 - Air Care & Mobile Care Mount Orab Heliport
3OH1 - Morningstar North Airport
3OH0 - Andy Barnhart Memorial Airport
3OA9 - Memorial Hospital Heliport
3OA3 - Pelton Heliport
3I7 - Dayton/Phillipsburg Airport
3G6 - Tri-City Airport
3G4 - Ashland County Airport
3G3 - Wadsworth Municipal Airport
3D8 - Bordner Airport
39OH - Crosswind Meadows Airport
38OI - Ronshausen Airport
38OH - Industry Air Park Airport
38I - Cook Airport
38D - Salem Airpark Airport
37OH - Southwest General Hospital Heliport
36OH - Wright's Field Airport
35OI - Fawcett Center For Tomorrow Heliport
35OH - Gainey Heliport
34OI - Mohican Airpark Airport
34OH - Arend Airport
33OI - Soaring Horse Airport
33OH - Sunset Strip Airport
33OA - Liberty Ems Heliport
32OH - Rall Field Airport
31OH - Au Heliport
30OH - Bahl Helistop Heliport
2P7 - Alderman Airport
2OI6 - University Hospital East Heliport
2OI4 - Crazy Bob's Airport
2OI3 - Railway Stop Heliport
2OI2 - Air Jordan Airport
2OH9 - Caesar Creek Soaring Club Gliderport
2OH8 - Port-O-John Airport
2OH7 - Pfeiffer Field Airport
2OH6 - Smith Field Airport
2OH5 - Childrens Medical Center Heliport
2OH4 - Cedar Creek Airport
2OH3 - Adams County Regional Medical Center Heliport
2OH2 - Merritt Airport
2OH1 - Magruder Memorial Heliport
2OH0 - Bohannan Airport
2OA7 - Utter Field Airport
2OA6 - Hilltop Airport
2OA5 - Fl-Airfield Airport
2OA4 - Victory Field Airport
2OA3 - Sawmill Creek Resort Heliport
2OA2 - Mackie's Airport
2OA1 - Bristol Airstrip Airport
2G2 - Geary A Bates/Jefferson County Airpark Airport
2G1 - Concord Airpark Airport
2D7 - Beach City Airport
2D6 - Bannock Heliport
2D1 - Lee Field Airport
2C9 - Toledo Seaplane Base
2B6 - Hollister Field Airport
2A7 - Department of Transportation Heliport
29OI - Jtv Heliport
29OH - Fox Airport
28OI - Mount Carmel East Hospital Heliport
28OH - Houk Field Airport
27OH - Schaller Airport
26OH - Ross Airport
25OH - Hammond Airport
24OI - Reeds Airport
24OH - Milburn Airport
23OI - Associated Enterprises Heliport
23OH - Joint Township Memorial Hospital Heliport
22OI - Giovannone Airport
22OH - Galenstein Park Heliport
22I - Vinton County Airport
21OI - Clearwater Airpark Airport
21OH - Cleveland Clinic/Lodi Hospital Heliport
20OH - Mosquito Strip Airport
1WF - Waco Field Airport
1OI7 - Ross Landing Zone 2 Heliport
1OI6 - Stone Airport
1OI4 - Som Jackson Heliport
1OI0 - Manairco Heliport
1OH9 - Lewis Airport
1OH8 - Lisbon Airfield Airport
1OH7 - Ross Landing Zone 1 Heliport
1OH6 - Odot Heliport
1OH4 - Cleveland Clinic, Avon Hospital Heliport
1OH3 - Mather Field Airport
1OH2 - Dougherty Airport
1OH1 - S and S Field Airport
1OH0 - Clinton Memorial Hospital Heliport
1OA4 - Kepes Flying Field Airport
1OA3 - Barnett Airpark Airport
1OA2 - Mole Airport
1OA1 - Bashore Airport
1G8 - Eddie Dew Memorial Airpark Airport
1G5 - Medina Municipal Airport
1G3 - Kent State University Airport
1G1 - Elyria Airport
1G0 - Wood County Airport
1D4 - Mayfield Airport
19OI - Airc Helistop Heliport
19OH - Ohiohealth Ashland Health Center Heliport
18OI - Boggy Bottoms Airport
18OH - Jer-Mar Airpark Airport
17OI - Haas Airport
17OH - Kosik Airport
17G - Port Bucyrus/Crawford County Airport
16OI - Trump Airport
16G - Seneca County Airport
15OH - Twin City Hospital Heliport
15G - Weltzien Skypark Airport
14OI - Pleasant Home Gliding Club Gliderport
14OH - Heilman Airport
14G - Fremont Airport
13OI - Cleveland Clinic, Union Hospital Heliport
13OH - Kettering Health Piqua Heliport
12OH - Mcgregor Airfield Airport
12OA - Defiance Regional Medical Center Heliport
12G - Shelby Community Airport
11OH - Fayette County Memorial Hospital Heliport
11OA - Hide-A-Way Hills Resort Airport
10OH - Zoellner Airport
10G - Holmes County Airport
0OI9 - Hidden Quarry Airport
0OI6 - Victor's Landing Airport
0OI3 - Galloway Airport
0OI0 - Foltz Heliport
0OH8 - Fry Airport
0OH7 - Apple Airport
0OH6 - Fry Field Airport
0OH5 - Freeman Swank Farms Airport
0OH4 - Upper Valley Medical Center Heliport
0OH3 - Hamilton County Sheriff's Patrol Heliport
0OH2 - Rotary Run Heliport
0OH1 - Binder Heliport
0OA2 - Cleveland Clinic, Medina Hospital Heliport
0G6 - Williams County Airport
0D7 - Ada Airport
08OH - Kenley Airport
06OI - Green Acres Airport
06OH - Hal Joy Airfield Airport
06O1 - St Elizabeth Medical Center Heliport
05OI - Dorlon Airpark Airport
05OH - Eaglecrest Field Airport
04OH - Cleveland Clinic, Brunswick Family Health Center Heliport
04G - Lansdowne Airport
03OI - Cleveland Clinic, Marymount Hospital Heliport
03OH - Gibbs Field Airport
02G - Columbiana County Airport
01OI - Galion Community Hospital Heliport
01OH - Atrium Medical Center Heliport
00OI - Miami Valley Hospital Heliport
00OH - Good Samaritan Medical Center Heliport